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2PM’s Junho’s Profile

  Name: Lee Jun-ho (이준호) Stage Name: Junho (준호)/2PM’s Junho. Date and Place of Birth: January 25th, 1990, Ilsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea. Occupation: Singer, Actor, Composer, Dancer, Songwriter. Group and position in Group: 2PM member as Main Vocalist and Lead Dancer. Years Active: 2008 – currently Blood Type: A Height: 178 cm Weight: 67 kg Zodiac: Aquarius Twitter: @dlwnsghek Instagram: le2jh

Facts About 2PM’s Junho

Junho’s family consists of his mother, his father, his older sister, and himself He won in Superstar Survival and ranked first out of 6,000 contestants (the same program as Taecyeon and Chansung were in) Junho has 2 lovely pets (cats), named Johnny and Wollie He is often accused of having done plastic surgery because of his resemblance to Rain Junho is said to have had a bad attitude during his appearance in Superstar Survival Junho was almost expelled from JYP Entertainment due to his unacceptable attitude and the fact that he was behind the other trainees His mother even begged JYP Entertainment to give Junho one more chance He is fluent in Korean, Japanese, and a bit of English Junho was part of the show Let’s Go, Dream Team season 2 in 2010 He has also acted in dramas, such as Memory, Uncontrollably Fond, and many more Junho took a degree program at Howon University, Gunsan, South Korea along with Chansung and Wooyoung After that, he continued his studies with a Master’s degree in cinematography at Sejong University, with 2PM’s other maknae Chansung.

Junho’s Pre-debut Story

Before debuting with 2PM, Junho joined a survival show in 2006 with several other 2PM members, such as Chansung, and Taecyeon. The program was a talent search show with the title Superstar Survival held by JYP Entertainment. The 2PM members that successfully entered the audition are Chansung, Taecyeon, and also Junho. The three of them attended quarantine for several months and every week there was someone who had to be removed and was eliminated by leaving the quarantine to return to their own home. During the quarantine period, Junho and the other participants trained and honed their abilities in singing, dancing, acting, tenacity, and perseverance, and all their styles began to be changed. The participants were given a mission to increase their confidence in dancing or singing in the middle of the crowd, such as on roads, stations, and other public places. In this contest, Junho won first place outshining 6,500 competitors. After winning, he was contracted by JYP Entertainment to join 2PM. The video below is showing Junho during his training in quarantine and him getting accustomed to a disciplined and tidy life.

And these are the moments when Junho won in Superstar Survival.

Junho as a Solo Artist

Junho debuted as a solo artist in 2013 with the release of his Japanese solo album, Kimi No Koe. His album consists of 4 songs and 1 instrumental, of which he produced, composed, and wrote all songs. The album ranked number 1 on Towel Records, and number 3 on the Oricon daily chart. On July 9th, Junho did his first tour Kimi No Koe, and ended in Osaka, Japan on August 29th. Four years later, Junho made his solo debut in Korea, in 2017, more precisely on September 11th, 2017. He released a mini-album along with 2 music videos from the tracks “Canvas” and “Instant Love.” “Canvas” was written by himself with a medium ballad tempo: the song tells a story about a person’s life that looks flat like a blank canvas. Then suddenly, the blank canvas finally starts to get colors as the person’s life is changing after feeling love. “Instant Love” is a song on the album which was first released in Japan in 2016. The music video has a special guest and special appearance by JYP Entertainment’s labelmate Twice’s Sana. On his birthday, January 25th, 2019, Junho released a compilation album titled TWO. He initially invited his fans to return to 2015, when he released a special compilation album ONE which included a Korean version of 11 Japanese songs that he had released beforehand. This compilation album contains 12 songs, including “Canvas,” “Fine,” and “Winter Sleep,” as well as 9 Korean versions of his Japanese songs.

Junho as an Actor

Not only being a singer and composer, but Junho is also actually a multi-talented artist. He ventured into a different field of the entertainment industry by becoming an actor, the first time he appeared in the film White: The Melody of the Curse in 2011. Then, in 2013, he starred in the film Cold Eyes, which is a remake of the Hong Kong film that aired in 2007 (Eye in the Sky). This film tells the story of detectives from the special crime unit surveillance team that work together to catch the criminals who are involved in a robbery of a bank organization. In 2015, he also filled in a role in Twenty alongside Kim Woobin and Kang Haneul. This comedy film tells about three friends each of whom is 20 years old. They have new opportunities, can do whatever they want, love who they want, and even can make chaotic situations. Here’s a little about the film that Junho is starring in, and the latest films are Roses and Tulip, and Homme Fatale (2019). Not only films, but Junho was also first involved in a TV series in 2016, Uncontrollably Fond and Memory. While Junho finally made his debut as the main cast in 2017, Rain or Shine TV series. His latest drama is Confession (2019). This drama tells about a lawyer who must clear his father’s name who had been wrongly accused of being a murderer. Junho revealed that his reason for venturing the acting scene is that he wanted to try new things and enrich his life with new experiences and struggles. 

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