Ajwain Benefits

One of the most crucial health benefits of ajwain seeds and why your mother never forgets to add it to your meals is because it keeps your stomach strong. Nothing disrupts our daily routine more than an upset stomach. The active enzymes in ajwain help in boosting our digestive functions by facilitating the release of gastric juices. Take 1 teaspoon of cumin and 1 teaspoon of carom seeds and add 1/2 teaspoon of ginger powder to it. Take this mix with water daily to cure heartburns. The active enzymes in ajwain help in boosting our digestive functions. Ajwain helps in avoiding nasal blockage by discharging the mucus easily. Prepare a paste of ajwain seeds and jaggery by heating it and take 2 teaspoons of it twice a day to feel better. This also helps in dealing with respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchitis. To provide relief from a migraine headache, take ajwain powder in a thin cloth and inhale it frequently or keep it under your pillow. For Ear and Tooth AcheTo ease a dreaded ear pain, two drops of ajwain oil are enough. For instant relief from tooth-ache, gargle with a mix of lukewarm water, 1 teaspoon of ajwain and salt. Simply inhaling the fumes of burning ajwain seeds can do wonders for an aching tooth. Besides this, it acts as a great mouth wash and maintains good oral hygiene. A component called thymol in ajwain seeds acts as a strong fungicide and germicide. Thus, ajwain seeds can be crushed and applied on the skin to treat infections or cuts. So if next time you come across any such injury, bring carom seeds to your rescue. Ajwain seeds can be crushed and applied on the skin to treat infections or cuts. Ajwain or Oma water is an ayurvedic marvel, especially for women. It cures the problem of indigestion for pregnant ladies by cleaning the uterus and stomach and solves the issue of irregular periods. Oma water is also often given to babies to reduce the problem of gas that causes discomfort. To prepare ajwain water, boil 2 teaspoons of roasted ajwain seeds in water. Strain this mixture and drink. You can add 1 teaspoon of honey for flavour. Drinking ajwain water regularly is known to enhance your rate of metabolism, burns fat and thus helps in losing weight. To Stop Greying of HairAjwain seeds help in halting pre-mature greying of hair. To prepare this mixture, add curry leaves, dry grapes, sugar and carom seeds in a single cup of water and cook. Drink one glass of this every day until you start seeing the results. If your market bought mosquito repellent fails to work, you can always make one at home. Combine mustard oil with ajwain seeds and apply on cardboard pieces which you can tie in the corners of your room to ward off mosquitoes. Using this spice as a repellent fills your house with a beautiful scent unlike the fumes released from coils. Ajwain powder is especially useful in lightening acne scars. Apply a paste on the affected area for 10-15 minutes and then rinse,” advises Dr. Sinha. This effective home remedy can come to great help in getting rid of dirt from the skin. Ajwain seeds possess two qualities that help them fight arthritis. They have antibiotic properties that reduce redness and combat inflammation, and they possess anaesthetic properties that soothe the pain and swelling. As a home remedy, you can apply the paste of crushed seeds on the joints or soak in a tub of hot water with a handful of carom seeds.

Ajwain Health Benefits

Potential uses of ajvain for digestion: Ajvain might help reduce irregular pains of the intestines and stomach in both adults and children. Taking ajvain with common salt and warm water may relieve any colicky (sharp pain in the intestines) pain due to gas accumulation, indigestion, and infections in the intestine. Ajvain might be taken with buttermilk to relieve digestion-related problems. Potential uses of ajvain for respiratory problems: A mixture of ajwain and ginger might be prescribed by your doctor in cases of chronic bronchitis and asthma. This mixture might help expel mucous and may improve the symptoms of chronic bronchitis and asthma. It might also be helpful for chronic colds and cough. Consuming warm water after chewing ajvain might help reduce cough. Chewing betel leaf with ajvain might help with dry cough. Potential uses of ajvain for diabetes: Ajvain seeds might be helpful for diabetes. Powdered neem leaves might be taken with warm milk along with powdered ajvain and cumin seeds. This combination might help in reducing blood sugar levels. Potential uses of ajvain for migraine: Smelling ajvain seeds wrapped in a tissue might help in dealing with migraines. Ajvain seeds may also be burnt and inhaled to deal with other problems related to the head. Potential uses of ajvain for arthritis: Ajvain seed oil might be helpful for pain related to arthritis. This oil might be used for massage in the affected joints regularly to alleviate pain in rheumatic arthritis. Potential uses of ajvain for diarrhoea: Consuming ajvain seeds might be a natural way to help deal with diarrhoea or dysentery. A handful of ajvain seeds may be boiled and taken in a glass of water. This mixture can be cooled and consumed for diarrhoea. Other Potential uses of ajvain: Ajvain seeds might also be used as an insecticide. Moreover, they may also be used for poisonous insect bites. Though there are studies that show the potential uses of ajvain in various conditions, but these are insufficient and there is a need of further studies to establish the true extent of benefits of ajvain on human health. Ajvain seeds might be used as it is or they can be used in powder form. Kindly refer to your doctor for advice.

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