“24/7” is a song by Twice that was released on October 30th, 2017, through JYP Entertainment. It is “the median song” in Twice’s first Korean studio album titled Twicetagram. As you can see that “24/7” is exactly in the middle of this album. “24/7” is one of their sidetracks, with a total of twelve sidetracks in Twicetagram. You can enjoy “24/7” physically by purchasing the album or digitally on Twice’s official YouTube channel, Spotify, and other various music sites. Click the video below to listen to “24/7”.

You can also check the medley of all the tracks in the album Twicetagram through the album spoiler video. Check out this video to see the album spoiler.

“24/7” was also featured in Merry & Happy, their second reissued album. It was released on December 11th, 2017, and “24/7” served as the eighth sidetrack out of fourteen sidetracks.

Background of “24/7” – The Story behind the Twicetagram Release

On September 8th, 2017, a lot of reports spread among media outlets about Twice having begun shooting a music video in British Columbia, Canada. On September 25th, JYP Entertainment announced further information about the comeback. It was said by JYP Entertainment that the comeback would take place in late October. The following day, on October 16th, the agency released the lead single’s music video trailer. Through the music video, it was unveiled that the lead single was given the title “Likey”. After that, on October 19th, Twice shared their first photo teaser through the internet. Two days later (on October 21st), Twice released a tracklist poster for the album Twicetagram. There are thirteen tracks on Twicetagram, and also some of their sidetracks were penned by some of the members. Check out the poster, here. After the release of their tracklist poster, on October 23rd, Twice shared their second group photo teaser.










They also shared their individual moving images on the same day. Starting the next day, from October 25th to October 27th, they released their individual video teasers. The Twicetagram album was released finally on October 30th. First, the album was released digitally through various music sites. The music video for “Likey” was also released that day. Second, the album was released physically on October 31st.

Story of “24/7” – A Track about a Repetitive Lifestyle

As I’ve told you before, the group once mentioned that some of the members penned some of the sidetracks’ lyrics. One of these sidetracks is “24/7”, it was written by Nayeon in collaboration with Jihyo. The composers of this song were Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, and Cazzi Opeia. One of these composers, Daniel Caesar, also arranged this song. Caesar made the arrangement of this song by collaborating with Loui. This song is somehow frustrating at first, because it’s telling a story about how boring it is to have the same lifestyle every day. Anything that is repetitive can make a person frustrated, as well as a repetitive lifestyle. But in the middle part of the song, that person just enjoys that lifestyle, and that person always remembers to seek entertainment or excitement for her. This song is somehow very soothing at last, because she decides to join her friends to entertain herself by going to a party.

MV of “24/7”

There’s no music video released for “24/7”. The music video that the girls had shot in British Columbia, Canada, was the music video for “Likey”.

“24/7” Achievements: 18th Position on the K-pop Hot 100

“24/7” has charted on several song charts. It dominated the Gaon Music Chart; for more details, check out the table below for the song’s peak position in every chart.

24 7  2017  by Twice - 7724 7  2017  by Twice - 9024 7  2017  by Twice - 7024 7  2017  by Twice - 8724 7  2017  by Twice - 1624 7  2017  by Twice - 7124 7  2017  by Twice - 2624 7  2017  by Twice - 9524 7  2017  by Twice - 8824 7  2017  by Twice - 5724 7  2017  by Twice - 83