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Pakistani actor Born: March 17, 1952, Quetta, Pakistan Died: September 5, 2019, Liaquat National Hospital Spouse: Rabia Noreen (m. 2006–2019) Children: Iman Ali, Rahma Ali, Maryam Ali Awards: Pride of Performance Abid Ali was a Pakistani actor, director and producer. Ali acted in over 200 films and numerous television dramas but is best known for his role as Dilawar Khan in the PTV’s classic drama Waris (1979). He was married twice. From his first marriage to actress and singer Humaira Ali (née Chaudhry), he had three daughters including the supermodel-turned-actress Iman Ali as well as the actress and singer Rahma Ali. Born and educated in Quetta, Abid Ali was attracted to the arts from early age, writing stories and painting in his childhood and teenage years, and first joined Radio Pakistan before going to Lahore after some struggle and launching his successful TV career with PTV’s drama serial Jhok Sial in 1973. He launched himself as a director and producer with the 1993-hit drama Dasht, also the first private production for Pakistan, while the same year, for PTV this time, he directed the drama Doosra Aasman, the first drama shot abroad, followed by other projects for many channels, including Saheli in 2007, or Massi aur Malka, a family based-drama, in 2009, usually acting in these serials as well. Abid Ali was hospitalized on 2 September 2019 at Liaquat National Hospital in Karachi. He died on 5 September 2019 due to liver failure while in the hospital, aged 67. He was laid to rest on 6 September 2019 after his funeral prayers were held at Masjid-e-Aashiq in Bahria Town, Karachi.

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Abid Ali was a great legend. He had immense experience working in almost all departments of the showbiz industry. He played many memorable characters in the Pakistani drama industry and Film industry. He was not only a great actor but also a director and producer. He had given top-class dramas and movies over four decades during his life span. Abid Ali was born on 29th March 1952, in Quetta. He got his early education from his home city. Abid Ali got married to his fellow artist Humaira Chaudhry about mid of the 1970s. The hit on-screen couple got popularity among the people after the success of “Jhok Sayal” and became an off-screen couple too. He left three daughters Maryam Ali, Iman Ali and Rehma Ali. His daughters are also artists. Humaira and Abid Ali got separated from each other when Abid Ali got married to another artist Rabia Noreen. On 5th September 2019, the Legend met to The Real Creator, at the age of 67 years due to the failure of his liver. Abid Ali started his great career journey as a DJ in Radio Pakistan, Quetta in the early 1970s. The legend moved to the cultural center of Pakistan, Lahore to try his acting skills on television screen because PTV Quetta was not launched at that time. Herein, Abid Ali made his first acting debut as a leading actor in a very famous drama “Jhok Sayal” with the co-artist Humaira Chaudhry in 1973 which was aired on Pakistan Television Lahore center. After the popularity in “Jhok Sayal”, the Legend was also got opportunities to act as a supporting actor and side roles in various hit mega serials of Pakistan Television Lahore center, including Waaris in 1978, Hazaron Rastay in 1985, Piyaas in 1987, Suraj Kay Saath Saath in 1987, Khawahish in 1990 and many more. Abid Ali also acted in various famous Pakistani movies. He’s one of the famous movie is Khak Aur Khoon with Mehboob Alam, Shujaat Hashm which was based on a novel of the same name. His other movies included Mr. Bhatti On Chutti, Moosa Khan, Laila, Sahiba, Awaaz, Waris and Heer Maan Ja. He was also a director and a producer of tow hit drama serial “Saheli” stirred with Nadeem Baig, Mohsin Gilani, Jahanara Begum which tells a story of two friends and another drama is “Maasi Aur Malika’ stirred with Ayesha Khan which tells a story of a maid. List of drama in which Abid Ali acted in:

  1. Jhok Siyaal 2. Waris 3. Mehndi 4. Moorat 5. Aan
  2. Dooriyan 7. Saheli 8. samandar 9. Doosra Asmaan 10. Buri Aurat
  3. Dasht 12. Massi aur malka 13. Bunty I Love You 14. Diyar e Dil 15. Kuch Na Kaho
  4. Rukhsati 17. Pinjra 18. Nagin 19. Jaltay Gulaab 20. Daldal
  5. Dastar e Ana 22. Angan 23. Ponka 24. Gustakh Ishq 25. Dil e Nadan
  6. Tajdeed e Wafa 27. Seerat 28. Dil Aaara 29. Aangan 30. Dil Kia Karai
  7. Mera Rab Waris 32. Ramz e Ishq List of serials in which Abid Ali worked as a Director
  8. Saheli 2. Maasi Aur Malika List of serials in which Abid was worked as a Producer
  9. Saheli 2. Maasi Aur Malika 3. List of Movies in which Abid was acted: 4. Khak Aur Khoon 5. Mr. Bhatti On Chutti
  10. Moosa Khan 7. Laila 8. Sahiba 9. Betaab 10. Fateh
  11. Doenay Jung 12. Insaniyat Kay Dushman 13. Nageena 14. Gharibon Ka Badshah 15. Awaaz
  12. Waris 17. Heer Maan Ja The renowned actor is remaining always in the heart of Pakistani people. The legend was also awarded as the Pride of Performance Award in 1985 by the President of Pakistan for his outstanding performance in “Jhok Sayal”. Abid Sher Ali, popularly known as Abid Ali, a veteran Pakistani actor (Late) was a brilliant actor, director, and producer as well. He worked in many television drama serials and films for which he got much appreciation throughout his career life. Among many, one of his most popular classic dramas may include ‘Waris’ which was aired on PTV. In the serial, he appeared as Dilawar Khan for which he got positive reviews. Apart from this, he made his broad career and made a great reputation in showbiz. Abid Ali was known for being a most talented actor as he flaunted the incredible acting talent that made him stand out among the crowd. The legendary actor Abid Ali was admired by many because of his graceful personality. Everyone liked his grace and charming personality. Abid Ali was blessed with three daughters named Iman Ali, Maryam Ali, and Rahma Ali. All these have joined the showbiz industry. His most popular projects may include ‘Hazaron Rastey’, ‘Piyaas’, ‘Khuwahish’, ‘Suraj Ke Sath Sath’, and many more that are worth sharing.

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