Although they are considered new in the music industry, Aespa has been invited to perform at Coachella. So, many people have been curious about where they live, their dorm, rules, location, etc. It’s common for girl and boy groups in the early days of their debut to live together in the same apartment. So do Aespa members! Check out Aespa’s dorm tour presented in this Channel-Korea article below. Keep reading!

Aespa’s Dorm Location is Unspecified

Aespa’s dorm location is not revealed. The group’s popularity has been increasing rapidly over the year, so a piece of broader information about their dorm will probably cause problems in the future. Some girl groups have even been haunted by fans who have been showing up at the front of their dorm apartment, like the case with TWICE members. This could disturb their activities.

Aespa’s Dorm Layout

Aespa’s dorm was revealed on MBC’s Good Morning FM with Jang Sung Kyu. Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ning Ning live together in a dorm. Giselle and Karina share one room. They are the unnies (older sister) line. Winter, and Ning Ning, the younger ones, also share a room. When coming to their apartment, there’s a general room, wardrobe, kitchen area, and two bedrooms. They also have a room where they share clothes for every event they attend.

Aespa’s Dorm Rule System: Sharing is Caring

The unique thing that is not usually happening in other girl groups is Aespa’s sharing system. They practically share clothes and stuff with each other. Aespa members are pretty easy to get along with and exchange personal stuff. As girls living under one roof, it’s a unique sign that they are unified and comfortable with one another. Even the MC of MBC’s Good Morning FM said that he hadn’t seen this kind of sharing before.

Aespa Members’ Activities in the Dorm

Aespa members spend their time together in the apartment doing their hobbies. Karina and Giselle are roommates afraid of cats and not challenged by roller coasters. They both have the same interest. Karina said that Giselle, who can speak more than 3 languages, even slept talks in French. So cool! For the record, Giselle can speak Korean, English, Japanese, and French.

Aespa’s Dorm Rumor: WayV’s Ghosted Past Dorm

After Aespa’s dorm was revealed on the show, some people connected their dorm to WayV’s old dorm. It looks almost the same indeed. However, the details are a bit different. WayV’s old dorm has been known as a haunted dorm since the members believed that there were ghosts in their dorm. Some incidents like leaking ceilings, fires, etc., became memories about WayV’s old dorm. Whether true or not, Aespa members seem comfortable and own their dorm. That’s all about Aespa’s dorm layout, tour, rooms, and fun facts. Do you believe that Aespa’s dorm is WayV’s old dorm? Keep sending positive messages to Aespa and their career in the future, and follow Aespa’s Instagram to get updates about their activities.

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