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100%’s Chanyong’s Full Profile

Name                    : Kim Chanyong Stage name          : Chanyong Birthday                 : April 29th, 1993 Place of birth         : South Korea Height                    : 180 cm Weight                   : 63 kg Blood type             : O Position                 : Vocalist, main rapper Zodiac                   : Taurus Instagram              : chachayongyong Twitter                   : 100per_yongyong

100%’s Chanyong’s Facts

Chanyong’s hobbies are shopping, listening to music, and watching movies. He passed T.O.P Media’s audition with his vocals. During the training period, he frequently practiced rapping and finally debuted as the main rapper. In high school, he joined the cheerleading program. He was cast while performing as a cheerleader in Lotte World. Even now, he still keeps his uniform. Unfortunately, Chanyong is known as having a glass body. He frequently got injured when practicing or performing with 100%. Due to one of these injuries, 100%’s debut was delayed. When recording a music video, Chanyong also injured himself. His military service was cut short and he was released early due to his weak body. Chanyong and his brother opened a YouTube account. Chanyong’s ideal girl is someone cute and considerate. His ideal girl is After School’s Lizzy. Chanyong collaborated with other musicians in writing songs for 100%‘s latest albums.

100%’s Chanyong’s Official Debut

Before making his debut with 100%, Chanyong and other members participated in the variety show Teen Top Rising. On the program, T.O.P Media unofficially introduced their future group. 100% debuted in September 2012. The group released their debut album We, 100% which included the debut single “Bad Boy.” 100% released the music video for “Bad Boy” on their official YouTube account.  Initially, Chanyong was cast because of his vocal talent, but he also learned to rap during training. In the end, he was selected as 100%‘s main rapper. On stage, he is known as a cool guy, but offstage, he is never afraid to express himself. On his social media, he loves making duck-faces and adding cute accents to his posts.

100%’s Chanyong’s Appearance in The Unit

Four months after releasing the second Japanese single “Warrior,” 100%‘s members tried their luck and competed on KBS2’s The Unit. The program was designed as an idol rebooting project where lesser-known groups competed with each other for a chance to re-debut with a new idol group. The Unit was a massive project with around 120 contestants. 100% joined The Unit audition and performed live in front of judges. Out of all of the members, Rockhun and Hyukjin were selected to compete in the televised final rounds. Jonghwan and Chanyong failed the audition. In the audition, Rochyun had the most convincing performance. Chanyong had a chance to shine when he was given time to show some rap verses. However, his rap seemed weak and lacked confidence. He ran out of breath during the most important moment.

100%’s Chanyong’s Fancam

Chanyong’s tall figure and athletic body contribute a lot to his dancing. Occasionally, he tempts fans with a sexy pelvic dance. Even though his singing parts are limited, he makes up for it with his attractive dance moves.

Chanyong’s singing and rapping parts are usually limited. The singing parts are usually done by Rockhyun. In the catchy single “Still Loving You,” Chanyong was able to show his rapping skills. In between verses and at the end of the song, Chanyong captivated fans with his rap.

100%’s Chanyong’s Military Service

Chanyong announced his enlistment on July 15th, 2019. The news came as a double surprise since Rockhyun also announced his enlistment. Chanyong was set to join a military training facility located in Inje of Gangwon Province. Both of them shared a picture of their appearance before joining the military. Regarding his enlistment, Chanyong said that he will work hard to adjust to life in the military and work hard in fulfilling all military duties. He looked forward to meeting 100% fans (PERFECTION) in the future. Chanyong asked all fans not to worry about him. He said that he won’t get hurt and he will return in good health. During military service, he will look back at all the moments he spent with PERFECTION. At the end of his letter, Chanyong promised that he will return as a healthy and cool guy. Unfortunately, his military enlistment was cut short. He was released from his station due to health issues. Let’s hope that he can recover from his health problem and make a comeback. That is all the information about 100%’s Chanyong. Explore more information and fun facts about other 100% members on Channel Korea. All members are going to finish their military services in 2021. We can’t wait for their comeback performance! Don’t forget to share this article on your Twitter account.

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