But being the rookie among senior doesn’t hinder (G)-IDLE to confidently show their talent. Curious how (G)-IDLE performance in Queendom and their ranking in Queendom? Channel Korea would answer those question for you!.

(G)-IDLE Awe Audience With Their Performance in Queendom

Queendom has the concept that the participant going to release their singles at the same time and determine the real number one. There’s would be three preliminary performances and one comeback single from each group. From their comeback song that was released at the same time on October 25th, 2019, the digital point would be accumulated along with the point from the preliminary performance to determine the real winner. The winner has the advantage of doing their comeback show broadcasted by MNET and M2. (G)-IDLE opened their performance on Queendom with their debut song and also one of the songs that bring them to stardom, LATATA. But rather than performing the dance track LATATA known, G-IDLE arranges LATATA into orchestra performance with Minnie doing the narration in Thai that bringing out the horror but majestic vibe to the song.

For 2nd Preliminary Performance where the contestant should choose and then arrange the song from fellow Queendom contestant, (G)-IDLE choose the song from 2NE1 which group that belongs to Park Bom, a soloist who is a former 2NE1 main vocal.  The song (G)-IDLE chose is Fire, a legendary song that almost every Idol and K-pop fan know. For this 2nd performance, (G)-IDLE arrange Fire as their own song. They arranged it with Jungle vibe though they still bring the same concept as 2NE1 has. The performance bring out a nostalgic feeling, it makes Park Bom want to show their performance to 2NE1’s former member Dara.

The 3rd Preliminary Performance it’s the time for unit round while each group sent their main vocal and main dancer to form vocal and performance unit. These vocal unit and performance unit would compete to gain the point. From this unit, (G)-IDLE sent Minnie as their main vocal who then duet with Hyejeong from AOA and perform Instagram, a song by Dean.

As performance unit, there’s Soojin who compete with other main dancer and performing her solo dance then perform as group name 6puzzle.

Aside unit performance, in 3rd Preliminary Performance, the group also need to perform the song that suggested by audience. In this segment, (G)-IDLE perform their B-side Put It Straight and bring back their Halloween theme and makes it spooky. The performance also well captured the theme of the song that talked about obsession and heartbreak.

For the final performance, (G)-IDLE perform visually and conceptually strong song LION as they bring out their inner Queen side. The performance makes their maknae Shuhua become the buzz among netizen because of her mesmerizing while perform intro for LION.

(G)-IDLE Ranking in Queendom

Thought (G)-IDLE is the youngest girlgroup among six contestant, but they make strong impression on their 1st preliminary performance. They able to rank 1st on first performance and bring more hope for the next performance as the audience also anticipate what (G)-IDLE going to show to the audience. But unfortunately, eventhough (G)IDLE choosing a legendary song one for 2nd preliminary performance, but they weren’t able to keep their rank and end up in the last rank instead.  In the 3rd preliminary performance, (G)-IDLE climbing again and rank 4th for their Put It Straight performance. The finale performance where each contestant released newly produced song, (G)-IDLE Lion could brought (G)-IDLE became the third place for digital ranking and with the help of Lion, (G)-IDLE placed on third place with total score 25.228 from three preliminary performance.

Fans Reaction on (G)-IDLE Performance and Ranking in Queendom

NEVERLAND or short  as NEVIE were really excited when the line for Queendom announced and G-IDLE become one of the contestant. The announced of (G)-IDLE as contestant also draw attention form the public because of Soyeon rap in teaser clip released by MNET that went viral. Thorough the performance, NEVERLAND can’t get enough of (G)-IDLE performance who showcase that they are talented group who capable to arrange their own song especially for Soyeon. There’s many times when (G)-IDLE got praised not only by fans but also by audience because of their performance. Soojin performance of Put It Straight for example makes her get praised because of the part where she smudged her lipstick all over her mouth and chin. She get praised because of her facial expression that able to put off smooth move. Her expression along with the move make her look like she is crying while also getting mad. Though (G)-IDLE ending in 3rd place in the finale, but their song LION became the most successful song from the Queendom and it’s show how public favor for them as well as NEVIE.

Controversy Surrounding (G)-IDLE in Queendom

As well as fame, queendom (G)-IDLE also get some criticism when they joined Queendom. The criticism comes because of Soyeon comment about how she wants to incorporate African influence into their  Fire performance. She also said that she want African instruments in their performance and then called their upcoming performance style ethic hip. This drew criticism as some fans also netizens saw (G)-IDLE ignorant and it hurt a lot of people. Because of this backlash, NEVIES tried to take action by mass e-mailing Cube Entertainment so they can take action and apologize for the sensitive comment made by (G)-IDLE.

Presenting themselves as a self-composed girlgroup with individual charm, G-IDLE became one of the 4th generation girlgroup that is worth waiting for. Is G-IDLE’s Queendom performance makes you become their fans? Check out other G-IDLE news on Channel Korea and share this article to spread more love to G-IDLE!.  

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