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Famous stage actress Afreen Khan was beaten black and blue by husband. Afreen Khan, in a video message, alleged that her husband tortured her several time. She further said that her husband Adeel also tortured her family. She said “Adeel also threatened me to kill if I did not leave my brother”, she alleged. She alleged that Adeel held her family hostage for several hours and demanded millions and documents of her property which she refused. Afreen demanded authorities to take the notice of the incident and provide justice to her family. The stage and film star is famous in Pakistan’s lowbrow Punjabi theatre industry. Afreen’s dances are part of comedy theatre plays.

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Stage actress Afreen Khan landed in hot water as her vulgar pictures are making rounds on social media, Roznama Dunya reported on Saturday. Fans termed the pictures as her selfies and remarked that the actress has leaked the images herself for cheap publicity. Afreen Khan talked to Roznama Dunya and said she does not need cheap publicity stunts like this as she is already a popular celebrity. She further added that her family is quite disturbed after the leaks. It is pertinent here to mention that Afreen Khan’s explicit pictures had gone viral earlier as well. Every weekend, Afreen Khan dances for a crowd of howling men in a theatre in Lahore. She materialises the fantasies of the male audience, and does everything their wives would not: standing on stage shouting back at hecklers, hurling dirty jokes at unsuspecting audience members, and dancing with traditional machismo to songs laden with sexual innuendos. The chance cleavage, ending performances with thumping of the chest and growling like a lioness make her command the stage. Masculine behavior is not only allowed but also encouraged by the audience. The CD, stage and film star is a new entrant in Pakistan’s lowbrow Punjabi theatre industry. The business is unsurprisingly patriarchal – producers, writers, directors, audience, almost everyone is male. Afreen’s dances are part of comedy theatre plays. The slapstick comedy plays have charged song and dance performances smashed in quarter intervals. The star power of dancers such as Afreen alone can sell these shows. “Humain allah ne khoobsurat banaya hae, baal lagaye hain magar hain hum andar se mard hi, is mardon ki dunya mei,” she said. “We navigate a man’s world in female bodies, this requires masculine behavior for survival.” Afreen was backstage  – drinking a glass of water – as her personal make-up artist tied a bejewelled corset around her waist for her next performance. Now a 22-year-old, Afreen encapsulates every single thing a woman in Pakistan is expected not to be: confident, brash, forthcoming and financially independent. She has supported her family since she was 13-year-old by performing mujra. Mujra emerged as a dance form to entertain the Mughal royalty in pre-colonial India. Mujra girls (courtesans or nach-girls) held wealth, power and epitomised Farsi and Urdu literature, poetry and social code of conduct.

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