Jeon In-hwa is one of the Korean actresses that has many good dramas that you can watch. If you haven’t familiar with her yet, you came to the right place! In this article, we will discuss Jeon In-hwa, starting from her profile, facts, and more. Without further ado, scroll down to find out more about her.

Jeon In-hwa’s Profile

Full Name: Jeon In-hwa Given Name: In-hwa Birthday: October 27, 1965 Birthplace: Myungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 163 cm Weight: 47 kg Blood Type: B Family Members: Husband, a daughter and a son Spouse: Yoo Dong-geun (1989 – present) Children: Yoo Seo-hyun (daughter, 1993), Yoo Ji-sang (son, 1994) Education:

Seonhwa Elementary School Daerim Girls Middle School Soongui’s Girls High School ChungAng University (Bachelor of Theater and Film)

Debut: 1985 (KBS Drama, Star Floating on the Meadow) Instagram: @jeoninhwa_

Jeon In-hwa’s Facts

Jeon In-hwa is the ideal type for some younger Korean celebrities, such as JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong. Jeon In-hwa has been modeling for a cosmetics brands for over 20 years. Jeon In-hwa’s husband, Yoo Dong-geun, is related to Uhm Tae-woong’s father-in-law and mother-in-law. So, technically, Jeon In-hwa is a grandmother to Uhm Ji-on. Jeon In-hwa’s hobbies are golf and bowling. Jeon In-hwa’s religion is Paganism. Jeon In-hwa and her husband, Yoo Dong-geun’s age gap is 9 years old. She is nine years younger than her husband. Jeon In-hwa once starred in a historical drama before getting married, but wasn’t satisfied with her acting. So, she asked someone to train her skills in portraying historical drama characters. Then, Yoo Dong-geun who was still an acquaintance, became her mentor. Jeon In-hwa raised her popularity by starring in a drama Ladies of the Palace as Queen Moonjeong, which aired in 2001. She threw the first pitch at a Korean Series baseball game in the same year, wearing a hanbok.

Jeon In-hwa’s Family: Husband, Son, and Daughter

Jeon In-hwa is not just a beautiful actress, she’s also a wonderful wife and mother. Let’s check out this session to know more about her family: her famous husband and children. Scroll down to find out more!

Jeon In-hwa’s Husband, Yoo Dong-geun

Jeon In-hwa has been married to her husband, Yoo Dong-geun, for over 30 years. Yoo Dong-geun is a Korean actor born in 1956 and made their debut 5 years before her in 1980. Jeon In-hwa and Yoo Dong-geun decided to tie the knot in 1989. At that time, Jeon In-hwa was in her early 20s. She met him at the age of 21. They met on a drama set but they didn’t really know each other at first. Both Jeon In-hwa and Yoo Dong-geun didn’t show interest in one another too, but later on, she found out that it was because Yoo Dong-geun was injured after an accident. At that time, Jeon In-hwa had some feelings that somehow made her want to protect him and even had a desire to marry him. That’s how they ended up getting married after meeting on two different projects. Jeon In-hwa once talked about her married life in Knowing Brothers episode 249. When Jeon In-hwa and Yoo Dong-geun were newlywed, Yoo Dong-geun starred in a drama called Lovers. It was a drama that told about an affair of a married man. People in Korea talked about the drama a lot since it was popular and exciting to watch. But, Jeon In-hwa secretly felt upset as the newlywed wife of Yoo Dong-geun because of the hot kiss scene between the actor and actress. Even though Jeon In-hwa is also an actress, she couldn’t lie that she can’t stand watching the romantic scene between her husband and his partner in their drama. She endured the pain that she felt even though she was young back then, and now their marriage is still going strong after decades! Yoo Dong-geun is also known as a thief since he married the most beautiful actress in South Korea, Jeon In-hwa. Rain is also given the title for marrying Kim Tae-hee and Youn Jung-hoon for marrying Han Ga-in.

Jeon In-hwa’s Children: Daughter and Son

Jeon In-hwa and Yoo Dong-geun were blessed with a daughter and a son named Seo-hyun and Ji-sang. Yoo Seo-hyun was born in 1993, around four years after their wedding, while Yoo Ji-sang was born in 1994. Being the child of famous actors and actresses, Jeon In-hwa’s children are just as talented as their parents. Yoo Ji-sang, Jeon In-hwa’s son, born in 1994, appeared in a Korean TV show called Superband. Let’s check out the performance of Ji-sang in Superband!

Because of that appearance, Yoo Ji-sang signed an exclusive contract with an entertainment agency, Mystic Story, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, in October 2019. However, Yoo Dong-geun’s company, Imagine Asia, declared that they didn’t know about this news before they saw it in the article. What do you think about this? Hopefully, Yoo Ji-sang will have a bright future just like his parents!

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