In this article, Channel Korea will tell you about Mina Myoung’s Full Profile, some fun facts, her time at 1Million Dance Studio, her Instagram, her YouTube Channel, and her latest news. Let’s to get closer with Mina Myoung!

Full Profile

  Real Name: Myoung Mi-na Stage Name: Mina Myoung Birth: South Korea, April 3rd, 1994 Age: 26 years old Sign: Aries Nationality: Korean Occupation: Famous Dancer Instagram: @minamyoung

Fun Fact about Mina Myoung

She is one of the famous dancers from 1Million She is a choreographer She has choreographed many dance routines Mina was the choreographer of the Korean version of Ava Max’s Sweet but Psycho Mina Myoung is also the choreographer for the Korean version of Ariana Grande’s 7 rings, Stefflon Don’s 16 Shots, Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy, and many more. Mina danced with South Korea idols such as Mamamoo, Chungha, etc. She traveled with other 1Million dancers to perform in other countries, including Indonesia.

1Million Dance Studio

  1Million Dance Studio is a dance academy in South Korea. It’s an outstanding dance academy which has both fame and amazing dancers. They have the mission to inspire millions to dance and achieve goals through global outreach and partnerships with giant industries. The academy has more than 20.3 million subscribers to their YouTube channel. Now, 1Million Dance Studio has been achieve their mission, indeed. They even got the opportunity make choreography and do collaborations with many Korean singers. In addition, they also engage with powerhouse brands such as Cosmopolitan, Allure, Luxury, W Korea, Elle, Nylon, Adidas, and many more. The academy has many famous dancers. One of them is Mina Myoung. She is one of the best dancers and choreographers, and the very famous one from 1Million Dance Studio. Mina Myoung showed how charismatic and energetic she was in Ava Max’s Sweet but Psycho, which she choreographed, on the 1Million YouTube channel. She dances like no one else. Her energy spread to her entire team. Their subscribers made a lot of comments about how good she is. A comment from Nallie nal said, “Always like Mina Myoung’s choreography.” Other comments said, “She is the best dancer”. “Well done, I really love Mina’s dance performance. Soooo great!.”

Youtube Channel

Mina Myoung created her own youtube channel on December 21, 2011, and until now she has gotten more than 513.000 subscribers. The content of the channel mostly about dance. She uploaded video about her work with 1Million Dance Studio, danced with some top South Korea idols such as Mamamoo, NCT 127, Jay Park, and others. She even posted her tips on “How To Dance”, dance tutorials, her choreography, random play dances, her daily routine, make-up tutorials, a diary of her journey, style and fashion, Q&A, and people’s reactions to her choreography.

On April 16th, 2020, she was posting a video with her and her friend’s reactions to her choreography video. They were talking about Stefflon Don’s 16 Shots, Lay, NCT 127, and Jason Deluro, with choreography by Mina Myoung. Mina gave her comments about her outfit in the video, the videographer, video editing, and the choreographer. She talked about the entire video with her friend for more than ten minute.

Also, on April 9th, 2020, she was streaming in her YouTube channel and greeting her fans in a live stream. In that video, she give a surprise notice about her Dance Online Class. She explained about how to join the class, when the class started, and so on. Her fans wrote many enthusiastic words in the comments column. They told Mina how excited they are for the online class. Mina and her fans made a time for chit chat, about 22 minute in entire time.

At the same time, she uploaded a video about her reaction to her legendary choreography. Mina and her friend QuanZ talked about the choreographer in the videos. They gave their opinions about the dance.   Are you waiting for Mina’s next online dance class or her upcoming project with Gfriend’s SinB?

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