Park Woo-jin’s Full Profile

Name                  : Park Woo-jin Stage Name        : Woojin Birthday              : November 2, 1999 Place of birth        : Busan, South Korea Height                  : 177 cm Weight                   : 66 kg Shoe size                : 280 Zodiac                     : Scorpio Chinese zodiac          : Rabbit Blood type                 : A Position                   : Main dancer, main rapper

Park Woo-jin’s Facts

Park Woo-jin’s favorite drama is Crash Landing on You. He always participates in writing the lyrics for his parts. He excels at dancing and can perform various dance styles including breakdance, popping, locking, and crumping. He contracted a disease and was hospitalized while competing on Produce 101. Kand Daniel, BTS’s Jimin, and Woojin competed in a dance competition in 2011. His ideal girl is someone cute regardless of her age. In public, his image is bright and cheerful, but in person, Woojin’s personality is very shy. His room is very organized and clean. His pants are arranged by color. He has a very strong South Gyeongsang dialect. After living together with Wanna One’s members who were born and raised in Seoul, his dialect slowly disappeared. Park Woo-jin is very good at cooking. His best recipe is fried rice. He loves Hawaii and is addicted to everything related to Hawaii. His hobby is swimming, and he is very good at it. Park Woo-jin and Jeong Su-bin were JYP trainees when they were in high school. His body is very flexible.

 Park Woo-jin’s Pre-Debut

While in 5th grade of elementary school, Park Woo-jin joined a dancing academy in Seomyeon, Busan. He grew up watching dance performances from singers on TV and dreamed of becoming a singer. Woojin’s parents sent him to a dance academy to fulfill his dream. He was a very shy boy and often covered his face. However, Woojin was a different person when he danced on the stage. He felt the thrill and absorbed the energy from the crowd when competing in dance contests.

At the age of only eleven years old, Park Woo-jin referred to himself as a dance prodigy on the talent-search reality show Superstar K. He made the judges smile when he covered some of the rap parts of Big Bang’s T.O.P in “Day by Day.”

Park Woo-jin joined JYP Entertainment in December 2015 but moved to Brand New Music in 2016. During his training period, he performed at music concerts and in music videos as a backup dancer.

Park Woo-jin on Produce 101

Brand New Music sent its trainees to compete on the idol survival program Produce 101 Season 2. Park Woo-jin shined among the Brand New Music trainees. He participated in writing the lyrics and choreography for the single titled “Hollywood.” In the first evaluation, he was placed at A level, but he later fell to number 75, his lowest rank on the program. In the following episodes, he improved himself and worked hard to get a better rank. His rank steadily increased, and on the final episode and final evaluation, Woojin received the 6th rank and deserved to debut as a Wanna One member.

Park Woo-jin did an almost impossible feature. He started the first episode among the lowest rank but finished among the highest rank. Throughout Produce 101 Season 2, he was one of the most improved trainees. He also got the attention of viewers because of his likable personality and, of course, awesome dance skills. He collected a staggering 937,379 votes and finished at number 6.

Park Woo-jin and Wanna One’s Official Debut

By finishing at number 6 in the overall rank, Park Woo-jin got the chance to debut with Wanna One. Wanna One debuted in August 2017 when they released their mini-album 1X1=1 (To Be One). Their debut showcase was held at Gocheok Sky Dome and was titled Wanna One Premiere Show-Con. Woojin finished all contract promotions on December 31, 2018.

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