Additionally, Lee Dong-wook’s younger sister has followed in her brother’s footsteps and ventured into the entertainment industry. In SBS’ Roommate, Lee Dong-wook’s sister declared that he is a hardworking and dependable oldest son of the family.

Who is Lee Dong-wook’s Wife?

Up to the point of this article being written, Lee Dong-wook is known to be an eligible bachelor in his 40s. However, the actor has given out some clues about the ideal character traits and physic that he is looking for in a woman. In an interview, Lee Dong-wook picked pelvic lines as his preferred body on women, whereas during his fan meeting for 4 My Dear, that was held on 12 March 2018 in Seoul, he said that he likes a woman who eats well, has a wise personality and is able to have a good conversation with him. In a joking manner, Lee Dong-wook added that just like any typical men, he as well likes beautiful women.

Who is Lee Dong-wook’s Girlfriend?

Many Korean artists don’t reveal their relationship status to the public. As you may know, Korean artists usually prefer to keep their privacy instead of share it with the media. In Lee Dong-wook’s case, he rarely shares his love life publicly. However, he once caught in a dating scandal with a popular Korean actress and idol, Suzy, Lee Min-ho‘s ex-girlfriend. Even so, it’s not that Lee Dong-wook only has been in one relationship before. There are some dating rumors about Lee Dong-wook, but he just didn’t officially confirm whether it’s true or not except for Suzy. Let’s take a look at some women who are rumored to be Lee Dong-wook’s girlfriend or ex-girlfriend below!

Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hyun-joo

Back then in 2009, before enlisted to the military, Lee Dong-wook starred in a drama called The Partner. The leading actress of The Partner is Kim Hyun-joo, who is older than Lee Dong-wook. The news of Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hyun-joo’s dating scandal started to spread when rumors of Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hyun-joo often arrived late at the filming site together. They also used their own vehicles that made people suspicious about their relationship status. Could it be they meet each other besides filming?

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The agency stated, “It’s true that Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hyun-joo are close, but they are not dating.” They also said that Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hyun-joo often clashed schedules together that made them be together at the same time. The agency mentioned that Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hyun-joo often hang out together, but also with the staff. A production staff said that they weren’t close back then but they started to get closer while filming.

Lee Dong-wook and Kim Sun-ah

Lee Dong-wook starred in a K-drama called Scent of a Woman in 2011. It was the first drama that he starred in after he discharged from the military service. Lee Dong-wook’s partner in the drama, Kim Sun-ah, is another woman to be rumored as his girlfriend. The first time Lee Dong-wook met Kim Sun-ah was when he practiced tango dance for the drama’s scene. They just met and the two of them had to dance intensely. Lee Dong-wook admitted that he felt embarrassed at that time. But fortunately, Kim Sun-ah led the dance really well. The two of them also had undeniable chemistry in the drama. Scent of a Woman is such a popular drama at that time. People started to wonder, are Lee Dong-wook and Kim Sun-ah dating in real life? Unfortunately, the agency didn’t release a statement about their relationship status. Lee Dong-wook also mentioned that instead of a girlfriend, he sees Kim Sun-ah as a friend. They became close since filming the drama and even after the drama has ended.

Lee Dong-wook and Jessica Jung

Lee Dong-wook once involved in a dating rumor with Jessica Jung the former SNSD member. In 2012, Jessia Jung and Lee Dong-wook starred in a drama together. Jessica portrayed the ex-girlfriend of Lee Dong-wook in the drama. They also had some romantic scenes in a drama called Wild Lover. However, people started to speculate that Jessica and Lee Dong-wook probably are dating in real life since there was a picture of Jessica and Lee Dong-wook at a birthday party of Jung Joon-ha in 2012. Jessica’s huge popularity, who was part of SNSD at that time, made the dating rumor became even bigger. Might be you like to check: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT JESSICA JUNG’S DEPARTURE FROM SNSD So, Lee Dong-wook’s agency quickly released a statement saying that the actor, Lee Dong-wook, and Jessica are just friends. They just happened to meet at the party and sat at the same table as friends. But still, Jessica and Lee Dong-wook’s chemistry is just great to the point people think they are really dating. Do you think that they were once lovers too in real life?

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