A lot of bad things happened this year, including a global pandemic that made some of us had to go through quarantine for such a long time. Luckily, we still got our K-pop groups to cheer us up! God bless those K-pop groups who still work during the pandemic! But do you know that during the pandemic, when some of us probably became lazier and don’t have any motivation to do any work, some K-pop groups productively created a lot of projects and even made a debut? One of the rookies in 2020 is BAE173! Yes, you’ve heard it right. It’s a group called BAE173 that made their debut in 2020 under the company called PocketDolz Studio. By the way, don’t get it wrong, you have to pronounce the group’s name with B-A-E-173, instead of calling it “bae”. Yeah, although all the members are looking like a bae. Anyway, we’re not going to talk about the group in general. Instead, we are going to discuss one of the members and it’s the guy who officially became legal in Korean age. It’s the main vocalist, everyone. It’s Ryu Youngseo! Who is Ryu Youngseo and why is he looking so cute in the picture? Well, you will find the answer in the sections below. Let’s get to know him better, and get ready to fall in love with his charms! P.S. Prepare your heart before going down to the sections below.

BAE173’s Youngseo’s Profile

Before we get to know someone, it’s easier for us to know the basic things about them. And just like that, it’s better for us to learn about Youngseo’s basic info first before we dig in much more info about him. Just in case your heart can’t handle his charm. Especially, for some people who believe that we can see the big picture of what a person is like just by knowing their MBTI, blood type, or zodiac sign. Maybe, Youngseo shares the same sign and type with you. So, here is the full profile of Youngseo! Full name: Ryu Youngseo Korean Name: 류영서 Stage name: Youngseo Nicknames: Bbangseo (Bread Stand), Ddalgi Uyu (Strawberry Milk), Milkboi Birthplace: Gyeongsangnam-do, Changwon-si, South Korea Birthday: June 13th, 2002 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Position: Main vocalist Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: AB MBTI: ESFP Family: Parents, 1 older sister (born in 1998) Debut date: November 19th Debut year: 2020 Agency: PocketDol Studio Official Site: BAE173’s Official Site YouTube: BAE173’s YouTube Channel Facebook: BAE173’s Facebook’s Page Twitter: BAE173’s Official Twitter Page Members’ Twitter: BAE173’s Official Members’ Twitter Page (written by members) VLive: BAE173’s Official VLive TikTok: BAE173’s Official TikTok

BAE173’s Youngseo’s Facts

Now that we’ve learned about Youngseo’s profile. Let’s get to know him better by checking out all the little facts about him. It will make us feels much closer to him and of course, understand him more. Let’s see some of Youngseo’s facts down here!

Youngseo used to be a trainee of Source Music. Youngseo has an older sister and it was said that he received his beauty from his sister. Youngseo’s favorite season is spring. Youngseo gave the stage name for Yoojun that he got from a 2020 Newborn Names Chart. Youngseo likes to find macaroon cafés, read books, and watch Netflix. Youngseo’s favorite foods are malatang, chickens, macaroons, desserts, and fruits. Despites liking malatang and other spicy foods, he actually said that he can’t handle spicy foods well. Youngseo likes mint chocolate. Youngseo and Muzin went to TNS Academy. Youngseo hates mushrooms. But still, he gave it a try to enoki mushrooms.

BAE173’s Youngseo’s Pre-Debut Story

We have seen Youngseo’s profile and facts. But what about his pre-debut story? Where did he come from? Well, you must be curious about his background story. Just like any other idol, he also has a unique story before successfully debuting in BAE173. Youngseo was born on June 13th, 2002, and raised in Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do. Just so you know, it is quite far away from Seoul. There, he lived with his parents and a beautiful older sister who is four years older than him. Youngseo’s love for music has been discovered since childhood. Even when he was little, he impressed a lot of people with his amazing voice. No wonder he got a chance to perform at a school event, singing a song titled “Love Never Felt So Good.” And due to his unique vocal tone, Youngseo received a lot of attention. Youngseo went to the TNS Academy in Changwon, then decided to move to Seoul after he got accepted in one of the K-pop agencies in Seoul. Before he went to PocketDol Studio agency, he was a trainee of Source Music entertainment, the subsidiary company of Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’ agency. But Youngseo’s fate didn’t want him to debut there. Instead, Youngseo moved to PocketDol Studio. There, he met Muzin, his fellow homie from Changwon, who happened to attend the same academy as him in his hometown, TNS Academy. And that’s the end of Youngseo’s trainee journey. Because in PocketDol, he got the hope to be included in the upcoming boy group that will be debuted.

BAE173’s Youngseo’s Debut

On September 4th, 2020, PocketDol Studio, which is famous as the agency of Nam Dohyon and Lee Hangyul, announced that they will be re-debuting two of the former X1 members in a new group. Just like GOT7 that has Jinyoung and JB who debuted with JJ Project way before their group made a debut, this upcoming boy group also has two members that had debuted as members of a duo before. The group name hadn’t been shared yet, so let’s just call them PocketDolz at this time. PocketDolz released a new member that will be included in the debuting group line-up every three days. The first member to be revealed was Nam Dohyon. And our guy, Youngseo, was the third member to be revealed by PocketDol Studio. Here is the teaser photo and video of Youngseo!

And the group name had been settled, it was revealed to be BAE173! But their debut day still had a long way to go. Even after we learned the members and group name, we still had to wait for months until their actual debut date. Finally, in November 2020, PocketDol Studio released a video of the first debut song of BAE173, “Crush on U”! Let’s see the music video!

In this song, we can clearly see how perfect Youngseo’s voice with the music is. Even among nine members, Youngseo still shines brightly. And not to mention their performing stages on music shows, it even makes Youngseo look cooler than usual!

If we just adored his vocal skills before, let’s focus on his dancing skills this time. It’s the dance performance of Youngseo with BAE173!

The dance performance, but a Christmas edition!

What do you think of Youngseo in his debut era? He looked so cute back then, and looks even cuter now. What an amazing talent of the 4th generation era!

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