Chae Bin started her debut as an actress in 2002 in the movie Jungle Juice. She could portray maturity in her role in acting career and this makes people interested in her. Isn’t that cool? Read more about Chae Bin on this Channel-Korea below! Stay curious!

Chae Bin’s Full Profile

Full Name: Kim Chae Bin Career Name: Chae Bin Hangul: 채빈 Born: August 27, 1997 Birthplace: South Korea Family Name: Kim Instagram account: Chaebine

7 Chae Bin’s Fun Facts

  1. Chae Bin enjoys various sports and mountaineering.
  2. Chae Bin likes dog pomeranian.
  3. Chae Bin also owns a cat and sometimes her cat taking place in her bed.
  4. She debuted as an actress at a very young age, 5 years old on the movie Jungle Juice.
  5. She is ever visited Shanghai, Vietnam, Japan, Jeju for holiday.
  6. In 2016, Chae Bin so thankful could attend the red carpet Busan International Film Festival for the first time in 2016 “The moment is still vivid”.
  7. She gets joined Namoo Actors, one of the best companies of acting.

Chae Bin’s Appearance in Movies

Chae Bin has appeared in many South Korean dramas including the main role until the supporting role. Her consistency in acting career-shaping her into talented actresses. Here are some unforgettable movies of Chae Bin:

Chae Bin’s in ‘Come Together’

This movie released on May 11, 2017. Come Together is a South Korean drama about a middle-aged man, Bum-Goo who is married to Mi-Young. This spouse has a daughter named Han-Na who is played by Chae Bin. She played as a high school girl who studied hard to get the possible best grade in her entrance university exams. His dad, Bum-Goo got fired after working multiple years in the company while her mother is a salesperson of credit cards. With her state as a young teenager, Chae-Bin is very slain with this type of cast. She successfully sends vibes as a hard-working student who eager to get a good result like South Korean high schoolers commonly.

Chae Bin’s in ‘Touch’

Chae Bin also appeared in a movie called Touch that releases on November 8, 2012. She acted as herself as Chae Bin. This movie is about Soo-Won who is a caregiver in the hospital and her husband who works as a shooting coach for a middle school. One day, Chae Bin stumbled upon Dong-Sik who is alcohol-influenced, and hit her. Soo-won, his wife took money to pay Chae Bin’s family yet later on it started a problem for their family. Their daughter began missing. Chae Bin may take the supporting role in this movie but she did her best to be one of the important aspects of the filming story.

Chae Bin’s in ‘Love and War’

Chae Bin played in Love and War movies that released on April 27, 2011. She acted as Sulhee at a young age. This movie is about a Korean War, that tells the story of a North Korean soldier, Kim Jung-Woong who fight for liberation and got into a change after meeting a South Korean woman Sul-Hee. The movie was portrayed in the past and the recent life, Chae Bin played a supporting role to become the main actress at a young age. Sul-Hee herself was playing by talented actress, Jung Ryeo-won. The opportunity to be cast as Sul-hee (Jung Ryeo-won) in a young age version such an amazing step. She really did a good job and compelled it in the good acting as a strong and dedicated girl during the war phase.

Chae Bin’s Appearance in Dramas

Not only movies, but Chae Bin is also contributed to various television dramas. She is a dedicated and consistent actress to improve her acting skills at a very young age. Here’s some of her best acting role in South Korean dramas!

Chae Bin’s in ‘Kim Su-ro, The Iron King’

Chae Bin got an appraisal during her acting in the drama Kim Su-ro, The Iron King on MBC. She played as Yeo-Wei. Thee drama is based on a historical story, Kim Su-ro is a man who succeeds in unified 12 small countries in southeastern Korea in the Three Kingdom period of Korea. The land then becomes the state of Geumgwan Gaya. Chae Bin’s acting in this drama has been drawing attention. She, later on, becomes involved in Namoo Actors as the third actress along with Shin Se-kyung and Moon Geun-young. This company is popular as a strong place for acting after big stars. This is an achievement for Chae Bin!

Chae Bin’s in ‘Man in a Veil’ (‘The Secret Man’)

In 2020, Chae Bin is also contributed as Kang Ye Jin in the drama The Secret Man or Man in a Veil. She becomes one of the support role cast on this drama that has been released on KBS2 in 2020. Her role as Kang Ye-jin is a woman who is elegant yet never has any romantic relationship. She tried several blind dates yet never found true love. She compiled that she couldn’t get along with people. However, Kang Ye-jin meets Han Yu-myeong and the story started to evolve. In this drama, Chae Bin becomes gradually expands her maturity rather than her previous role. She expresses a role in the twenties which is not a child or teenager anymore. In her interview, she revealed that her role as Kang Ye-jin put herself into jolt and comfort. She is proud to show a character that fir with her age. She was hoping the viewers could happy and contagious to her acting on this drama. The drama itself is about an unbelievable evolution of the man at age of seven years old from ordinary to smart person and do revenge for matters.

Chae Bin’s in ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’

This movie played by Chae Bin called Bachelor’s Vegetable Store released on December 21, 2011. Chae Bin was playing as Jin Jin-sim at a young age. The drama itself is based on the true story of the founder of the vegetable store in 1998, Lee Young-suk which now has 33 vegetable stores nationwide. Jin-sim who cast by Chae Bin is the best friend of Tae-Yang who is the main role of Lee Young-suk. Their family is surrounded by poor and hard situations. Jin sim herself is an orphan and lives close to the church where the abandoned card is their secret play area. Chae Bin is again played as someone characters at a young age, and definitely, she has perfectly done her best. A must watch drama!

Chae Bin’s Behind The Scene during Her Shooting

Chae Bin played Kang Ye-jin in the drama Man in a Veil or The Secret Man. On her Instagram, she often shared her activities during her shooting on this drama. Here’s Chae Bin shared her behind the scene of cast situation as Ye-jin where Taehoon Oppa made her change into big padding because it was cold. Chae Bin has also uploaded her activities with Woo-jin while waiting in the waiting room. The handsome child, Woo-jin smiles when they’re playing with scissors and paper. Chae Bin was also celebrated Chuseok, the Thanks Giving day in South Korea while wearing a beautiful hanbok. Don’t you think this so beautiful? Again, Chae Bin is also sharing about her activity during shooting The Secret Man. She takes off glasses during the rolling scene. That’s wrapped about Chae Bin, her profile, and her activities in acting in movies and drama. Which one do you like her acting most? Put your thoughts in the comment below, and don’t forget to share about Chae Bin in your community. Keep following her acting journey!

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