Park Hye-soo’s Full Profile and Interesting Facts

Full Name: Park Hye-soo Date of Birth: November 24th, 1994 Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea Nationality: Korean Star Sign: Sagittarius Blood Type: AB Height: 160 cm Weight: 43 kg Religion: Protestantism Debut Years: 2014 (in the 2014 SBS K-Pop Star Season 4) Agency: Studio Santa Claus Entertainment (formerly known as Huayi Brothers Korea/Sim Entertainment) Education: Seoul Dongdap Elementary School, Jangpyeong Middle School (Seoul) (Transfer), Mayer Lutheran High School, Daecheong Middle School, Eunkwang Girls’ High School, Korea University (Korean Language and Literature) MBTI: ENTP, ENFP Official Instagram: hyesuuuuuya

Park Hye-soo’s Facts:

Park Hye-soo competed in season 4 of K-pop Star from November 23rd, 2014 to April 12th, 2015. Park Hye-soo was not chosen as one of the top ten finalists. Park Hye-soo studied English while living as an exchange student in the United States for about a year from August 2008 to June 2009, when she was in the second grade of middle school. In the CeCi pictorial interview, Hye-soo’s alcohol tolerance was said to be two bottles of soju, but the amount of alcohol has been reduced to one bottle of soju. Park Hye-soo appeared in Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook to promote the movie titled Samjin Company English Class and for the first time since K-pop Star Season 4 in 2014, she sang on the air. Park Hye-soo can play the piano, flute, and guitar. Her musical ability seems to be exceptional, as she sings well. Park Hye-soo likes mint chocolate and is a member of the mint chocolate club. It’s been said that when filming Dear.M, Park Hye-soo’s voice sped up and her tone shifted slightly to fit the needs.

Park Hye-soo’s Singles

Park Hye-soo became known for the first time in 2014 after she appeared in K-pop Star Season 4. She caught viewers’ eyes and ears with her singing skills. Unfortunately, she didn’t reach the top of the TOP 10 list. Check out her appearance in K-Pop Star Season 4, here:

Park Hye-soo showed her singing skills by participating in an OST of a drama. She sang for Who Are You: School 2015 OST Part. 8 with BTOB’s Sungjae, a song titled “Love Song.” She also sang for the Yong-pal OST and Lucky Romance OST titled “Remember Me Only” and “Sad Fate.” Check out her singing, here:

Park Hye-soo also appeared in MBC’s King of Masked Singer as “Never-ending Merry-go-round” (Ep. 93). Check out her appearance in the show, here:

Park Hye-soo’s Debut as an Actress

Park Hye-soo debuted as an actress in 2015. She made her acting debut with a television series titled Yong-pal. She also participated in the drama OST. Park Hye-soo started gaining the public’s attention through her role in the JTBC youth drama titled Hello! My Twenties in 2016. She played the role of Yoo Eun-jae. Despite her timidity and blindness, she was lauded for portraying a pure and kind character. She played a sweet and lovely role well in the drama and received a lot of love from the public. Since then, she has starred as Yang Pan-rae in the Swing Kids movie, and has been praised for her consistent acting, high-quality dancing, and singing abilities. In 2020, she played Shim Bo-ram in a movie titled Samjin Company English Class. It’s a comedy-drama film starring Park Hye-soo, Ko Ah-sung, and Esom. For the first time in two years after she revealed her face to the public, she received praise that her acting abilities had greatly improved.

Park Hye-soo has shown her acting skills in movies, such as Will You Be There (2016), Swing Kids (2018), Samjin Company English Class (2020), and dramas such as Yong-pal (2015), Hello, My Twenties! (2016), Saimdang, Memoir of Colors (2017), Introverted Boss (2017). Check out Park Hye-soo’s dramas and movies reviews, here:

Park Hye-soo’s Appearance in the Swing Kids Movie

Swing Kids came out on December 19th, 2018. Swing Kids is a South Korean musical drama film based on the Roh Ki-soo musical. Do Kyung-soo, Park Hye-soo, Jared Grimes, Oh Jung-se, and Kim Min-ho star in the movie. Yang Pan-rae is played by Park Hye-soo. Yan Pan-rae is an unlicensed interpreter from South Korea who speaks four languages, including English. She claims to be an interpreter for the Swing Kids Dance Company in order to earn money as a breadwinner for her family, and she eventually joins and dances with the dance company. Check out the highlights of the Swing Kids movie, here:


Debut as a Leading Role in the drama Hello, My Twenties!

Park Hye-soo made her debut as a leading actress in 2016 through the drama Hello, My Twenties! It’s a pleasant and lively youth drama in which five attractive female college students, varying in appearance, personality, major, male taste, and love style, share a house. Park Hye-soo played the role of Yoo Eun-jae, a 20-year-old Psychology major student who comes from the countryside. Check out her acting in Hello, My Twenties! Season 1, here:


Park Hye-soo’s becomes a rookie employee in the drama Introverted Boss

After being a lead cast in her previous drama, Park Hye-soo was cast as the main character again in Introverted Boss in 2017. Introverted Boss tells the story of a communication romance between an extremely introverted CEO of a public relations company, Eun Hwan-ki, and Chae Ro-woon, an outgoing rookie employee with super-friendly affinity. Check out the trailer of Introverted Boss, here:

Park Hye-soo Talked About Working with NCT’s Jaehyun in the Drama Dear.M

Park Hye-soo has been cast in Dear.M, a new Friday drama on KBS2 TV. She spoke about the script reading and other things in an interview. Park Hye-soo plays the role of Ma Joo-ah. She describes Joo-ah as a happy person with a positive attitude. She explains, “As a result, I believe she will be able to make the people around her happy as well.” Hye-soo said that she’s been preparing by reading her script at home and wishing for the drama to air soon. “I’ve been practicing by reading the script at home on my own, and I’m hoping that filming will begin soon. Time has flown by, and we’ve finally begun shooting. We’re on this beautiful campus with fallen leaves and vibrant autumn colors, and I’m having a great time filming while taking in the atmosphere.” Park Hye-soo also said that she’s been filming her dialogue with NCT’s Jaehyun. “Min-ho (NCT’s Jaehyun) and I have been filming as just the two of us,” she said, “and then the day before yesterday we had our first filming with the six of us. Since we were all together, it was a lot of fun! As a result, I’m looking forward to our future project as well.” Check out the interview, here:

Although Dear.M is postponed until an undecided date, check out the trailer of Dear.M, here:

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