Unfortunately, one of the recent DUI accidents involved one of the South Korean celebrities, Kim Sae-ron. The former child actress-turn-adult has caused some damage after she driving while drunk and her car hit an electric box. In this article, Channel Korea will reveal to you everything regarding Kim Sae-ron’s DUI accident, so keep on reading!

Kim Sae-ron’s Driving While Drunk

In early May 2022, police stopped a car after it hit an electric transformer box. The accident was located on the side of the road near Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, South Korea. The police who stopped the car then did an investigation to identify the driver and suspect the driver of driving while drunk or driving under influence of alcohol (DUI). Turns out, the driver’s identity was later on revealed as actress Kim Sae-ron. Furthermore, the police asked Kim Sae-ron to get a breath test using a breathalyzer test, but she refused and asked to be transported to a hospital for a blood test. The car that was driven by Kim Sae-ron caused damage such as destroying the electric transformed box and causing a series of loud noises. Even some people who witnessed the accident claimed that the car hit the box multiple times. Kim Sae-ron also didn’t get out of her car to check the damages after the car hit the box.

Kim Sae-ron’s Apology and Official Statement From The Agency

Initially, Kim Sae-ron’s agency, Gold Medalist Entertainment, revealed that the actress would be taking a blood test for a more specific result after she refused to get a breath test [to check her alcohol content]. But still, the agency will make sure that Kim Sae-ron will cooperate with the investigation as well. After a while, Kim Sae-ron and her agency eventually admitted the DUI accusation and expressed an apology. With a handwritten letter, through her Instagram @ron_sae, Kim Sae-ron wrote, “I caused an accident damaging public property in Gangnam. I made a big mistake in a drunken state at that time. I’ve caused an inconvenience to many people such as merchants in a nearby shop, citizens, and those people who work to restore the damage. I sincerely apologize. I am currently working with my agency to fix the damages and I will do my best to actively communicate and resolve [the problem] until the end.” Furthermore, the agency has given an official statement regarding the actress and the blood test result. “Hello, this is Gold Medalist Entertainment. Kim Sae-ron diligently cooperated with the police investigation into her charges of DUI. It was confirmed through Kim Sae-ron’s blood test that her blood alcohol content was around 0,2%, a level high enough for her driving license to be revoked. Once again, we deeply apologize to everyone who suffered damage and everyone who was disappointed by this shameful incident. Kim Sae-ron is deeply reflecting on her wrongdoings, and she is doing her best to compensate for the damages that she has caused.”

Kim Sae-ron’s Stepped Down From ‘Trolley’

There is always a price to pay, just like how Kim Sae-ron handles the aftermath of her DUI controversy. After she left a handwritten apology and her agency confirmed the news, Kim Sae-ron reportedly stepped down for her upcoming drama titled Trolley (literal title). One of the sources of Studio S revealed that the representative of Kim Sae-ron’s agency has expressed her intent to step down from the drama alongside an apology, so Studio S’s representative accepted it afterward. The Trolley itself is expected to air in 2022 through the South Korean network SBS and will be starring various artists such as Park Hee-soon and Kim Hyun-joo.

Kim Sae-ron’s Removal From ‘Hunting Dogs’

Aside from Trolley, Kim Sae-ron also got removal from the upcoming Netflix series titled Hunting Dogs. Initially, one of the Netflix sources revealed that they will adjust the filming schedule of Hunting Dogs, and then make an announcement after discussion. Turns out, Kim Sae-ron officially will be no longer participating or filming in the series. “The actress scenes have mostly been filmed already, and we’re in discussion to decide if we’re about to edit out her parts,” said one of Netflix Korea’s staff. Hunting Dogs is a noir drama and tells a story about three men who are trying to get rid of debt, but at the same time are also intertwined due to the debt. The filming of Hunting Dogs has started in December 2021, and the series also starred Woo Do-hwan, Lee Sang-yi, and Park Sung-woong. That’s everything about Kim Sae-ron’s DUI controversy and the aftermath! Every people who have made mistake will eventually have to pay the price. Let’s hope that the actress will be reflecting deeply on her mistake and no longer will the same fault in the future. What do you think about Kim Sae-ron’s DUI controversy? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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