But, since there are a lot of idols these days, you might be finding it hard to get to know them. Well, if you’re too attached to your favorites, other idols who are charming and lovable might not steal your attention. So, stop sleeping on them and get to know one of the idols from the 4th generation of K-pop! In this article, we will discuss a member of AB6IX. Yep, that’s a group name of a K-pop boy group that made its debut in 2019. You can pronounce the name similar to how you say ABC. So, don’t get confused with the number 6 in the middle. Now, let’s get to know more about one of the members of AB6IX, Kim Donghyun!

AB6IX’s Kim Donghyun’s Profile

AB6IX, unlike the name, is a boy group consisting of four talented members, namely Kim Donghyun, Park Woojin, Lee Daehwi, and Jeon Woong. They made their debut in May 2019 with the song titled “Breathe.” Actually, they debuted with five members with Im Youngmin included, but he left the group in 2020. In this article, we will be talking about Kim Donghyun, who goes by Donghyun. In AB6IX, he’s in charge of the sub-vocals and visuals. Before making his debut in AB6IX, Donghyun had appeared to the public as a contestant of Produce 101 Season 2. He also debuted in a pre-debut project called MXM with Im Youngmin before debuting in AB6IX. We will discuss more about Donghyun in the sections below, but first, let’s see his full profile! Full Name: Kim Donghyun Given Name: Donghyun Stage Name: Donghyun / 동현 Korean Name: 김동현 Nickname: Ori (Duck), Prince, Hyoni, Kim Namu, Danho Kim, etc Birth Date: September 17, 1998 Birth Place: Daejeon Nationality: Korean Height: 180 cm Weight: 63 kg Blood Type: B Foot Size: 265 mm MBTI Type: ESFJ Hobbies: Going around, walking around the Han river, watching movies, listening to songs, etc Family: Parents, older brother, older sister, twin brother Education:

Daejeon Geokkot Middle School Namdaejeon High School Global Cyber University (Broadcasting Entertainment)

Position: Sub vocalist, visual Debut Year: 2019 Agency: Brand New Music Group: AB6IX

AB6IX’s Kim Donghyun’s Facts

After learning Donghyun’s profile, now we know some basic things about him such as his birthday and hometown. Donghyun came all the way from Daejeon and ended up becoming a K-pop idol. He’s also an ENFJ, which means he’s an extrovert. Additionally, we know about his family members in his big family. There are more things about Donghyun that you probably didn’t know before. So, let’s see some interesting facts about Donghyun below!

Donghyun’s expression when he’s on stage and when he’s off stage is really different. He is said to look like GOT7‘s Jinyoung, BAP‘s Jung Daehyun, WekiMeki‘s Kim Doyeon, etc. Donghyun can play the guitar and piano after learning from YouTube. His favorite food is blue crab soup. Donghyun doesn’t like cucumbers and cold soup. He doesn’t like bugs. Donghyun’s nickname since childhood is DongDong, while his twin brother Taehyun is TaeTae. Donghyun enjoys playing games; he likes Overwatch and PUBG. He has a nephew that is already attending elementary school. (Uncle Donghyun!)

AB6IX’s Kim Donghyun’s Pre-Debut

K-pop idols come from a variety of backgrounds and places. Some come from outside Seoul, and some even come from outside South Korea. That’s why each idol has interesting stories about the days before their debuts. As for Donghyun, his hometown is in Daejeon. It’s quite far from Seoul, so how did he get there? Was becoming an idol his dream all along? Well, a lot of questions might be popping up in your mind as you read things about Donghyun. So, let’s explore the story of Donghyun’s pre-debut era! Donghyun was born with the name Kim Donghyun on September 17, 1998. He lived in Daejeon with his parents and his siblings. Donghyun spent his childhood to teenage life there. In his family, Donghyun is the youngest. His siblings include an older brother, an older sister, and a twin brother. As a child, Donghyun wasn’t really interested in music. In fact, he didn’t really pay attention to the K-pop industry. But, things started to change when he was in middle school. Donghyun fell in love with music and joined a band club at his school. Starting then, he was brave enough to dream of becoming a singer. Yep, just a singer, not an idol. So, Donghyun talked about this with his parents. He told his parents that he wanted to be a singer and deepen his singing skills. His parents doubted him at first, especially because no one in their family has done anything related to music. His other family members worked at his father’s company. So, it was quite hard to persuade them. Even so, Donghyun didn’t give up. He tried to make his parents understand what he likes by giving them videos about bands. Thankfully, his parents finally let him learn about music. Donghyun then joined a vocal academy in Cheongju to get better at singing. Donghyun took a bus all the way from his house to Cheongju. After a while, he tried his luck by joining an audition for the K-pop agency JYP Entertainment. Due to his talent, he passed the audition and joined JYP Entertainment in 2015. Instead of becoming a trainee to be an idol, Donghyun took band classes. There, he met some trainees such as Lee Daehwi, Jeon Somi, etc. However, unlike other trainees who move to Seoul and leave their hometowns, Donghyun took a bus from his house to JYP Entertainment. It was hard, but it all paid off. He graduated from his high school in Daejeon. In 2016, Donghyun left JYP Entertainment and searched for a new home. He passed the audition for Brand New Music. Since he also learned to dance, he then focused more on becoming an idol instead of a band member.

AB6IX’s Kim Donghyun on Produce 101 Season 2

The popular boy group named WANNA ONE might have existed temporarily, but the projects they made remain in their fans’ memories. It was all because of the popularity of Produce 101 Season 2 that the group made from the show became a big hit. At that time, Donghyun’s agency also sent their trainees to join the survival show. Some trainees of Brand New Music that participated in Produce 101 Season 2 are Donghyun, Daehwi, Youngmin, and Woojin. Let’s see some clips of Donghyun on the survival show which aired in 2017!

Although Donghyun showed his best performance on Produce 101 Season 2, he couldn’t make it to the final line-up. Instead, the trainees from his company that made it to the top 11 ranks were Woojin and Daehwi.

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