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UNIQ’s Group Profile

Group Name: UNIQ ( 유니크 ) Current Label: Yuehua Entertainment (Chinese) & Starship Entertainment (Korea) Debut: October 20, 2014 Debut Song: “Falling In Love” Members: Zhou Yixuan, Kim Sung-joo, Li Wenhan, Cho Seung-youn, and Wang Yibo Fandom: Unicorn Official color: Star Purple Official accounts: Official Instagram: @official_uniq5 Twitter: @uniq_5 Facebook: official.UNIQ5 Weibo: Official Uniq Cafe Daum: UNIQ5


UNIQ’s Members’ Profile

Uniq consisted of two Korean members and three Chinese members. The unique thing about this group is that this team has two leaders. When working in Korea, Korean member Sung-joo would be the leader, and when working in China, Chinese member Yixuan is the leader. The members talked with each other in Korean, English, and Chinese.

UNIQ’s Zhou Yixuan

Stage Name: Yixuan (이쉔) Birth Name: Zhou Yi Xuan (周艺轩) Position: Leader (Chinese), Lead Rapper, Vocalist Birthday: December 11, 1990 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Height: 183 cm (6’0″) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: 0 Nationality: Chinese Weibo: Yixuan


UNIQ’s Kim Sung-joo

Stage Name: Sungjoo (성주) Birth Name: Kim Sung-joo (김성주/金圣柱) Position: Leader (Korean), Main Vocalist Birthday: February 16, 1994 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Height: 180 cm (5’11”) Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs) Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Instagram: @songjoo2016 Weibo: Sungjoo


UNIQ’s Li Wenhan

Stage Name: Wenhan (문한) Birth Name: Li Wen Han (李汶翰 Position: Vocalist Birthday: July 22, 1994 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Height: 180 cm (5’11”) Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs) Blood Type: A Nationality: Chinese Instagram: @hven__0722 Weibo: Wenhan


UNIQ’s Cho Seung-youn

Stage Name: Seungyoun (승연)/Woodz Birth Name: Cho Seung-yeon (조승연/曹承衍) Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist Birthday: August 5, 1996 Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 183 cm (6’0″) Weight: 68kg (150 lbs) Blood Type: O Nationality: Korean Instagram: @woodz_dnwm Weibo: Seungyoun


UNIQ’s Wang Yibo

Stage Name: Yibo (이보) Birth Name: Wang Yi Bo (王一博) Position: Main Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae Birthday: August 5, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 182 cm (5’11″) Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs) Blood Type: A Nationality: Chinese Weibo: Yibo Instagram:@yibo.w_85


UNIQ’s Pre-debut

Initially, the group was set to debut under YG Entertainment and be active in the Korean market. Each of Uniq’s members was originally trainees under YG Entertainment for about two to five years. Before debuting, Yixuan is an alumnus of the Beijing Contemporary Music Training Institute and was cast up by Yuehwa while he was in school. He had been a trainee in UG Entertainment for four years and never returned home during his life as a trainee. Meanwhile, Sung-joo was a trainee at YG Entertainment and had been working prepared as an actor. Wenhan was a swimmer, and he studied classical guitar. While attending high school in the United States, he passed the audition YG Entertainment and is sent to two years South Korea as a trainee. Perhaps that is why he is the most fluent in Korean among the three Chinese members. Seungyeon (aka later, Woodz) lived as a trainee at YG Entertainment for 1 year and 6 months, while Yibo came from China and yet attended Hanlim Multi Art School during his trainee year. In the end, the group became more active in China and managed solely under Yuehua Entertainment and changed its Korean partner from YG Entertainment to Starship Entertainment.  

Uniq’s Debut Era

The news of YG Entertainment’s collaboration with Yuehua Entertainment was on the news since late September 2014. The agency reported that they would debut a new group under the name Uniq. Uniq derived from the words ‘unique’ and ‘unicorn; which symbolizes their pure spirit and represents they aim to bring a feeling of “the one and only.” When debuting, the group’s members have an average age of 19 and an average height of 180 cm. The group dropped individual teasers a week before its debut, where each member have their own teaser videos.

Before they dropped the group teaser on October 14, 2014.

UNIQ officially debuted with the song “Falling In Love” on October 20, 2014. However, their stage debut was 6 days earlier on M! Countdown. On October 23, 2014, Uniq was trusted to fill in the soundtrack of the film TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). On November 10, 2014, they also returned to fill the soundtrack for the film Penguin of Madagascar for promotion in China.

First debuting in Korea, the group is expected to have equal promotions in both countries. However, looking at the group’s activities, the group became much more active in China later. During their early debut career in 2015-2016, they only performed several showcase activities in Korean music shows, while in China, they performed various activities, such as appearing on TV broadcasts. At the beginning of 2016, this group almost become a major boy group in China. However, from mid-2016, when Korea and China’s relation tension is high, Chinese groups with Korean members could not appear on TV, which became a blow to the group. Since then, the group’s activities became constricted, and their activities in China lessen. In 2015, Uniq signed a partnership with Starship Entertainment as a partner for promotional activities in Korea.  

Music Video Through the Years

After debuting and promoting with their song ” Falling in Love,” the group went on launching their first mini-album since debut under the title EOEO on April 24, 2015, with the title song “EOEO.” The group continued to showcase their music color of hip-hop dance-pop in this comeback.

Uniq then released the official music video for their follow-up track “Luv Again” on May 22, 2015.

After one year’s debut, Uniq released their second digital album, Best Friend, on October 1, 2015, where they showcased the group’s warm brotherhood in the MV.

In 2016, the group did not have any comeback though they made their Japanese debut by releasing the Japanese version of “Falling in Love.”

The group makes their comeback again on January 19, 2017, with a single titled “Happy New Year 2017”. Yixuan was the one who wrote this song. Unfortunately, Yibo was absent in the MV recording because of the crashing schedules. So, the remaining members acted as snowman to represent Yibo’s absence. Sadly, it became one of the last MV and activity groups since the group went inactive in 2018. They haven’t been disbanded yet, with each member went on their personal project. But, the group hasn’t made any comeback activity since then. Well, we hope to see them again as a group very soon.  

UNIQ’s Live Performances

As a Korean-Chinese boy group, Uniq’s ability to perform hard, fast dance is unquestionable. The group sing and dances in sync while not forget to catch a glimpse in the camera. Check out their golden performances that we know you’ve missed in these clips below.

It’s been years since Uniq’s last comeback as a group, and we missed them dearly. Hopefully, we can see their comeback on-screen in a sooner time. How about you? Do you miss them? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!  

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