Lee Dae-hwi’s solo track “ROSE, SCENT, KISS”

The one and only maknae of AB6IX Lee Dae-hwi finally dropped his first solo track “ROSE, SCENT, KISS!” The single is also included in AB6IX mini-album 5NALLY, which also contains various singles made by each of the AB6IX members. Every single represents each of the members’ own characteristics, which is also the case with Lee Dae-hwi’s song “ROSE, SCENT, KISS.” He made it on his own and produced it along with FRANTS! From its title, people might as well assign their own meaning to the song as ‘romance’ or ‘love’ song. But, actually, the song is about ‘coming of age’. Through the powerful lyrics, the song was marked as Lee Dae-hwi’s journey as an adult, as well as his transformation from a young boy. Some of the powerful lyrics also include “Everyone’s eyes that are looking at me are renewed, everyone was surprised by me,” and “I’m not the kind of boy you’ve seen before.” Meanwhile, for the concept, it emphasized the ‘mature’ side of Lee Dae-hwi and the ‘seductive’ concept which also shown from a bunch of roses around him. “ROSE, SCENT, KISS” was officially released on February 27th, 2020, along with the MV! Two days before the official release, Brand New Music also shared an MV teaser for “ROSE, SCENT, KISS” with the iconic prologue that revealed, “My twenty is all for you.” Lee Dae-hwi was lying in grass full of roses, then in another scene, he was dancing in a white outfit with several back dancers as well. Furthermore, the MV hit more than 4 million viewers since the first release! Watch the “ROSE, SCENT, KISS” teaser and the full MV, here:


Things you should know about Lee Dae-hwi

Since Lee Dae-hwi was the maknae of the group, people around him also find him to be a cute person. Not only that, but he is really friendly with a lot of people, which made him have a bunch of friends in the K-Pop idol circle. During his high school and trainee days, he already had a lot of friends that still keep in touch even after his debut with AB6IX. Daehwi has also shown his kind personality through several little things, such as simply supporting his other idol friends during their promotional schedule. Even one of his previous teachers in high school also revealed that Lee Dae-hwi had a great personality, not to mention that he was also such a nice student. Even though sometimes he gave up on studying, but he has a kind heart as well as a kind attitude.

Lee Dae-hwi’s funny moments

Since Lee Dae-hwi is the maknae, he can be very often seen with his childish act. However, people also find it very amusing. Every time he would be imitating a certain dance move, his expression would turn to a very funny one. Another funny moment happened when Lee Dae-hwi fell asleep while scrolling his phone. Actually, he was about to order some delivery food, but his eyes started to close and he fell asleep. Not only that, but when Dae-hwi and other AB6IX members went for a ride to the amusement park, he was really scared because the ride was higher than he thought. His scared expression was hilarious! In addition, Dae-hwi’s expression when he got startled also looked funny as ever! Even the other AB6IX members also revealed that Dae-hwi would be having fun with his own self without even being bothered by other people. It would seem that the world is spinning around him, but he was looking as happy as possible! Then talking about confidence, Dae-hwi seems to be really confident in himself. His expression went from arrogant to funny while saying, “Didn’t you know that all AB6IX members are handsome?”

Lee Dae-hwi’s collaboration performance

Lee Dae-hwi also amazed people with his charisma, especially during his performance on the stage! At the 2018 KBS Song Music Festival, Dae-hwi was performing together with Sunmi and Red Velvet’s Seulgi with the song “Heroine.” Their performance was a mixture of ‘dark’, chic, and elegant vibes at the same time! The opening consisted only of Sunmi and Seulgi with their chic performance. Then in the middle of the song, Daehwi appeared between them in an all-black outfit! His charisma was increasing rapidly since his appearance was quite different from his usual ‘cute’ image!


Lee Dae-hwi speaking English

In AB6IX, Lee Dae-hwi is the most fluent when it comes to speaking English. No wonder, he used to live in Los Angeles, the USA, for almost six years, even his mother is currently still living in the USA. Through several circumstances, he was deemed as the representative of AB6IX to speak English. One of the funny facts about him, he would swear in English during his sleep-talk! The same thing also happened while Dae-hwi was in Wanna One, he was among the members who fluently speak English. During the performance at the 2017 K-CON in Los Angeles, Dae-hwi introduced himself as David with an American accent, since that is his English name as well! His voice is different every time he speaks English. It turns that his voice is deeper but somehow softer at the same time, and also with the American accent, he sounds even cooler! Here are some compilations of Dae-hwi speaking English:


Those were all of the details about Dae-hwi’s solo debut and other essential things about him! We wish him all the best, as well as look forward to another project of his in the very near future! Kindly write down your thoughts in the comment section below about Dae-hwi’s “ROSE, SCENT, KISS.”

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