Unfortunately, 14U disbanded on May 10th, 2019. It was confirmed by E.sol on their fan café. He said that 14U has disbanded after 13 out of 14 members decided to terminate their contracts with the agency. The agency also released an official statement announcing 14U’s disbandment. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about E.sol’s focus fan-cam and performances that you have probably missed out. Stay tuned!

N.E.W.S Focus Fan-cam

“N.E.W.S” (나침반) was released on October 26th, 2018. The album N.E.W.S (나침반) consists of three tracks with the title track of the same title as the album, “N.E.W.S” (나침반), “N.E.W.S” (나침반) (Inst.), and “N.E.W.S” (나침반) (Unplugged Ver.). 14U’s members, Loudi, Dohyuk, and Sejin participated in the lyrics making along with Ahram. The song was composed by Steven Lee, Jimmy Richard, Al Geekboy, and arranged by Steven Lee, Al Geekboy. In this attached fan-cam below, E.sol is looking really great in a red suit, even his hair is matching the outfit. E.sol’s dancing is amazing and neat. He does it really well. The choreography for this song is nice. “N.E.W.S” is the typical dance-pop song with a nice bop. Let’s take a look at some comments on E.sol’s fan-cam:

Why is this fan-cam so underrated like wtf man He is amazing 💞 Finally 😭😭 I STAN E.Sol, you’re so cool!!!!

Watch E.sol’s “N.E.W.S” Focus Fan-cam, here:

Dance Cover Of Momoland’s “Boom Boom”

Boy bands and girl groups often do dance covers of other singers’ songs. Typically, idols re-enact the choreography of the original music video or make a new choreography different from the original music video but still with the same vibes. 14U made a dance cover of Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom.” “Bboom Bboom” was released in 2018. It was a hit song. “Bboom Bboom” was also viral because of the dance. The dance choreography was kinda easy and fun to do. Many idols have made covers of this song too. With the matching outfits, a long striped shirt colored red and white, they’re perfectly dancing to a girl group dance! E.sol looks really cute with the hat on his head, and he also dances cutely. Check out E.sol’s “Bboom Bboom” Dance Cover Focus Fan-cam, here:


14U’s E.sol During a Fan Meeting

Idols usually hold a fan meeting after a comeback or after a release of a new song. Fan meeting is when the idols perform their songs for about 5–7 songs and have an interactive session such as interview, Q&A, playing games, etc. 14U had already held some fan meeting events back in 2018–2019. In the spring fan meeting, E.sol was asked to do some aegyo by the members and he did it shyly. He has done aegyo many times. Check out the compilation of E.sol’s aegyo in the video below:

Not only a fan meeting, but 14u also held some fan signing events, where fans could interact more closely with the idols. Fans also can do a high five and give them things to wear or some other gifts. During the fan signing event, E.sol had so many things on him, like a pokemon bracelet, a big ring on his pinky, and head accessories. Fans commented on the video and said, “cuteness overload,” another one said: “How is he freaking 25???😩😩” Check out E.sol’s fan signing event focus fan-cam, here:


“Don’t Be Pretty” Focus Fan-cam

“Don’t Be So Pretty” (예뻐지지마) is a song by 14U that was released on February 1st, 2018. The album was also titled 예뻐지지마 (Don’t Be So Pretty). The album consists of two songs: “Don’t Be So Pretty” and “Dooroo Dooroo.” “Don’t Be So Pretty” is written by DEZION, 현웅. The song was also composed and arranged by DEZION. The song has a kind of bright feeling and good vibes.  Here are some of the lyrics of “Don’t Be So Pretty”: You’re mine. Don’t be too pretty. You’re making me nervous. It’s so pretty. It’s so pretty. You’re the only one This feeling of excitement every day to me Feel so good “Don’t Be So Pretty” performances by 14U are really great. The outfits for the stage are kind of blue with matching white shoes. E.sol had black hair at the moment. While singing, E.sol’s facial expressions are really showing. He made a slight wink that made fans scream and also smiled a lot during the stage performance. He is so cool without even trying. The fan chants are also loud. Fans were chanting hard for 14U who turned the stage on fire. Check out E.sol’s “Don’t Be Pretty” Focus Fan-cam, here:


“Good Girl” Focus Fan-cam

“Good Girl” is a song by 14U that was released on July 18th, 2017. The song is in the album titled VVV. The VVV album consists of four songs, “VVV,” “Good Girl,” “VVV” (Inst.), and “Good Girl” (Inst.). Based on the lyrics, “Good Girl” is about confessing to the girl one likes. The lyrics are like this, You are my good girl It’s an inevitable emotion. You are my are my good girl I want you to be like me. Good Girl A song for you Be my girl You’ll fall in as soon as you hear it. This dance for you Oh my girl Please accept my confession to you. Woo Ah In the Daegu busking performance, E.sol was wearing a turtle neck with a blue striped white long shirt. He also had blonde hair. He is looking good with that hair, right? When it was his turn to sing, he gave out a little flying kiss as a part of the choreography. He enjoyed the stage. He smiled a lot and laughed a little while performing. The choreography is really good! Check out E.sol’s “Good Girl” Focus Fan-cam, here:


  That’s all about 14U’s E.sol’s focus fan-cams and performances. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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