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The Hit Maker Of “I’m The Best,” 2NE1’s Disbandment

Two years after releasing their final album, the iconic K-Pop girl group 2NE1 officially disbanded as of Friday, November 25th, 2016. The agency also announced that it renewed the contracts with members CL and Dara, but revealed that the group’s third and final member, Park Bom, will no longer be managed by the company. The news followed the revelation, from earlier that year, that the foursome became a trio when the group’s youngest member, Minzy, chose not to renew her contract with YG. Here is the official statement from YG for 2NE1’s disbandment: 2NE1’s exclusive contract expired in May 2016, and with Minzy leaving 2NE1, we have come to the decision to officially disband after extensive discussion with the remaining members. As 2NE1 was YG’s official girl group for seven years, we cannot begin to express how we feel, but we determined that it was too difficult to continue. Rather than waiting an unknown amount of time for 2NE1’s next promotions, we have decided to focus on the members’ solo activities. We sincerely thank all the fans both in Korea and abroad that have loved the group and their music for all this time. We would like to officially announce that after last May, we resigned with CL and Sandara Park. However, unfortunately, there is no new contract with Park Bom. YG Entertainment Prior to disbanding, 2NE1 was YG Entertainment’s most prominent female act. The group was noted to have a distinct, mixed style. Throughout their career, 2NE1 pursued a variety of sounds, incorporating pop, hip-hop, reggae, electronica and R&B elements into their music. 2NE1 had also been known for their “unique and edgier style.” During their debut time, the group was noted for being hip-hop, strong, and feminine women, gothic, catchy, and many more. The quartet managed to rise to the top of the K-Pop world as an alternative to more girlish and cutesy acts. Bom, CL, and also Dara wrote heartfelt letters to their fans, Blackjacks.

— CL (@chaelinCL) November 29, 2016

— Sandara Park (@krungy21) November 29, 2016 Dara’s letter translation: “To my dear Blackjacks… I didn’t know I’d be writing you a letter like this. First of all, to our fans… I’m sorry for making your hearts ache, I’m sorry for not being able to protect you, and I’m so sorry for hurting you. Thanks to you, the past 7 years felt like a dream and will be remembered as happy and good memories. Chaelin, Bom, Minzy, and I… The four of us will be eternally grateful and cherish all the time we spent together. Blackjacks… have always loved us, supported us, and protected us. We wanted to give you guys some great music one last time to show our gratitude, but I’m so sorry that we, unfortunately, were unable to… I know it hurts right now… but I hope you will all be strong, be brave, eat well, and do your best. My feelings for you all will never change. I will do my best to only show you good things. Words cannot express my gratitude for you. Thank you so much for your love, [you’ve given me] more than I deserve. Written in November 2016, to be remembered as the loneliest of winters… 2NE1’s fresh vocals, Dara.”

— Bom Park (@haroobomkum) November 30, 2016 Bom’s letter translation: “Fans~ Around the world… Hello, this is Bom, whom you fans have always loved and protected… Our Blackjacks! You really waited so long for us… It’s regrettable… and I have nothing to say other than sorry… It hurts a lot… but I wanted to write a letter… What I can say right now… is that I did my best… I waited, anticipated, and prepared various things to show our fans… but things in this world don’t seem to happen the way I’d like them to… It’s not like we did this half-heartedly for a few years… So how can we erase everything in one fell swoop… T.T??… What to do… T.T Although it’s upsetting… I will strive to never forget our ‘memories,’” Park Bom writes. “All our happy moments and joyful times… T.T Although I’m shedding bitter tears… I will keep them in my heart. When I think about parting ways with Dara, Chaerin, and Minzy, I become speechless… I suddenly can’t breathe… I can’t write anymore because it hurts too much… The four of us… ” Park Bom continues, “Because we had you, we could do anything… I won’t forget you… Thank you… T.T” After Park Bom’s scandal, 2NE1 halted most of their activities in 2014. Since then, CL has pursued her solo music career and recently completed her first North American tour, while Dara furthered her television career. 2NE1 appeared together for the last time at the 2015 MAMAs, where the three other members surprised viewers by appearing alongside CL during her solo set and performing some of their biggest hits.

Following their disbandment in November 2016, the group released their last single “Good Bye” on January 21st, 2017, as a farewell gift to their fans. The song only featured the three remaining members CL, Bom, and Dara, since Minzy had already left YG Entertainment in May 2016.

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