Besides in South Korea, as one of the most popular girl groups these days, Twice is also very active in releasing new songs and albums in Japan. 3 of the members are Japanese, so, of course, it will give them more points and advantages to gain more popularity and fans. That is why they released multiple Japanese compilation albums that consist of some of their previous hit songs made into Japanese versions. The song that we would like to discuss here is one of the Japanese version songs entitled “21:29” (pronounced two one two nine). So, without any further ado, let’s go straight into the discussion below! Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” that was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account.

Background of “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)”

“21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” is one of the songs from Twice that was released under Warner Music Japan and was included on Twice’s 3rd Japanese compilation album called #TWICE3. This song was planned to be released after the following success of Twice’s previous Japanese single “Fanfare.” 2 months before both the song and the album were planned to be released, on July 17, 2020, at midnight Korean time, JYP Entertainment unveiled the cover photo for Twice’s 3rd Japanese compilation album called #TWICE3 which was set to be released on September 16, 2020. On this album, “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” is set as the sixth track alongside the other 11 tracks for both the Japanese and Korean versions. “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice was released as a digital download on September 16, 2020, on various online music platforms as well as the physical version. The genre for this song is J-pop. Warner Music Japan also released the official audio version of “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” on Twice’s official YouTube account on September 15, 2020, where it has gained 199,159 views and 7,719 likes since its first upload on YouTube. Here are some of the photo teasers from Twice’s 3rd Japanese compilation album called #TWICE3 where “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” is included.

Group Photo Teaser #1

Group Photo Teaser #2

Group Photo Teaser #3

Story of “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)”

The entire lyrics for “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice were written by the nine members of Twice with the help of Eri Osanai and Mio Jorakuji. The one who composed the music was MonoTree together with Lee Ju-hyung as the arranger. As this song was written by all of Twice’s members, they dedicated this song to their fans, Once, who are always there for them no matter what the situation is. Even the opening lyrics for this song show it, “This is for you/ You’re my dream.” Through this song, Twice also wants to thank their fans, Once, for everything they have done for Twice all this time. They feel so blessed and lucky to have Once with them in any situation and condition. So, they promise to also be with them, too, no matter how hard and difficult the problem they have in life. They have each other’s back anytime and anywhere they are. To make it easier for you to understand the meaning of the song, we have prepared the lyric version of “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice. You can watch the video here!

“21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” Performance

Even though this song was only released as the sixth track on Twice’s 3rd Japanese compilation album #TWICE3 on September 16, 2020, “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice has been performed live at some events. Here are the live performance videos of “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice that you can watch below! “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice Live Stage Shibuya Note Live

“21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” Achievement

There is not much information that we can find for the achievements that Twice gained for the song “21:29 (Japanese Ver.).” Here is the only detail of a “21:29 (Japanese Ver.)” achievement on a song chart. Song Chart

21 29  Japanese ver   by Twice - 8121 29  Japanese ver   by Twice - 9621 29  Japanese ver   by Twice - 7221 29  Japanese ver   by Twice - 25