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Jo Byeong-gyu’s Profile

Name: Jo Byeong Gyu (조병규) Stage Name: Jo Byeong-gyu (조병규) Birthday: April 23rd, 1996 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 174 cm (5’7″) Weight: 59 kg Zodiac: Taurus Chinese Zodiac: Rat Blood Type: – Nationality: Korean Debut: 2015 Agency: HB Entertainment Occupation: Actor Instagram: @bk_arta

Jo Byeong-gyu’s Facts

Jo Byeong-gyu studied at Anyang High School, Seoul National University of the Arts majoring in Acting. Jo Byeong-gyu has an older sister. When Jo Byeong-gyu was a kid, he had a dream to be a soccer player. When Jo Byeong-gyu was in high school, he went to New Zealand to become a soccer player. Jo Byeong-gyu practiced for a year and he decided to go home because his physique couldn’t keep up, then he decided to become an actor. Actually, when Jo Byeong-gyu decided to become an actor, his decision wasn’t approved by his parents. Jo Byeong-gyu has attended 400–500 auditions to become an actor. Jo Byeong-gyu was a tutor before becoming an actor; at that time, he saved his salary to buy a second-hand car. When Jo Byeong-gyu started his career in Seoul he lived a simple life. He had lived in a basement until he was able to stay at a friend’s house.

Jo Byeong-gyu’s Relationship with Kim Bo-ra

In February 2019, these two Sky Castle cast members, namely actor Jo Byeong-gyu and Kim Bo-ra announced their relationship. They met on the set and admired each other, but unfortunately, their relationship only lasted for a year and 5 months. On August 3rd, 2020, Kim Bo-ra‘s agency MoMent Global confirmed that their relationship had ended and they gave the statement as below: “Their relationship has ended and recently they decided to start over again. Now, they are back to being good friends.” Meanwhile, Jo Byeong-gyu’s agency revealed that the reason they broke up was because they were very busy. Because at that time, Jo Byeong-gyu was starring in Stove League, while Kim Bo-ra was starring in Touch. Let’s remember their affection and relationship by checking out some of their romantic moments when they were dating!

Jo Byeong-gyu’s Dramas

Jo Byeong-gyu started his career as an actor through a drama entitled Who Are You: School 2015. Even though he acted in a supporting role, it turns out he got attention from the audience. He has also starred in various other dramas and movies, such as Life Risking Romance (2016), Drink, Sing, and Dance (2017), The Sensible Life of Director Shin (2017) as Byung Gyu, Girls’ Generation 1979, and more. But in 2018, Jo Byeong-gyu rose in popularity in his career when he starred in Sky Castle, Hot Stove League, and The Uncanny Counter. Here is his acting in the dramas that have made his name famous!

Jo Byeong-gyu in Sky Castle 

In this drama, Jo Byeong-gyu acts as Cha Ki-joon who is the son of professors Cha Min-hyuk and No Seung-hye. He also has twins, namely Cha Se-ri and Cha Seo-joon. Cha Ki-joon is very lazy and his life is always restrained by his father, for example, he was asked to study in order to enter the best university but he always rebelled. Stove League Jo Byeong-gyu acted as Han Jae-hee, where he is a member of the professional baseball team. In this drama, he got the main role along with Park Eun Bin, Namgoong Min, and Oh Jung Se. The Uncanny Counter This drama was aired on the OCN channel and has two seasons. Jo Byeong-gyu got the role of So Moon where he is an elite counter as well as the youngest member there. In this drama, Jo Byeong-gyu must get rid of the evil spirit alongside Kim Se-jeong who acts as Do Ha-na. The role that he starred in is one of the iconic roles, so here is one of his scenes in The Uncanny Counter!

Jo Byeong-gyu’s Bullying Controversy

On February 16th, 2021, there was a statement from a netizen (called D) saying that Jo Byeong-gyu bullied the person when he was studying in New Zealand. The person (D) also said that this actor spoke harshly and wanted him to admit and apologize for his mistakes. Responding to this issue, Jo Byeong-gyu posted his statement and denied the accusations through his Instagram. Here is a translation of a part of his statement: “My lawyer and my agency never pressure you for money and if it is considered as a threat, how can I contact you, who lives abroad and hides your identity? You contact my lawyer through your acquaintance to apologize. Why are you sending your apologies through your friend and asking for a legal opinion? I don’t understand.” You might like: Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s Bullying Accusations: Hiatus and Removal from ‘Kingdom’ Meanwhile, D admitted that D was threatened by Byeong Gyu’s agency and always got a direct message on Instagram from someone with the initial W. After being ignored, D then replied on March 4th, 2021, saying that D would post another statement based on the truth to fight Jo Byeong-gyu and his agency. Well, that’s all the information about Jo Byeong-gyu: starting from his profile to the bullying controversy he has been involved in. What do you think about this controversy? Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section, and keep in touch with us by following our Twitter on @CKoreaOfficial!

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