Aespa made a new achievement as a line-up in the stage of Coachella 2022, and previously BLACKPINK has also appeared in Coachella 2019. They instantly gained more recognition among US fans, not to mention each member received much praise due to their amazing visuals and attractiveness while performing on the stage. Well, aren’t you curious which one is more popular among aespa and BLACKPINK? Find out the group’s rivalry or their equal popularity here!

aespa vs BLACKPINK: Debut and Concept

Both aespa and BLACKPINK’s debut concepts were impressive. BLACKPINK started the group’s debut in advance of aespa with the EDM single titled “Boombayah” in 2016. At that time, the EDM genre was very popular, especially in the USA. Ever since the group’s first debut until now, BLACKPINK has always radiated the girl crush and fierce concept, not to mention that their songs are mostly filled with EDM and Hip Hop as their genre. Meanwhile, aespa started its debut in 2020 through “Black Mamba” as the group’s debut single. They were captivating everyone with the members’ avatars that somehow show off the metaverse modern era. The group also radiates the digital culture as people can see through the “Black Mamba” MV. Aside from that, the avatar of aespa’s members are living on a planet named KWANGYA and are considered the ‘hidden’ member of aespa.

aespa vs BLACKPINK: Members Skill

aespa and BLACKPINK are consists of 4 members equal, and all of them are blessed with various skills like dancing, singing, and rapping as well. Well, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the comparison between aespa and BLACKPINK members’ skills in terms of dancing, singing, and rapping!

aespa vs BLACKPINK’s Vocal

Ningning is aespa’s main vocalist, meanwhile, Rosé is the main vocalist of BLACKPINK. When it comes to line-up distribution in vocal terms, Ningning and Rosé mostly captivated everyone with their high notes, especially during the live performance. Let’s compare the quality of vocals between aespa’s Ningning and BLACKPINK’s Rosé through a video compilation made by fans here:

Here are some comments regarding aespa’s Nigning’s vocal skills: “I prefer Ningning ‘cause she has a nice voice, and more able to control her voice that the important for a singer” “Ningning’s vocal is better for me, I mean she’s from SM Entertainment and younger, and she can [reach] high notes” “Ningning has such a powerful voice” “I think Ningning’s vocals are just outstanding” Here are some comments regarding BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s vocal skills: “Rosé can cover a song like it’s her own [song], and can express a song like telling us a story” “I prefer Rosé’s unique voice, when she sings she understands the lyrics, that’s why she can deliver the emotions of the song” “Rosé is also a very good vocalist, her voice suits Pop music even more” “Rosé’s vocal is so unique and has the best tone”

aespa’s vs BLACKPINK’s Dance

In aespa, the main dancer is Karina and in BLACKPINK, they have Lisa as the main dancer. Both Karina and Lisa have always been gained a lot of attention for their dancing performance, especially in the live stage performance and during the group’s dance practice. You can watch Karina and Lisa’s dancing skills through the compilation video made by fans below:

And here are what people say regarding their dancing skills: “Lisa is the best dancer, she is dancing machine!” “Karina’s movements are very delicate” “We can see that Lisa is very good at dancing” “Karina dances so gracefully, it’s so satisfying watching her dance” Both Karina and Lisa have amazing dancing skills and they are successfully captivated everyone’s with their movements. However, most of people prefer Lisa as their favorite instead of Karina. Though they are have different style in dancing.

aespa’s vs BLACKPINK’s Rap

aespa has Giselle as the main rapper, and BLACKPINK has Jennie as the main rapper as well. Both of them are well-known as Korean and Japanese descendants but Jennie raised overseas, then Giselle went to an international school at a young age, so both Giselle and Jennie are very good and have clear pronunciation when it comes to rapping, especially in English. However, Jennie radiates a more fierce and badass rap style, meanwhile, Giselle still has slightly feminine and classy vibes while rapping. You can check out the comparison between Giselle and Jennie’s rap performance here:

And here is what they say about aespa’s Giselle and BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s rap: “Jennie is a monster rapper, but Giselle have potential to be a ‘monster’ rapping as well” “Jennie is the rap queen, but Giselle’s rap is so good too!” “Love Jennie’s rapping because her voice is unique” “Jennie is very good, she’s so fast [in rapping], but Giselle’s accent is so damn good” “I just think that Giselle has a lot of potentials and she’s been improving rapidly from her debut days” Well, seems like BLACKPINK’s Jennie won everyone’s hearts with her amazing rap skills, but Giselle has good talent in rapping too!

aespa vs BLACKPINK: Achievement (Album Sales, Awards, and More)

Ever since their debut era, aespa and BLACKPINK successfully made various achievements in terms of album sales, awards, huge projects, and many more. Although they are based in South Korea, their popularity has been expanded globally to the stage they received much support from international fans outside Korea. Moreover, both aespa and BLACKPINK have members who were raised overseas which made them even more impressive. Check out these achievements of aespa and BLACKPINK that will make you gasp in admiration!

aespa vs BLACKPINK: Debut Achievements

aespa’s debut single “Black Mamba” reached number one on the K-Pop music video charts of China’s biggest music-streaming service and QQ music, and even the group win their first music show award through SBS’ Inkigayo. Surprisingly, aespa fans called it a ‘Rookie Monster’ due to its achievements such as gaining 100 million views of “Black Mamba” in 51 days after its debut. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has released its debut single album “Square One”, although the album didn’t succeed to reach the top rank. However, 2 of the debut singles “Boombayah” and “Whistle” successfully peaked at number 1 on South Korean and Billboard charts.

Concerts and World Tours

Within 2 years after the group’s debut, BLACKPINK was able to hold World Tour in 2018 where the members visited around 18 countries and 26 cities in Asia, North America, and Europe as well. Speaking of the World Tour, BLACKPINK’s World Tour gained a record-breaking amount of attendees and is considered the most successful concert tour formed by a K-Pop girl group. Aside from that, they also held the first Japanese debut showcase in 2017 previously with 14,000 fans attending. Then, BLACKPINK marked as the first K-Pop girl group who performed at Coachella music festival where they took part in Coachella 2019. Meanwhile, the situation is quite different from aespa since the group hasn’t started the World Tour yet due to the pandemic situation shortly after the group’s debut. However, the members were still able to perform in several music shows, and music showcases, and even attended a huge music festival Coachella 2022. aespa also participated in concert participation such as SMTOWN Live “Culture Humanity” to SMTOWN Live 2022: SMCU [email protected] Following BLACKPINK, aespa has including as those K-Pop girl groups who was able to performing in Coachella where the group took part in Coachella 2022.

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