One of 100%‘s members, Jonghwan, is born to be an idol. He has the face, appearance, voice, dance skills, and ability to play guitar very well. During off-stage events, Jonghwan often amazes fans with his romantic guitar play. He loves playing romantic songs on his guitar and singing along. He also covers several popular songs and participates in duet performances with other members. Let’s go over information about Jonghwan, the romantic idol guitarist.

100%’s Jonghwan’s Full Profile

Name                    : Jo Jonghwan Stage name          : Jonghwan Birthday                 : November 23rd, 1992 Place of birth           : Bundang, Seongnam, Korea Height                    : 177 cm Weight                   : 61 kg Blood type             : AB Position                 : subvocal, main dancer Zodiac                   : Sagittarius Instagram              : jonghwaan Twitter                   : 100per_jonari

100%’s Jonghwan Facts

Jonghwan’s ideal woman is someone cute, kind, and understanding. His ideal woman is someone like actress Son Ye-jin. Jonghwan is very humorous. He loves making choreography and composing songs. Jonghwan’s military service started on July 22nd, 2019.

100%’s Jonghwan’s Official Debut

Jonghwan debuted with 100% under the management of T.O.P Media. 100% released the debut single “Bad Boy” on September 21st, 2012. Initially, the group debuted with seven members: Sanghun, Hyukjin, Jonghwan, Minwoo, Chanyong, and Rockhyun. Two of them were rappers while the other five were vocalists. Jonghwan is known for his sweet vocals and dance skills. Behind his vicious stare, he has such a romantic personality. He is also known as a womanizer, being cold towards other members but being an attention-seeker whenever a crush is around.

100%’s Jonghwan’s Appearance in The Unit

In October 2017, 100% participated and competed with other idol group members in KBS2’s idol rebooting project The Unit. 100% performed “O” during the preliminary audition. Sadly, only Rockhyun and Hyukjin passed the preliminary audition. 100%’s Jonghwan’s appearance in The Unit was limited to only one stage performance.

100%’s Jonghwan’s Guitar Performance

During an interview, Jonghwan prepared a surprise for fans. He grabbed his guitar and sung Alex Boyd’s “Light Up Tonight.” At the time, even his group mates were amazed by his performance. He made a slight mistake near the end, but he still deserved praise for showing his talent.

100%’s Jonghwan later posted a much longer and upbeat cover version of Alex Boyd’s “Light Up Tonight.” In the video, he wasn’t shy anymore, and he made no mistakes. His strumming was powerful and steady. In the original version, Alex Boyd made it slower and with more groove while Jonghwan’s version was more acoustic rock. Perhaps, he got a little bit too fired up with emotion. Anyway, it was a good cover performance.

In another post, Jonghwan made a cover of IU and Kim Chan-wan’s duet The Meaning of You.” Midway through his performance, he changed the style from melancholic and romantic to pop.

Jonghwan also recorded a casual duet cover with 100% Rochyun. In this cover, both of them complimented each other. Rockhyun sang the part with high notes while Jonghwan sang the part with low notes.

100%’s Jonghwan’s Military Service

100% fans shed some tears when Jonghwan announced his enlistment for military service. On July 22nd, 2019, he entered a military training center located in the Chungnam area, around two hours of driving from Seoul. He already finished basic military training before entering the center. On the day, he posted a warming farewell letter to fans, urging fans not to feel sad about his enlistment. In the end, he said that he will return real soon. Jonghwan was the third member to begin military service, a week after Rockhyun and Chanyong’s enlistment. The group held a fan meeting event on July 14th, 2019, a day before Rochyun and Chanyong entered their military station. Their military services will finish in early 2021. That is all the facts and information about 100%’s Jonghwan. He is set to be released from the military in early 2021. Let’s wish that 100% can make a comeback after his return. Don’t forget to share this article on your Twitter account.

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