But, how about we look further into their relationship? Suzy and Lee Min-ho once went on a short trip to London. Although they were not going at the same time, Suzy and Lee Min-ho managed to meet in London secretly. And just like that, they dated in secret for years before finally deciding to separate in 2017. Let’s dig into more details about the facts of Suzy and Lee Min-ho’s relationship that you probably didn’t know before!

Surprising Facts About Bae Suzy and Lee Min-ho’s Dating History: Caught Dating in London

Dispatch released Suzy and Lee Min Ho‘s photos on March 22nd, 2015. Suzy and Lee Min Ho were spotted on a date in London. Both Suzy and Lee Min Ho left Korea from Incheon Airport on March 10th, 2015. They had never worked in the same drama together. At first, their representatives stated that they were only in an emergency meeting, but they later confirmed Suzy and Lee Min Ho have been dating for a month and asked for the public to watch over them warmly. They stayed in a hotel for 3 days during their secret vacation in London. They received positive reactions from the public and fans. Lee Min Ho went to Paris for Dior and then used his personal finances to fund his trip to meet Suzy in London. koreaboo.com Suzy went to London for a photoshoot with All Saints. Suzy checked out from Waldorf Hotel and met Lee Min Ho at The Shard to stay at Shangri-La Hotel. Lee Min Ho and Suzy returned to Korea separately after their short trip. Netizens were comparing them to Sulli and Choiza since Suzy and Sulli are close friends. Despite positive comments from most people, some netizens thought Suzy was no longer the Nation’s First Love since she shared a room in a hotel with her boyfriend when they just started dating a month ago. When their dating news erupted, Lee Min Ho was very popular in China and Suzy was about to do a comeback with Miss A.

Suzy and Lee Min Ho held a party for their second anniversary. Netizens praised them for dating quietly while working hard on their projects. They were considered good people by netizens for having a quiet and long relationship, unlike those celebrities that actively do lovey-dovey things and brag on social media and variety shows. Suzy and Lee Min Ho invited their close friends to celebrate their two-year anniversary party in Seoul. Around their one-year anniversary, they started wearing matching couple rings. Fans noticed Lee Min Ho’s ring when he was promoting KyoChon Malaysia on March 25th, 2016. People noticed Suzy wearing a ring identical to Lee Min Ho’s at a Nescafe promotion. Despite their busy schedules, Suzy revealed that they managed to go on a date once a month.

Suzy and Lee Min Ho broke up after being in a relationship for almost 3 years. It was revealed on November 16th, 2017. According to Ilgan Sports, an industry insider said that Suzy and Lee Min Ho decided to break up because of personal reasons and remain friends. Before this news was officially confirmed by both sides, there was already a rumor of them breaking up. Many people speculated that they had broken up around the time Lee Min Ho left for military service.

Bae Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s Facts: Serious Relationships and Intentions to Get Married?

They had a wonderful date back in London. At first, they didn’t admit it, but later, they informed the public that they were in a relationship.

Their dating journey lasted until around the time Lee Min-ho needed to join military service. Some media even informed that Lee Min-ho had intentions to marry her. So, they were in a serious relationship back then. They were good at keeping their relationship private for a long time even as famous celebrities. They didn’t really go on dates secretly based on released photos from some media. For example, sometimes Lee Min-ho would cover his face but Suzy would not. If you have a keen eye, you know.

Bae Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s After Breakup: Still Friends Through Lee Seung-gi

Although Bae Suzy and Lee Min-ho have broken up, they are still maintaining good relationships. Fun fact, the two of them are friends with Lee Seung-gi. However, their relationship is not shared with the press. On top of that, they are rarely seen working on the same projects together even before they were dating. It’s hard to spot their chemistry and interactions after breaking up. Meanwhile, we can see the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung-gi recently. Lee Seung-gi called him to talk about the possibility of working together on a project. If you’re Suzy’s or Seung-gi’s fan, you might know that they’re close to each other. They are often involved in the same project, such as the Korean drama Gu Family Book and Vagabond.  So, we can conclude that through Lee Seung-gi who is the mutual friend of Bae Suzy and Lee Min-ho, the two of them still remain friends.

Bae Suzy Dated Lee Dong-wook After Breaking Up with Lee Min-ho

Bae Suzy was in a dating relationship with the actor Lee Dong-wook after ending the relationship between her and Lee Min-ho. The press revealed their news in early 2018, and both agencies confirmed that they were dating in March. Not long after the confirmation, they broke up about 4 months after. Their agencies revealed that the reason was due to their busy schedules. Lee Dong-wook was busy with his Korean drama Life. Suzy was also busy with her upcoming Korean drama Vagabond. They didn’t have much time to meet, and they decided to break up. More info: Lee Dong-wook and Suzy’s Relationships.

Lee Min-ho Is Still Single After Breaking Up with Suzy

Lee Min Ho remains single after breaking up with Bae Suzy. He was busy with his military services and a lot of activities shortly after. He made a great comeback with the phenomenal drama The King: Eternal Monarch.  After starring in the drama, Lee Min-ho was rumored to be dating Kim Go-eun, the co-star. He shared powerful chemistry with Kim Go-eun who happened to be his loved one in the drama. Kim Go-eun also became the first woman to appear on his Instagram page. But, Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun are not dating and never confirmed their dating rumors.

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In some interviews, Lee Min Ho stated that his ideal woman is someone who understands him and who shares interests. His celebrity crush is Song Hye-kyo, who he thinks is bright and mature. Recently, Lee Min Ho won the Top Excellence in Mini-Series award for the drama The King: Eternal Monarch. Suzy and Lee Min-ho were an ideal celebrity relationship. They dated quietly, and both of them are hardworking celebrities with good images to boost. Many people were very happy when they announced their relationship, but sadly, this beautiful couple broke up when we thought they would last longer. And, Suzy dated another handsome Korean actor, Lee Dong-wook, while Lee Min Ho was still busy with military services and his schedules.

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