After promoting Wanna One for one and a half years, Park Woo-jin is back with his new 5-member group, AB6IX. At the beginning of 2020, Brand New Music, the agency of AB6IX revealed that the group would be releasing a special album titled 5NALLY on February 13th, 2020. Different from their previous albums, this album is purely filled with five solo tracks sung and composed by each member of the group. Through this comeback, Woo-jin has had the chance to showcase his musical talent through his solo track “Color Eye.” Are you curious about Park Woo-jin’s solo track? Scroll down this article below to find out all the details!  

Park Woo-jin’s Solo Track—COLOR EYE

In this special album, 5NALLY, all five AB6IX members got the chance to do solo. Not only they perform their own solo songs, but each member also took part in composing and writing their solo song for this album. After the releases of Jeon-woong’s R&B style track titled “Moondance” followed by the R&B pop genre “More” by Dong-hyun, Dae-hwi’s ft. musician FRANS track “Rose, Scent, Kiss,” and Young-min’s sentimental song “Break Up,” Woo-jin became the fifth members to release his solo track. He collaborated with fellow group member Lee Dae-hwi and producer Lish as a co-composer for a powerful hip-hop solo song titled “Color Eye.” The lyrics are fully written by Woo-jin and Dae-hwi. Woojin’s “Color Eye” “has a creepy music box intro and is somewhat unsettling” and “the lyrics seem to indicate sometimes that he is unsettled.” It is an overall dark piece, as the writer called it. The review is kinda right as Woo-jin does really show a strong lyric full of desire and praises at the beginning of the song: While somehow starting to become creepy and expressing a darker obsession toward the end: Diverse colors before my eyes right now Color eye Everything about you is beautiful Beautiful yeah You are beautiful, yeah yeah P Put your hands high Then I’ll make you high, yeah yeah… Put your hands high Then I’ll make you high, yeah yeah Color eye Life, our life When seeing something beautiful, my eyes – they light up It’s as if I’m looking through tinted glasses At your dangerous fashion – What Originally, the songs in the album 5NALLY were songs that were performed by each member of the group in November 2019 during their 6IXENSE world tour in Seoul. But, in November 2019, Brand New Music announced that Woo-jin suffered a knee injury and a torn meniscus in his right knee. This happened when he made his opening appearance at the 2019 V HEARTBEAT awards. As a result, the former Wanna One member had to undergo knee surgery. Therefore, the agency announced that Woo-jin would be on a temporary hiatus from AB6IX’s promotional activities for this album as part of the post-surgery recovery process. Is out of control; it’s like pumping Whatever you’re doing, I don’t care My heart is already 100% always your Color Eye Though he performed the song incredibly at the concert, he was absent from most of this album’s promotional activities.

The music video for “Color Eye” was released on Thursday, March 12th, 2020, at 18:00 KST, through Brand New Music’s YouTube Channel. Through this music video for “COLOR EYE,” fans will be spoiled by Park Woo Jin’s rapping action. On top of that, fans can also watch Park Woo Jin’s cool and charismatic appearance throughout the music video. As expected, netizens are flooding the comment section of his music video with various praises: “Rapper✅ Vocalist✅ Dancer✅ Perfect looking✅ Perfection is Woo-jin,” one user wrote. “I’m a Dong-hyun bias but really Woojin is the most marketable of the group. He’s an all-rounder that can do anything. His solo is one of my faves, and I look forward to more music :),” another commented. “He can rap well! He can sing well! He can dance well! He’s handsome too!” and another praised. The music video for “Color Eye” has now been watched for more than 4.000.000 times. For those of you who are impatient, you can immediately check out the music video for “Color Eye” below!


Things You Should Know About Park Woo-jin

Park Woo-jin is a member of the boy group AB6IX, which debuted on May 22nd, 2019. In his group, Woojin occupies the position of a very reliable main dancer and main rapper. Actually, this is not his first debut during his active years. He first appeared in the second season of Mnet’s survival television show, Produce 101, along with other four trainees from his agency, Brand New Music, in 2017. He, along with fellow AB6IX member Dae-hwi successfully stole the show as they made it to the final line-up. He finished the show in the 6th place. As a result, he debuted with Wanna One’s first mini-album, 1X1=1 (To Be One), and its title track, “Energetic” on August 7th, 2017. He promoted with Wanna One for one and a half years before their disbandment in 2019. After Wanna One disbanded, he was then joining as one of the members of Brand New Music’s boy group AB6IX (stands for ABSOLUTE or ABOVE BRANDNEW), along with four Produce 101 trainees and another Brand New Music trainee, Jeon-woong, Dong-hyun, Woojin, and Daehwi, and Youngmin. He debuted with the group on May 22nd, 2019, through the mini-album B: Complete and the title track, “Breathe.” Here are some of Woo-jin facts that you need to know:

Park Woo-jin was born in Busan, South Korea, on November 2nd, 1999 In his “Thanks to” speech after he was announced as the 6th member to join Wanna One, it was revealed that he has a younger sister named Park Ye-rim He finished Produce 101 Season 2 with a total of 937,379 votes, ranked in the 6th position He received a lot of love from fans for his snaggletooth He appeared in the singing competition show Superstar K when he was 11 years old He can do a variety of dance forms such as B-boy, crumping, popping, and locking Previously, he and Daehwi trained at JYP Entertainment He enjoys watching food shows on TV He’s scared of wasps Due to shingles disease, he was hospitalized in the middle of Produce 101 Season 2 His thumb is flexible and he can bend it more than a normal person can Tidal Wave was the first movie that ever made him cry He would go to Hawaii if he had a ticket to go anywhere in the world, During a fan signing event, fans asked him who is the closest Produce 101 Season 2 trainee to him and he answered Ahn Hyung-seob Sparrow and Sebola are his nicknames


Park Woo-jin Singing Rothy’s song “Stars”

Recently, Woo-jin showcased his beautiful voice as he sang the song of singer 로시 (Rothy) titled “Stars.” Standing outside his balcony window with the fiery red hair, Woo-jin is surely making fans all over the world swoon over him. Check out his singing skills in a few chances where he showcased his voice in the video clip below!

  Check out his cover in the video below!


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