And, it’s the same for the girl group that we’re going to talk about in this article. They are all multi-talented besides their pretty faces and ideal body figures. They came from a survival show from Mnet and made their debut in 2018. Can you guess who it is? Yes, it’s Fromis_9. All the girls from Fromis_9 are so talented. But, let’s discuss one of the members, Lee Nagyung’s charms that make her so adorable and charismatic. Get ready to see more of Nagyung in this article. Scroll down to find out more!

Fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung’s Full Profile

Full Name: Lee Nagyung Korean Name: 이나경 Chinese Name: 金施賢 Nicknames: Nagingi, (Lee) Nakko, Gyeongna Gyeongna, Fake Maknae, Ppyongari, Lee Nagyeon, Hanzo Craftsman, Prime Minister’s Doll, Paldang Bridge, Josuba, Jamjamyeon, Count Asura, Grapefruit Fairy, Marie Birthplace: Gwangju, Gwangyeok-si, South Korea Nationality: Korean Birthdate: June 1, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Chinese Zodiac: Dragon Education:

Yongin Heungdok Middle School Beijing New Bridge Foreign Language School

Position: Lead dancer, vocalist Motto: Rather than not do something and have regrets, it’s better to have regret after doing it. Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: A Height: 159 cm Weight: 42 kg Foot Size: 225mm MBTI: INTP Family: Parents, 1 older brother Debut Date: January 24 Debut Year: 2018 Agency: Off the Record Entertainment, Stone Music Official Site: Fromis_9’s Official Homepage Official Twitter: Fromis_9’s Official Twitter Facebook Page: Fromis_9’s Official Facebook Official Instagram: Fromis_9’s Official Instagram YouTube: Fromis_9’s Official YouTube VLive: Fromis_9’s Official VLive Spotify: Fromis_9’s Official Spotify Naver: Fromis_9’s Official Naver Japanese’s Homepage: Fromis_9’s Official Japanese Homepage Japanese’s Twitter: Fromis_9’s Official Japanese Twitter Japanese’s YouTube: Fromis_9’s Official Japanese Youtube Weibo: Fromis_9’s Official Weibo TikTok: Fromis_9’s Official TikTok Fan Café: Fromis_9’s Official Fan Cafe

Fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung’s Facts

Let’s see Nagyung’s interesting facts down below which surely will make you understand her better!

Nagyung moved to China when she was in middle-high school. She can speak in Chinese. But, she regrets that she has only a few Chinese friends. If she had a lot, she believes that she could practice her Chinese better. Nagyung is one of the members in Fromis_9 who speaks another language other than Korean. The other member is Jang Gyuri who speaks English since she lived in the States before. When it was lonely while she was a trainee, Nagyung always went to Hangang Park near her company’s building. Nagyung’s trainee period was 2 years and 9 months. Among the members, Nagyung plays games the best. Nagyung used to play Overwatch and even played it for 8 hours before she debuted. Now that she is in Fromis_9, she doesn’t have time to play it and only plays it as a hobby. Nagyung’s Overwatch nickname is 은은한별빛 or Soft Starlight. Nagyung likes to do aegyo. She got the nickname “fake maknae” for this reason, especially since the real maknae, Jiheon, is quieter than her. Nagyung said that her mother does aegyo frequently at home so she learned it from her mom. Nagyung’s face is very small. Her face can be covered with a piece of toilet paper. Nagyung is said to be the Korean Tzuyu because she looks a bit like Twice’s Tzuyu. Nagyung doesn’t really cry often. Instead of when she’s sad, she will cry when she’s angry. Before debuting, Nagyung appeared in a magazine advertisement and the short story “Marriage’s Clinic Love and War” in KBS Entertainment as a cameo. When Nagyung was young, she liked animals so she wanted to be a veterinarian. She also likes babies, so she wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. If Nagyung worked hard playing games, she may have become a pro gamer. When Nagyung was a child, she and her brother filmed an experiment of Coke and mentos. Nagyung’s after-school activity was playing baduk, a traditional sports game in South Korea. Nagyung’s height right now is the same as when she was in high school. Nagyung is the only person who gained a buzzword in Idol School such as “Right? Right?” since she used it as her habit, too. Nagyung doesn’t like rainy days because she can’t go out on rainy days. Nagyung’s hobby is listening to music. She likes the ballad genre. Nagyung’s favorite scents are more neutral than flowery scents. Nagyung’s favorite season is fall. In cinema, Nagyung prefers thriller movies. While at home, she prefers romance movies. Nagyung doesn’t really like blockbuster or hero movies. She tends to fall asleep when she watches that kind of movie. Nagyung likes spicy food, and she handles eating it well. Nagyung likes sweet potato latte in winter. She also likes milk tea and desserts such as tiramisu, apple mango cheese bingsu, etc. As of September 2019, Nagyung passed her driving license test. Congrats!

Fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung’s Pre-Debut

Nagyung was born and raised in a little yet happy family in Gwangju. She was born on June 1, 2000, as the only daughter in her house. She has an older brother who likes to play with her as well as her parents who are kind and show love towards her. It all shows when Nagyung grew up into a cute daughter. She spreads joy to everyone around her. Nagyung went to a high school in Beijing because she wanted to learn Chinese. She can speak Chinese well. During this time, Nagyung played sports really well. She was even a school athlete at that time. When Nagyung was a child, she didn’t even dream to be an idol. The little girl from Gwangju just wanted to see animals or even babies, so her dream job was either to be a veterinarian or a kindergarten teacher. But, she changed her mind as she grew older. Nagyung chose not to regret her decision by bravely going to Seoul to be a trainee. She became a trainee for 2 years and 9 months until the time she joined the Idol School program. The survival program became a bridge for her career as an idol. Well, we will discuss Nagyung’s journey in Idol School in the section below!

Fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung’s Idol School Era

As you may already know, Fromis_9 is a girl group that was formed by CJ ENM from the survival show called Idol School. The program itself was aired on Mnet from July 13 to September 29, 2017. Just like any other survival show, Idol School had 41 participants. The concept of the show is like a school. The participants are in classrooms and there are “teachers” who teach them to perform, sing, etc. In the final episode, the top 9 ranked students or participants will debut as a member of the group called Fromis_9, which means “From Idol School.” During the episodes, Nagyung’s rank was pretty good. She reached the top 9 rankings for several episodes. She also showed the best performances and gave such great progress during the training. Here are some clips of Nagyung when she was in Idol School!

What do you think of Nagyung’s appearances in Idol School? Even when she was still a trainee at that time, she still had a beautiful face just like what she has right now. She also does a great job on every performance!

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