So, in this article, we want to show you a complete guide of Taeyong’s abs. Get ready to enjoy this article and fall in love with him more!  

A Close-Up Look at NCT’s Taeyong’s Abs

For Taeyong‘s fans, we might have previously noticed a glimpse of his amazing abs through amateur fancam recordings, and we can only use our imaginations with the little clues in those short recordings. But, during NCT’s vlog “NEO CITY: LOG” recorded by Yuta, we finally gained a full look at Taeyong’s hard-defined abs revealed by himself! In the clip, Yuta wanted to show fans the behind-the-scene moments of NCT’s concert. Starting from minute 7:46, we can see Taeyong and teammate Jaehyun sitting side by side while having a little competition about their abs. The competition ends with them revealing a close-up look of their abs in front of the camera.

  (Oh, well, they indeed live up to expectations, right? XD) But, aside from his glorious abs, another thing caught the meticulous eyes of netizens, a scar below Taeyong’s abs. Many assume that this might be a scar from the appendix surgery that Taeyong had a few years ago. To remove the infected appendix, the surgery was done through the bottom right abdominal wall, and such surgery often leaves scars on the patients. Well, despite the scar, Taeyong’s abs still look as glorious as ever. So, are you #TeamJaehyun or #TeamTaeyong?


NCT’s Taeyong’s Abs Caught in Fancams

Before Taeyong revealed a close-up look of his abs, we fans could only guess the extent of his abs through glimpses of fancams here and there, especially during the promotion for “Baby Don’t Stop” where he often appeared with revealing outfits. Still, it’s not enough because the clips only last for a few seconds.

And, we need more!

Seriously, even his body-roll compilation is not enough for us thirsty fans.  

Fans’ Comments over NCT’s Taeyong’s Abs

Leave it to NCTZEN to make witty comments about their beloved idols. The fans are masters when it comes to appreciating their biased souls… and body, of course. In response to a fancam video where Taeyong’s shirt is occasionally lifted, the fans left funny and appreciating comments such as: “Taeyong just moves differently… He’s extra… Tummy, we see you. Great vid.” “His tummy deserves a whole fandom.” “I can’t believe he is so tiny yet his stage presence is so BIG.” “Taeyong’s body waves got me feeling some kind of way.” “Taeyong’s shirt keeps distracting me. Like seriously 🥵🥵” Not only on YouTube, but his fans also flock to Twitter to share their appreciation for Taeyong’s body.

— ⁰⁰ ches ☻ (@sparklty) March 15, 2021

— ًrose ia (@xuxiwhores) March 20, 2021

— mati✨| misses taeyong & jaehyun (@taeyong_bestboy) March 20, 2021 Well, the fans are extra when it comes to appreciating Taeyong’s figure!  

NCT’s Taeyong’s Diet

Although it is known worldwide that Taeyong has glorious abs, fans also wonder how Taeyong got the ideal body shape that makes fans crazy for him. It turns out it’s thanks to his diet and one type of food that Taeyong always eats. During NCT’s guest star appearance on a radio broadcast, Taeyong received the question, “What foods can you not miss if you can only eat these foods for the rest of your life?” When the other members answered fried chicken or pork belly, Taeyong had his own answer that was different from the others. He said he can’t live without eating oatmeal. Taeyong admitted that he fell in love with oatmeal when he was still living in the United States. He also stated that he would love to eat oatmeal every day of his life. “I’ll go for oatmeal. I ate a lot of oatmeal while living in America. It tasted really good, so it was the first thing I brought back to Korea,” he said. Oatmeal is a staple food to replace rice which is rich in fiber. Besides that, oatmeal is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. As a food substitute for rice, oatmeal has beneficial health effects such as lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition, consuming oatmeal can make the stomach feel full longer so that food portions can be managed properly. Furthermore, people experience a significant decrease in appetite and hunger compared to people who do not consume oatmeal. Oatmeal can also be eaten in various ways, either as porridge, bread, cookies, mixed with yogurt, or in smoothies. Besides oatmeal, Taeyong also likes other healthy foods such as kalguksu (Korean noodle dish made of wheat flour noodles and served in a large bowl with broth), kongjaban (seasoned black soybeans), kimchi (a traditional side dish made of fermented vegetables such as napa cabbage and Korean radish with seasonings), and jangjorim (salty beef side dish).  

NCT’s Taeyong’s Exercise

For K-pop idols, it is normal to have a disciplined schedule of training and exercise. After all, they are demanded to perform on stage, especially for dance performances. As for Taeyong and NCT’s members whose dances always require body-strength, they receive a series of training and workouts which enhance their performances.

Besides regular workout routines such as weight-lifting and push-ups, Taeyong also likes swimming. And, not only does he like it, but he’s also quite good at it!

And, of course, can’t forget this exercise routine: dancing!

With all those exercises, it is no wonder that Taeyong can develop the abs that he has today!  

NCT’s Taeyong: Cute vs Sexy

When describing Taeyong, perhaps this whole tweet can summarize everything: Indeed! Despite all the sexiness that he pours on stage and into his performances, Taeyong is a child trapped in a man’s body. Nobody can guess it at first, but the man has a choding and cute personality! The contrast between the way he talks and the way he performs is often baffling. But, those stark differences are the ones that make him special and interesting.

So, which team are you on? Cute Taeyong or Sexy Taeyong? Well, we pick both! XD So, that’s all the information on NCT’s Taeyong‘s amazing abs that were often hidden by his cute visual and personality. So, have you fallen deeply in love with him? Please, tell us in the comment section below!

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