Jeon Woong’s Solo Track—MOONDANCE

Let’s talk about Jeon Woong’s latest single! On February 13th, 2020, Jeon Woong amazed his fans by releasing a single track called “MOONDANCE” along with the music video. The single was also included in AB6IX’s special EP 5NALLY which contains single tracks from all the AB6IX members as well, and Jeon Woong’s is the first track on the EP tracklist. Not only that, but Jeon Woong also participated in the making process of the song, as he directly co-wrote and co-composed “MOONDANCE”! Previously, the anticipated masterpiece from Jeon Woong made the fans hyperventilate since the agency released several teasers for the track “MOONDANCE,” and let’s take a look at the teasers, here:

Through “MOONDANCE,” Jeon Woong shows the sultry concept as we can see from the way he dances under the moonlight. The music video is filled with dark and sensual vibes, with the mixture of a ‘mature’ appearance. Not only that, the single “MOONDANCE” is of the R&B style which fits perfectly with the main vocal of AB6IX, Jeon Woong. Meanwhile, the song itself is a narrated story of longing for another person, and it explains that love is as bright as the moonlight. The MV of “MOONDANCE” reached more than 3 million views on YouTube! Watch the music video of “MOONDANCE” by Jeon Woong, here:

Things You Should Know About Jeon Woong

As one of the popular K-Pop idols, a personality is something important since it also emphasizes the attractiveness within oneself, which, of course, is the case of Jeon Woong! He is famously known as someone who’s very considerate and also has great chemistry with the other AB6IX members, according to his label Brand New Music. Even when he was in high school, Jeon Woong was known as a polite and responsible student, which made his friends choose him to be the vice-chairman of the class.

Jeon Woong’s Funny Moments

Even though Jeon Woong successfully made the fans go crazy over his manly appearance, he actually has a lot of funny moments that are definitely going to lighten up your day! Jeon Woong’s funny moments have been caught on several occasions, and we can see the other side of him as well. Moreover, Jeon Woong is also known as the AB6IX member who has aegyo the most. On various occasions, Jeon Woong has been spotted with his hilarious acts such as wearing a hot dog costume, or playing bowling with green onions above his head. Not only that, but when he was afraid of heights, Jeon Woong showed his excitement by laughing instead of screaming. This happened when he popped on a scary ride at the amusement park. Jeon Woong used to claimed that he was scared, but he ended up enjoying the ride. Hilariously, he said that during the ride, it felt that his butt was flying which made people burst into laughter! Watch Jeon Woong’s funny moments, here:

Jeon Woong’s Melodious Voice

Not only known for his ‘magical’ dancing skills, but Jeon Woong also amazes people with his angelic voice as well. His amazing talent in singing brought him into AB6IX, since Brand New Music representatives were amazed by his voice and so chose him as the last member of the group. Moreover, Jeon Woong was really great on high notes during the performances, which made him the ‘complete package’ in AB6IX. He has also made several cover songs, one of which is “What Am I,” originally sang by Why Don’t We. Through his cover songs, he was able to display a mixture of soft and deep voices which made people adore him even more.

Watch Jeon Woong’s amazing voice during a live performance, here:

Jeon Woong’s Pre-debut

Before his debut with AB6IX, Jeon Woong was a former trainee of several agencies such as Woollim Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment as well. He was also famously known for his amazing dancing skills since he was part of the popular private dance academy as well as a graduate of Hanlim Multi Art School in the Practical Dance Department! Jeon Woong is also friends with other K-Pop idols, and went to the same high school as them such as PENTAGON’s Kino, GOT7’s Yugyeom, MOMOLAND’s Jane, and Fromis_9’s Hayoung. Not only that, Jeon Woong had already made several appearances before his debut! He appeared in INFINITE’s “As Long As You’re Not Crazy” music video, and also participated in the Stray Kids Survival Show with the Silver Boys, while he was a trainee of YG Entertainment. Due to his performance with the other Silver Boys, Jeon Woong started to increase his own popularity, even before his actual debut!

Jeon Woong and the other Silver Boys performed “Why So Lonely,” with their soft voices and good rhythm completed with their amazing dance moves! And here are Jeon Woong’s appearances before his debut with AB6IX:

Jeon Woong’s Radio Appearance with AB6IX

Jeon Woong and the other AB6IX members appeared on the SBS Power FM’s Lee Joon-young’s Street as guests talking about their latest album, VIVID, their other activities, and a lot more. Even though the group is no longer active with former member Young-min, but they still continue to promote as a four-member boy group. Through the show, fans learned a new fact about Jeon Woong as someone who is the quietest in the AB6IX group chat, according to the other members.

Jeon Woong appeared in the MV for the remake of Cool’s “Woman on the Beach,” as he was involved in the 2020 Cool Summer Project by Fever Music. In the song, he sings together with Red Velvet’s Yeri and VIXX’s Ravi as well. If you haven’t watched the MV yet, here’s the clip:

That was all of the information about AB6IX’s Jeon Woong and his latest single! Let’s keep supporting him and wait for another one of his projects in the future! Tell us your thoughts about Jeon Woong’s latest single “MOONDANCE” in the comment section below!

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