This time, we are going to discuss another good song from a popular girl group in South Korea, Twice, entitled “21:29”. “21:29” (pronounced as two one two nine) is a song released by JYP Entertainment on September 23rd, 2019, for Twice’s 8th extended play titled Feel Special with the lead single of the same title as the EP, “Feel Special”. “21:29” also has a Japanese version that was later released in Japan on September 16th, 2020. The song is included in the album titled #TWICE3 as the B-side with J-pop as the genre. Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “21:29” that has been uploaded on Twice’s Official YouTube Account.

The news of Twice’s comeback with the 8th extended play titled Feel Special was announced right after the success of the Twice world tour concert “Twicelights” on September 9th, 2019. All the members of Twice participated in the EP as songwriters for the song “21:29” which is set as the sixth track. Dahyun and Jihyo wrote two other songs in the EP. The EP consists of seven songs. The first teaser starring Nayeon was revealed on September 9th, the same day as the news of the comeback was made. Then, following the next day, Jeongyeon’s teaser was released. The group first photo teaser was released on September 11th, it consists of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Momo. While the full group photo teaser was released on September 18th and the first teaser for the music video was released the next day. Here are some of the teaser photos of “21:29” by Twice.

Chaeyoung, Nayeon, and Momo

Mina, Jeongyeon, and Sana

Dahyun, Tzuyu, and Jihyo










All of the Twice members participated in writing the lyrics for the sixth track titled “21:29” from their 8th extended play Feel Special that was released on September 23rd, 2019. Lee Joo-hyoung (MonoTree) and Sophia Pae were the ones who did the music with Lee Joo-hyoung (MonoTree) who did the arrangement. The lyrics of “21:29” are filled with words of praise and flattery expressing gratitude for many things. The song itself was dedicated to Twice’s fanbase which means through this song the members want to tell their fans how much they thank them for everything they have done for Twice all this time. This song also has a Japanese version which was released the next year on September 16th, 2020, for the Japanese album titled #TWICE3 as the B-side track. Coming out as the sixth track of Twice’s 8th extended play Feel Special that was released on September 23rd, 2019, “21:29” does have not an official MV. Here are the lyrics of “21:29” by Twice from the video made by fans.

As a special gift for you, we have some of the live performance videos of “21:29” by Twice that you may want to see. “21:29” by Twice – Live Stage in Showcase (VLive)

“21:29” by Twice – Live Stage at Twice’s 5th Anniversary

“21:29” by Twice – Live Stage Japanese Version

“21:29” by Twice – Live Stage Shibuya note Live (Japanese Version)

Twice’s song “21:29” released as the sixth track of Twice’s 8th extended play Feel Special on September 23rd, 2019, has achieved many things in charts. Here are the details of the song “21:29” chart achievements. Song Charts   That’s all the information that we have provided for you about Twice’s song “21:29”. You can check out other cool articles about TWICE or other K-pop and Korean celebrities that you might like. Share this with your friends on your social media if you like this article!

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