100%’s Hyukjin’s Profile

Stage Name: Hyukjin (혁진) Real Name: Jang Hyukjin (장혁진) Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Maknae Birthday: December 20, 1993 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Height: 176 cm (5’9″) Weight: 64 kg (140 lbs) Blood Type: B Twitter: @100per_hyukjin Instagram: @100per_hj

100%’s Hyukjin’s Fun Facts

– Hyukjin was born in the second largest city of South Korea- Busan. – He has a sibling named Yoonseol who is also a girl group member of PRISM. – Hyukjin has plenty of nicknames including Piggy and Hyukjinnie. – Hyukjin’s hobby is watching TV. – Hyukjin joined The Unit, a survival show on KBS, and ranked 35th. – Hyukjin is Chanyong’s best friend. – Hyukjin went into the military on August 26, 2019. – Hyukjin actively sings at his church. – His ideal girl is someone who has a pretty smile. – He admires Park Ha Sun. – Hukjin contributed to writing the song “To.”

100%’s Hyukjin’s Pre-Debut Story

Hyukjin was a participant in KBS’s survival program The Unit and ranked 35th. Hyukjin has a miracle voice- check his singing in the clip from The Unit below.

100%’s Hyukjin’s Debut Story in 2012 and Activity Ever Since

Hyukjin debuted with 100% on September 18th with We, 100%. They first featured on SBS’s variety show called Teen Top Rising 100%. Later on, 100% also released “Bad Boy” two days after their debut on their official YouTube channel. From time to time, 100% with Hyukjin actively released a song and spread their wings to Japan. From 2014-2016, some of their members went to military duty, and the line-up went through changes. Unfortunately, in 2018, one of their members Minho suddenly passed away due to a heart attack. They postponed their activities but are still a group. They released an album in Japan called Summer Night in June 2018. Hyukjin’s latest album with 100% is RE:tro, the fifth mini-album in Korea that was released in March 2019. This album came out five months before his military service announcement.

100%’s Hyukjin Enlisted in the Military

In 2019, Hyukjin enlisted for military service on August 26. As the youngest one in the boy group 100%, he was the last one to deal with military duty. He is placed in the military camp at Goseong, Gangwon Province. During this step, he will get training before joining as an active-duty soldier. Hyukjin also wrote a message to greet his fans. He stated that he felt a little bit scared but also felt their support at the same time. Hyukjin also said that although he left temporarily, he felt happy to finally fulfill his duty to the country. He will be on hiatus for at least two years, the usual Korean military service requirement. Hyuljin exposed himself with short hair, the signature military haircut. Keep supporting Hyujin and hope he is always healthy and happy. Don’t forget to give your comment and share your thoughts below! We welcome to see your response on Twitter as well!

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