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Meet Alireza Kohany, Iranian Musician, Actor & Internet Celebrity Alireza Kohany is an Iranian Musical Artist; Model and Actor, Entrepreneur and Influencer (Instagram Star); He was on Born June 18, 1993, Tehran, Iran. He has been working in the field of music (DJ and musician) for many years. He has managed to attract many fans in social media. He has accumulated over 650 thousand followers on his AlirezaKohany Instagram account and other social media. His content that he writes them about business is available on the internet, there is a lot of news about him or his articles (business, entrepreneurship, digital influencer) on the Google News page. He also played role in some movies which is available on IMDB’s website. His Music Website is: You can connect with Alireza Kohany on his Verified Instagram account: He has 650K (650000) followers.

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Iranian musician and actor known for “Best Remix” album series; And acting in some best-selling Iranian films. He was an entrepreneur and published several books. As a model, he has participated in several fashion shows. He is from an artist family. ✔️ Verified Instagram (“650K” With 650000): ✔️ Verified Facebook: Google Knowledge Panel: IMDB: Business site: Music And Remix site: News Scource: ✔️ Verified Artist Youtube : ✔️ Verified Telegram Channel: More Than 20 Fan Page On Instagram; Search: Alireza Kohany Intro Musician, Composer, Music Producer, DJ Known for Iranian Musician A.K.A. Alireza Kohany (علیرضا کهنی) Is Musician, Composer, Singer, Record Producer, DJ From Iran Type Business, Music Gender Male Birth 18 June 1993, Tehran ,Iran Age 28 years Height: 85 Kg 185 Cm Notable Works Eternal World 2020

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