And, who is AB6IX, you may ask? Hmm, if you’re new to K-pop, you probably don’t know about this group. But, don’t worry! We will introduce you to one of the members of AB6IX in this article. Even if you’ve been into K-pop for years but still barely know about AB6IX, it’s still fine. You came to the right place! AB6IX debuted in May 2019. The group debuted with five members, unlike the number in their name, six. Those five members of AB6IX were Im Youngmin, Kim Donghyun, Lee Daehwi, Park Woojin, and Jeon Woong. However, Im Youngmin left the group in 2020. The only members left in the group now are Donghyun, Daehwi, Woojin, and Woong. As we said before, we won’t be talking about the group in general. Let’s talk about Jeon Woong, the main vocalist of AB6IX!

AB6IX’s Jeon Woong’s Profile

We talked a bit about AB6IX earlier. So, for now, let’s learn more about the main vocalist of AB6IX itself, Jeon Woong. For you who wonder why Jeon and Woong are written separately, that’s because Jeon is his surname and Woong is his given name. So, his birth name is Jeon Woong, and he goes by Woong. In AB6IX, Woong is in charge of vocals and dancing. So, he’s not just the main vocalist of the group, he’s also the lead dancer. Imagine how talented Woong is! Well, we will discuss more of his talents in the sections below. But, first, let’s go over his profile to get to know him better! Full Name: Jeon Woong Given Name: Woong Stage Name: Woong / 웅 Korean Name: 전웅 Nickname: Woodoongie (Pug), Myosek, Wangie Peun, Jeonheung, Woong Baby, etc Birth Date: October 15, 1997 Birth Place: Daejeon Nationality: Korean Height: 173 cm Weight: 57 kg Blood Type: B Foot Size: 270 mm MBTI Type: ENFP Family: Parents, 2 older brothers Education: Daejeon Daesung Middle School Hanlim Multi Arts High School Global Cyber University (Broadcasting Entertainment) Position: Lead Dancer, Main Vocal Debut Year: 2019 Agency: Brand New Music Group: AB6IX

AB6IX’s Jeon Woong’s Facts

Let’s see more interesting facts about Woong below!

Woong is the eldest in the team, but when it comes to visuals, his face says that he’s the maknae (he has a baby face). He appeared in the reality show Stray Kids when JYP Entertainment’s trainees had a battle with YG Entertainment’s trainees. Woong cannot eat Daejeon’s culinary foods because he can’t eat spicy food well. He likes tteokbokki that is not spicy. Woong likes chocolate and anything that contains chocolate. He likes to cook, and he’s proud of his cooking skills even though the other members don’t admit the same. Woong is a big fan of NU’EST’s Minhyun. He doesn’t like tofu because the texture is like acorn jelly.

AB6IX’s Jeon Woong’s Pre-Debut

We talked about Woong’s essential things from his profile. We also talked about some interesting facts about Woong. But, we haven’t really talked about how he ended up becoming an idol. From his profile, we know that Woong is from Daejeon. Since Daejeon and Seoul are quite far, you might be wondering how Woong got to the place where he is now? Then again, every idol has interesting stories to tell before their debut. So, it’s time to get to know the story of Woong from before he became the Woong in AB6IX that we know now! Woong was born with the name Jeon Woong. His name is from the Damyang Jeon clan. We can just call him by Woong now. Woong was born in Gwangyeok-si, Daejeon, South Korea on October 15, 1997. Woong was the maknae in his family; he has two older brothers who were born in 1990 and 1992. The age difference between Woong and his brothers is quite big. It’s good that he now has brothers around the same age as him and even younger than him in AB6IX. When he was a child, Woong joined a dance academy. It is no wonder that he has the ability to dance and sing really well now since he has been learning for years. After he graduated middle school, Woong decided to audition for a K-pop agency. He passed the audition when he was in high school after he went to an audition for JYP Entertainment in 2015. However, it seems like Woong’s path to be an idol wasn’t in the same agency as 2PM and TWICE. That’s because Woong then left the company and went to audition for another K-pop agency, Woollim Entertainment. Once again, Woong did not spend too long training in the home for INFINITE and Lovelyz. Woong then moved to YG Entertainment in 2016. There, he trained for quite a long time. He even appeared in some reality shows that included YG Entertainment before he debuted. But, when YG Entertainment released a survival show for trainees that later debuted their new boy group, Woong wasn’t there. Some fans were shocked since Woong’s photo and name were revealed as one of YG Entertainment’s trainees. It was revealed when Woong had an interview after he debuted, Yang Hyunsuk told him not to train anymore. This means that Woong was told to quit as a trainee in YG Entertainment. Woong was crying really hard after that. He trained in some agencies, and he met trainees that later debuted as idols before him. It would have been such a pity if he gave up just like that. But, the pain was too real and he was so close to giving up. Fortunately, after the tough time, Woong met the agency Brand New Music. There were also other trainees who trained with him in his previous agencies: Daehwi, Woojin, Donghyun, and Youngmin. Brand New Music’s CEO told him that Woong has something in his eyes that makes him believe that Woong will be a star.

Lim Young-min Departure From AB6IX

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