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On March 3, 2022, a 25-year-old congressional aide from North Texas filed a lawsuit saying Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is her father. Realtor Cynthia Davis, 60, met Jones in 1995 while she was working at the American Airlines ticket counter at the Little Rock, Arkansas airport, according to the lawsuit. At the time of their courtship, Cynthia had been estranged from her husband, court documents say. According to the lawsuit, Alexandra was conceived out of wedlock in 1996. I am a dedicated new home sales professional, an American Patriot, and the mother of an amazing daughter who works in the political arena in D.C.,” Cynthia says about herself in her now-deactivated Twitter profile. Cynthia Davis, left, and daughter Alexandra Davis, seen here in a publicity shot, were featured in the third season of the television show “Big Rich Texas” in 2012. Alexandra Davis, now 25, filed a lawsuit alleging she is the biological daughter of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. In 2012, Cynthia and her daughter starred in the third season of ”Big Rich Texas,” a reality show on the Style Network that followed five wealthy mother-daughter duos in Dallas-Fort Worth high society. “Living off a trust fund, spending her day shopping and drinking wine at night is Cindy’s favorite thing to do. She is known as the no-holds-barred, life-of-the-party socialite who tends to speak without worrying what anyone thinks.

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Alexandra Davis accused Jerry, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, of being her father and that Jerry paid her and her mother in exchange for their silence. In March of 2022, Washington DC native Alexandra Davis filed a paternity suit against Jerry Jones and claimed the NFL businessman is her father. In the lawsuit, Alexandra asked the court to legally recognize her as Jerry’s daughter and to dissolve the confidentiality agreement placed into effect when she was just a one year old. Born on December 16, 1996 – Alexandra is reportedly the product of Jerry’s alleged extramarital affair with former American Airlines attendant, Cynthia Davis. The court documents further revealed that Jerry allegedly agreed to “provide, through indirect means and with his personal identity hidden, ongoing financial support for Cynthia and Plaintiff so long as Cynthia remained silent about the fact that he was the father.” The filings also added: “If Cynthia failed to maintain such silence, the support would end at Defendant Jones’ discretion and Cynthia would supposedly be in breach of the deal.” “The Plaintiff has lived her life fatherless and in secret and in fear that if she should tell anyone who her father was, she and her mother would lose financial support, or worse.” The legal archives disclosed: “The combined effects of the aforementioned agreements and Cynthia’s divorce proceedings resulted in the Plaintiff never having a legal father.” “‘Defendant Jones’ only role in Plaintiff’s life to date other than to shun her, has been to coerce her from ever disclosing his identity.” Jerry and his legal team did not offer any comment regarding the legal ordeal.

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