He can sing, dance, act, model, and even do business as well which is make him earn lots of money. Well, do you want to know more about Taecyeon’s wealth and his salary? In this article, let’s get to know more about 2PM’s Taecyeon’s net worth and how much his wealth is, so stay tuned!

Taecyeon’s Net Worth in 2022 is Approximately $5 Million

Ok Taec-yeon or famously known as 2PM’s Taecyeon is one of the rising K-Pop stars who made everyone surprised after admitting that his parents still manage his money in his 30s. “My parents are responsible for my finances, so they manage money for me. I’m 30s years old but still live with allowances,” he once explained. But still, it somehow makes him very responsible in money management, and the fact that he studied Business Administration makes him very aware of business and money management as well. Having been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade, Taecyeon’s net worth is approximately around $5 million which is collected from his income as a singer, model, actor, and even brand ambassador as well. The amount of his net worth can immediately increase, especially since he has a notable reputation and great acknowledgment from the public in the industry.

Taecyeon’s Income as a K-Pop Idol

Taecyeon has well-known as a member of 2PM, one of the second-generation K-Pop groups under JYP Entertainment, and well-known for the group’s manly and ‘beast’ concept. Since his first debut, he gained a lot of attention as well as the group rose to fame quickly after his debut. As a K-Pop idol and singer, Taecyeon’s salary is reportedly around 407,160 USD and the amount notably can increase based on his career and the experiences that he has ever since his debut until now. His career as a K-Pop idol somehow made him receive a good impact in terms of fame, income, and popularity, especially with the huge influence of the Hallyu Wave at that time when he made his debut.

Taecyeon’s Income as an Actor

After he rose to fame as a member of 2PM, Taecyeon also challenged himself into acting. In 2010, Taecyeon made his first acting debut in the drama Cinderella’s Sister alongside actress Moon Geun-young. He gained much recognition for his acting performance and was offered many roles afterward. Some of his works successfully became huge hits and global fame as well such as Let’s Fight Ghost, Save Me, Vincenzo, Secret Royal Inspector & Joy, and many more. With his long-term career in the entertainment industry, Taecyeon’s income as an actor is supposedly quite huge, not to mention that he has been marked as one of the most popular idol actors with amazing acting skills as well.

Taecyeon’s Endorsements and Brand Ambassador List

Aside from his career as an idol and actor, Taecyeon has also expanded his career by being appointed as a brand ambassador, endorsements, or paid partnership. He has been involved in several endorsements such as for cosmetic brands, fashion brands, and more. Some of the huge brands that appointed Taecyeon as the face of their brands such as SK-II, Rado, XEXYMIX (with 2PM members), and other brands. For SK-II, the representative of the brand explain that Taecyeon was chosen as the ambassador since he has healthy skin which is a perfect match for the brand. With those lists of endorsements, Taecyeon must have received a huge income which increased his net worth as well.

Taecyeon Launched His Business Through ‘OKCAT’

Back then in 2013, Taecyeon officially launched his business through OKCAT. It was a character that Taecyeon liked to draw ever since his debut and has gained a lot of attention. OKCAT also somehow has grown into a business, especially the fact that there was a release of the OKCAT emoticon on the Kakao Talk app. Taecyeon also became the bona fide CEO of OKCAT. He said, “I’m so happy to showcase everyone about OKCAT character that my fans loved very much. With the strength from everyone, I’ll do my best, thank you.” As the CEO, Taecyeon also introduced various OKCAT items and explanation further details of the business. However, currently, it remains unclear whether Taecyeon is still the CEO of OKCAT or not. That’s everything about Taecyeon of 2PM’s net worth! Although Taecyeon has lived a comfortable and good life, the idol-actor is still as humble as ever, even he admitted that his parents still manage his finances as well. Let’s hope for nothing but the best for Taecyeon’s career ahead! What do you think about Taecyeon’s net worth? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!

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