Get Ready To Became A VIP After Listening To These BIG BANG Songs

There is no extra introduction needed when recommending Big Bang’s songs. Big Bang is already a pop culture icon and a legend in Korea and other Asian countries. Though its members and parent company endured difficult times, we hope Big Bang can reclaim their perch as Korea’s biggest idol group. Big Bang songs ruled Korean music charts since the group’s breakthrough single Lies. Big Bang has a single that fits your every mood and energize your days. In order to energize your mood, Fantastic Baby and Fxxx It are worth listening to and will leave you feeling pumped. There are far too many excellent songs, but these 15 songs are a compilation of Big Bang’s best, most legendary songs. In this article, Channel Korea will show you 15 legendary Big Bang songs, so stay tuned!

We Belong Together

Big Bang debuted with its self-titled first album on August 29th, 2006. The title single for their debut album was We Belong Together. The album was composed by G Dragon and written by G Dragon and TOP. We Belong Together peaked in the #5 position on the Gaon music chart and sold 54.333 copies. We Belong Together has a strong R&B and Hip Hop influence. It told the story of two lovers that deeply in love with each other and promise to love each other forever.


Lies was the single that catapulted Big Bang to popularity. It was an instant hit, selling 4,907,915 copies in Korea and 952,000 copies in China. Lies peaked at #24 in the US music chart and became the first Big Bang single that was charted in foreign countries. Lies was composed and written by Big Bang’s leader, G Dragon, The single was released on August 16, 2007. Lies expressed the pain of a broken-hearted lover. After going through separation, he hated all the love songs and all the memories of his relationship. He was the one who wanted to say goodbye, but immediately regretted what he had lost.

Sunset Glow

Sunset Glow is the title hit single from Big Bang’s album Remember. The album was released on November 5th, 2008. Sunset Glow is a remake of the popular single from legendary Korean singer, Lee Mun-sae. Big Bang remade the original single and added their own, unique music style. Before the release of the album, The group produced and published a one-minute teaser and built huge anticipation among fans. Sunset Glow is a spirited and lively love song that you can listen to anytime and anywhere. Its tempo is a mixture of slow and high tempo, and it is a mixture of ballad and slow rock. When someone is in love, everything is beautiful, and Sunset Glow expresses that very well.

Love Song

Love Song is the title song of Big Bang’s Special Album edition. It was released on April 8, 2011, hitting the #1 position as soon as it was released. Love Song sold over 2.1 million copies worldwide. Love Song has a U2 feel to its music arrangement, since it is filled with rhythmic electric guitar riffs and the sophisticated voices of the Big Bang members.

Fantastic Baby

Fantastic Baby is a mandatory party and clubbing track. It is filled with a head-banging electronic beat, addictive lyrics, and excellent rapping. Fantastic Baby was released on February 29, 2012, as part of the album Alive, and sold 4 million copies. G Dragon wrote and arranged Fantastic Baby. Big Bang performed the song at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Award at Asia World Expo Arena.

Bang Bang Bang

Bang Bang Bang is one of Big Bang’s most legendary songs. It peaked at #1 on the Gaon music channel and US-based music channel, and, surprisingly, sold more copies in China than in Korea. Bang Bang Bang is an atmosphere-maker at parties and nightclubs.

Bae Bae

Bae Bae is an easy listening rap- and hip-hop-based music track from Big Bang. Every Big Bang member has almost equal parts in this excellent music track. Bae Bae has an addictive electronic tune, rap verse, and guitar melodies. Its lyrics tell about a man that is deeply in love with a woman. He worships her and wants her to stay beautiful and sexy for him all the time.


Big Bang made a comeback after three years, releasing their MADE album series throughout 2015. The first album in the series, M, was released on May 1, 2015, and consisted of two popular singles, Bae Bae and Loser. Loser peaked at #1 on the Gaon Music chart. Based on their interviews, Loser told about a personal experience from one of the Big Bang members. The song told story about a man’s incapability in love, and how he kept making the same mistake over and over again. Loser is a mid-tempo track with an easy-listening melody and thoughtful lyrics.

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