Speaking of behavior, not long ago, Aespa’s Winter was criticized for her behavior towards an animal. What happened with the K-pop idol? In this article, Channel Korea will explain it to you, so keep on reading!

Aespa’s Winter Mistreated a Stray Cat

AESPA’s Winter is known for being a charming K-pop idol and the visual of SM Entertainment‘s latest girl group. Almost everything that she does always catches the attention of people, especially her fans. Unfortunately, she once was involved in an unpleasant action since the K-pop idol got into a controversy. It all started when there was a video that was spread through an online community about Aespa’s Winter having done something wrong. Turns out, the video was taken and posted on Bubble, a fan community, by the idol herself. The short video portrays Winter while she is touching a cat “violently” and repeatedly saying, “No!” which makes it look uncomfortable. Not only that but Winter also shouted “Meow” at the cat with such a loud voice. Suddenly, the cat runs away as if it was scared of her actions.

Fans’ Reaction About That

According to what Aespa’s Winter did, some people accused her of mistreating a stray cat. Moreover, they also thought that her actions were inappropriate. Some of them were saying: “The way she touches the cat is quite violent.” “It is childish behavior.”

— Chelsé (@thepinkslogic) August 25, 2021 “It’s not the point of abusing, but she’s making the cat uncomfortable.” “I have a cat, but I never do that.” However, some fans also defended her by thinking that Winter’s actions were because the cat was too cute to handle for her. They also thought that Winter’s scream was a form of her fondness towards the cat.

— ata (@_____07701) August 25, 2021

— wynn. |slow fb (@wynntrwndrlnd) August 25, 2021 Well, what do you guys think about that?

Aespa’s Winter and Her Fondness of Animals

Despite the controversy about Aespa’s Winter‘s behavior towards the cat, the K-pop idol is known for her fondness towards animals and pets. Even in the Aespa dorms, the members are fond of animals as well. Even though Winter doesn’t own any pets or animals in the group’s dorm, Winter is also close to other members’ pets such as Ninging‘s gecko and cat and Giselle‘s dog. Moreover, there was also a moment when Winter peacefully played with the staff’s dog which made the fans hope that Winter would get her own pet very soon. https://twitter.com/teamwinteroffcl/status/1430487200014114828?s=20 During another moment, during Aespa’s “What’s in My Bag” video, Winter always keeps cat food on her to feed stray cats whenever she meets one. Her consideration is also praised by fans! As animal lovers, we should be more careful with our actions toward them. It is the same for everyone, and we hope that this thing that is related to Aespa’s Winter won’t happen again in the future! What do you guys think about the controversy that involves Aespa’s Winter’s behavior towards a cat? Leave your comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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