However, one of the members, Park Bom, suddenly surprised everyone with her shocking weight gain. After 2NE1 has disbanded, Park Bom continues her career as a solo singer in the entertainment industry. She used to surprise everyone with her sudden weight gain, although she quickly lost some weight afterward. Then, how did she gain some weight? And what was the reason behind that? In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about Park Bom’s weight gain, so keep on reading!

Park Bom’s Weight Gain Caused by The ADHD Medication

For those of you who may wonder, Park Bom has gained some weight for reasons. One of the points was she gained some weight due to a side effect of her ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) medication. Yes, Park Bom used to have ADHD which made her have to do treatment for her health recovery. Caused by the ADHD, made Park Bom easily distracted, triggered hyperactivity, and caused impulsiveness in her. Park Bom had a hard time while she was trying to focus on something which affected her daily activities as well. That was why she needed treatment and a cure for her illness for a better condition of her. We all know that some medical treatments caused side effects, including what Park Bom had experienced. Yes, she gained some weight because one of the side effects of her medication caused so. It somehow made Park Bom has frequent emotional ups and downs which made her couldn’t able to control her lifestyle, including how she couldn’t handle the binge eating and overeat and caused her to gain weight. However, it is somehow normal for someone to gain weight including Park Bom since her health is way more important. Moreover, Park Bom can recover and lose some weight afterward!

Park Bom’s Shocking Weight Gain at The Grand Bell Awards

Park Bom suddenly surprised fans when she made an appearance at the 56th Grand Bell Awards. Eventually, people started to know that the K-Pop star gained some weight after a quite long time since she went on a hiatus. However, Park Bom’s weight gain appearance also made the fans get worried since they have been wondering whether Park Bom has a health concern or something like that. Some people started to give her negative comment and stated that she should lose some weight since she is a K-Pop star, and it is very important to take care of her appearance. On the other way around, some people think that Park Bom is as beautiful as ever, especially when they know Park Bom’s situation when she gained some weight due to the side effect of her medication. Moreover, Park Bom and 2NE1 fans are happier to see Park Bom again after a long time and always support her in any kind of condition.

Fans’ Reaction about Her Weight Gain

There are also several comments from the fans regarding Park Bom’s gain weight, written like these: “I’m telling y’all Park Bom don’t need to lose weight. She just needs to be confident and have that I don’t give a shit behavior.” “I knew Park Bom the way she is already, before she gain weight, and yet she looks still the same, beautiful. I love you Bom!” “It is normal to lose and gain weight! Let’s do this queen, to a healthier Park Bom!” “Let’s cheer up and focus on how amazing she is.” “She looks great, as long as she’s in a good health.”

— 𓆩♡𓆪 FOR PARK BOM (@theparkbom324) April 20, 2022

Park Bom’s Before and After Gaining Some Weight

You can also take a look at the compilation pictures of Park Bom before and after she gained weight here: Before Park Bom gained some weight, many fans have known that the K-Pop star has a proportional body with her chubby cheeks. However, even though she has chubby cheeks, Park Bom’s body is such a ‘perfect’ goal since she has long legs, a petite waist, and even her jawline is visible clearly. Many people can notice how perfect her body was during Park Bom’s performance on the live stage, especially during her career with 2NE1 and as a solo singer. After: After quite a long time, Park Bom surprised everyone with her new appearance, especially when she gained some weight. Although Park Bom looked as gorgeous as ever, her body’s appearance looked different than before. Her cheeks turned chubbier than before and she no longer had those long legs and petite waist. Well, it doesn’t matter if Park Bom has a chubby or skinny body since all of the fans love her for whoever she is. And the most important thing is Park Bom’s physical and mental health before anything else. Let’s always support and root for her, and wait for another music project from Park Bom in the future! Don’t you also think that Park Bom is very gorgeous in every way possible? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!

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