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1. Butrint National Park National park in Albania The Butrint National Park is a national park in Vlorë County, southern Albania. It is located 18 kilometres south of Sarandë. The park encompasses 9,424 hectares of hilly terrain with freshwater lakes, wetlands, salt marshes, open plains, reed beds and islands. Address: SH81, Butrint, Albania Management: National Agency of Protected Areas Established: March 2, 2000 Area: 94.24 km² Phone: +355 4 222 5068

2. The Blue Eye Nature preserve in Albania The “Blue Eye” is a water spring and natural phenomenon occurring near the village of Muzinë in Finiq municipality, southern Albania. A popular tourist attraction, the clear blue water of the river can be seen from a depth of more than fifty metres. Address: Sarande SHA22, Sarandë 9701, Albania Area: 4.662 km²

3. Bunk’Art 1 Museum in Albania Former Cold War bunker, now an underground contemporary art & history museum over several floors. Address: Rruga Fadil Deliu, Tiranë 1001, Albania Phone: +355 67 207 2905

4. Berat Castle Castle in Berat, Albania Berat Castle, also referred to as the Citadel of Berat and castle quarter, is a fortress overlooking the town of Berat, Albania. It dates mainly from the 13th century and contains many Byzantine churches in the area and Ottoman mosques. Address: Rruga Mihal Komnena 5001, Berat, Albania Built: 4th Century BC

5. Dajti Ekspres “Cable Car” Cable car station in Albania Scenic, popular 4670 m-long cable car line that takes tourists to the top of Dajti Mountain. Address: Tirana, Albania

6. Skanderbeg Square Tourist attraction in Tirana, Albania The Skanderbeg Square is the main plaza in the centre of Tirana, Albania. The square is named after the Albanian national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu. The total area is about 40,000 square metres. The Skanderbeg Monument dominates the square. Address: Plaza Tirana, Sheshi Skender Beu, Tirana 1001, Albania Construction: 1968 (naming) Area: 40,000 m²

7. BunkArt 2 Museum in Tirana, Albania Unique Albanian history museum inside a preserved, Communist-era nuclear pit bunker. Address: Street Abdi Toptani, Tiranë, Albania Phone: +355 67 207 2905

8. Gjirokaster Castle Castle in Gjirokastër, Albania Gjirokastër Castle is a fortress in Gjirokastër, Albania. Gjirokastër Castle is situated at a height of 336 metres. The castle dominates the town and overlooks the strategically important route along the river valley. Address: 34FQ+4M9, Rruga Elvia Celebi, Gjirokastër, Albania Built: 12th Century BC

9. Rozafa Castle Castle in Shkodër, Albania Rozafa Castle, also known as the Shkodër Castle is a castle near the city of Shkodër, in northwestern Albania. It rises imposingly on a rocky hill, 130 metres above sea level, surrounded by the Buna and Drin rivers. Address: 2FWV+HCH, Rruga Rozafa, Shkodër, Albania Built: 9th Century BC

10. Grand Park (Parku i Madh) City park in Tirana, Albania The Grand Park of Tirana, or the Park on the Artificial Lake, is a 289 hectare public park situated on the southern part of Tirana, Albania, and administered by the Agency of Parks and Recreation of the Municipality of Tirana. Address: 8R6G+W32, Rruga Herman Gmeiner, Tirana 1000, Albania Departments: Park Lojrash per Femijë Area: 289 ha (710 acres)

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