Don’t worry too much, in this article, you will learn more about one of the amazing 4th generation K-pop idols from a girl group of SM Entertainment. As you may already know, SM Entertainment is popular with their flower garden, which means that their idols including aespa have a really good visual. You can name a lot of idols from SM Entertainment, and all of them are really gorgeous. Even it’s so hard to define which one is the visual of the group from SM Entertainment. So, instead of getting confused, let’s just learn about one specific member that really has a stunning visual. This girl comes from Aespa, she is Winter! Don’t get fooled by the name, we’re not talking about the season when Aespa made their debut, which was in November. She is Winter, the lead dancer of Aespa. Is that her real name, you may ask? Well, you will find out soon. Let’s learn more about who Winter is in the next sections below!

Winter’s Full Profile

Looking back in the previous years, it has been a long time since the time where Red Velvet, which is SM Entertainment’s 3rd generation K-pop girl group made a debut, until the agency debuted their next girl group. People were getting curious about what SM Entertainment’s girl group is going to be like, especially since they have teased the fans about some of their female trainees. But it’s all over in 2020, Aespa made a debut and became the youngest girl group in SM Entertainment replacing Red Velvet. The four members have a different charm, but it’s not that hard to memorize them all. Especially, Winter, she looks so beautiful and is adorably funny at the same time. Let’s check out Winter’s full profile below! Full name: 김민정 Chinese Name: 金玟庭 Korean Name: 김민정 Stage name: Winter/윈터 Nickname: Gyeoullie (means winter in Korean), Mindoongie, Kim Gyeoul, Baby Bunny, Winyomi, Melon Bbang (means melon bread in Korean), Wintokkie (WinRabit), Winjeong, etc. Birthday: January 1st, 2001 Birthplace: Gyeongsangnam-do, Yangsan-si, South Korea Zodiac Sign: Carpicorn Education:

Yangsan Samsung Elementary School Yangsan Samsung Middle School Yangsan Girls High School

Position: Lead dancer, Lead vocal Occupation: Singer, Idol Blood Type: A Height: 163 cm Family: Parents, an older brother Official emblem: Star Debut year: 2020 Agency: SM Entertainment Instagram: @aespa_official Facebook: Aespa’s Official Facebook Page Twitter: Aespa’s Official Twitter Page TikTok: Aespa’s Official TikTok Page YouTube: Aespa’s Official YouTube Page

Winter Pre Debut

There’s always an interesting story behind the debut of an idol. Just like other idols, Winter also has a meaningful story before she achieved what she has today. In the past, Winter was a little girl named Kim Minjeong from Gyeongsangnam-do. She was born and raised there, in a little family with parents and an older brother. As a native, she used to talk in the Gyeongsangnam dialect. But not only she’s good with the Gyeongsangnam dialect, but she’s also good with a tongue twister. Since a lot of her family members were involved in the military field, Winter or Kim Minjeong was interested in the military too. But gladly enough, our Winter from Aespa haven’t yet joined to be in the military. As a child, Winter or Kim Minjeong always had a dream to be a singer. She can even play the guitar and was active as a dance club member when she was younger. Winter was a really talented girl when she was young. Winter was cast at a dance festival in Yangsan city, then suddenly caught someone’s attention. That someone approached Winter or Kim Minjeong who performed the dance really well and asked if she wanted to be a celebrity or not. With a suspicious thought on her mind, Winter or Kim Minjeong didn’t believe what that person said. She even thought that they were a scammer because they didn’t mention that they came from SM Entertainment. Luckily, little Kim Minjeong got permission from her parents to move to Seoul, even though she’s the youngest child in the family, and also the only daughter. If her family didn’t let her, we may not have been able to see Winter as she is right now. And also, the precious talent will be kept forever. While she was still in high school, she left her hometown to go to Seoul to be a trainee. Yes, she might have left the school but she still passed the replacement of high school after becoming a trainee. So, don’t worry guys, our girl still managed to get a proper education after all. But the journey doesn’t stop there. Winter had to wait for such a long time, just as much as fans have been waiting for SM Entertainment’s new girl group. Unlike other trainees that have been revealed from SM Entertainment as SM Rookies, Winter has never been posted anywhere by SM Entertainment. They probably wanted to keep the gem until the right time.

Winter’s Debut with Aespa

After around three years of waiting, Kim Minjeong the little girl from Gyeongsang finally had a clear hope. SM Entertainment announced the debut of a new girl group in 2020. The group is called Aespa, and it consists of four pretty and talented members, and Kim Minjeong is included in the group. However, she didn’t debut by her real name, Minjeong, but SM gave her some options of stage names instead. Some names were given such as Millie, Youngwon, and Moa. But the final decision was made for Winter. Why Winter, you may ask? Well, it’s because of her birthday which is in the winter season, which was January 1st, 2001. And also, the “Winter” name has a clear and innocent image, just like Kim Minjeong or the person better known as Winter today. And although Winter is not the leader, nor the oldest, she got the opportunity to get introduced as the first one out of the four Aespa members that were revealed to the public. People were amazed by the outstanding visual of Winter; she looks as pure as a snow angel. Also, her visual appearance kind of reminds everyone of Taeyeon of SNSD, her senior! Do you think that way too, when you look at Winter? Well, share your thoughts in the comment section! SM Entertainment also shared a video of Winter as a teaser before her official debut. SYNK, where you can take a look at Winter’s visual better than just photos.

What do you think about Winter’s introduction in SYNK? The video looks really promising. No wonder people were really expecting a lot of Aespa even before they had officially debuted. Since Aespa means “Avatar x Experience,” all of the members have personal avatars who look like them. Do you think Winter’s avatar looks like Winter? Her avatar is also pretty just like her! And finally, the wait was really over in mid-November 2020. SM Entertainment released the official video of Aespa’s debut song “Black Mamba” on November 17th, 2020. Congratulations, Winter, you finally made a debut! Let’s see the video of the long-awaited Aespa single debut track, “Black Mamba”!

It only took them around two months to get over 100 M views on YouTube. Wow, Aespa’s power is really something! Let’s see the energetic dance moves of Winter, the talented dancer since birth while performing “Black Mamba”!

The little girl Kim Minjeong has really grown up! We’re so proud! And for the performance in music shows, well, Aespa successfully rocked them all!

They also performed at the KBS Song Festival in December 2020.

What a really amazing performance by Aespa! Winter also did really well in every performance they did. Good job, Aespa!

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