“1 to 10” is one of Twice’s songs on their third extended play (EP) album titled Twicecoaster: Lane 1 (stylized as TWICEcoaster: LANE 1). This song was recorded in 2016 and originally released on October 24th, 2016. “1 to 10” is the first sidetrack in this EP album. The placing of this song in the tracklisting is right after the lead single “TT” and before the second sidetrack “Ponytail.” You can also stream this song through Spotify and other various music sites. You can also visit Twice’s official YouTube channel to listen to “1 to 10.” Click the video here to stream “1 to 10.”

There is an album highlight video to show a preview of all tracks on this EP album. Some part of “1 to 10” was also highlighted through that video. Check this video to see the album highlight video.

The agency also released a dance practice video. The purpose of this video is to show the dance choreography specifically made for “1 to 10.” You can see the dance practice video here.

The reissue album of Lane 1 titled Twicecoaster: Lane 2 was also released about four months after the Lane 1 release. In Twice’s first reissue album, “1 to 10” also serves as a sidetrack. This song is the third sidetrack out of eight sidetracks in Lane 2.

Background of “1 to 10”: The Story of the Lane 1 EP Album

It was reported on October 10th, 2016, that JYP Entertainment announced for the first time that Twice would release their third EP album soon. Through October 12th, all those previews and teasers stuff kept being unveiled every day.

On October 14th, Twice shared two group photo teasers. The first photo was filled with the members who were in a sleeping position. They were shot from above, showing the members sleeping together in a circle. The second photo was also filled with the members sitting in chairs. After that, on October 15th and 16th, Twice uploaded four unit photo teasers. On October 21st, they uploaded the second music video teaser for “TT.” Also on October 22nd, they uploaded a highlight medley video consisting of highlighted parts of every track in the Lane 1 album. They also shared a choreography teaser for “TT” on that day. Finally, on October 24th, the Lane 1 EP album release day had arrived! The album was released physically and digitally on the same day through various music sites.

Story of “1 to 10”: A 1990s R&B Track

To produce “1 to 10,” Chloe and Noday participated in writing the “1 to 10” lyrics with Chloe as the lead writer. They also composed and arranged this song with Noday becoming the lead composer and the lead arranger of this song. This song is categorized as an R&B track with its inspiration for making this song come from 1990s blues music. When composing this song, Noday and Chloe tended to use synth music with heavy drums, bass, and acoustic guitar sounds. This song is about a person who wants to talk honestly about his/her feeling towards a person on a scale from 1 to 10.

MV of “1 to 10”

There’s no music video released for “1 to 10.” The only music video that is available from this EP album is for “TT.”

“1 to 10” Performance: Performed on K-Pop Music Programs, a Fan Meeting, and the Twiceland Encore Stage

Twice members performed “1 to 10” on various K-pop music programs such as M Countdown on the Mnet K-POP station, Music Bank on the KBS World TV station, Inkigayo and The Show on the SBS station, and Show Music Core and Show Champion on the MBCkpop station. At a fan meeting on November 13th, 2016, Twice performed this song once. They also performed this song on their first concert stages for the Twiceland– The Opening concert. The members sang this song at The Opening encore stage that was held on June 17th through the 18th, 2017, in Jamsil Arena, Seoul, South Korea. You can watch the group performance by watching these videos here.

“1 to 10” Achievement: 35th on the Gaon Digital Chart

“1 to 10” has charted on the Gaon Digital Music Chart with its peak position being 35th. This song charted on this Gaon Chart for a week.

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