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However, we’re not going to talk about the group in general. Instead, we are going to talk about this one member of Newkidd who has been going around on the Internet ever since before he debuted. It’s the member with the powerful dance and beautiful round eyes. It’s the oldest member of the group, Ji Hansol! So, let’s get to know the boy named Ji Hansol from Newkidd in the sections below!

Newkidd’s Ji Hansol’s Profile

Besides being the oldest member of Newkidd, Hansol is in charge of the main dancer, as well as the sub-vocalist position in the group. He has been a trainee since 2012. No wonder his dancing skills are really great. He’s also known to be the Busan guy because he is originally from Busan. Let’s see more basic info about Hansol in his profile below! Full Name: Ji Hansol Korean Name: 지한솔 Stage Name: Hansol Nicknames: Busan Real Man, Sollie, Super Dancing Singer, Sol Fairy, etc. Birthplace: Busan, South Korea Nationality: Korean Education: Busan Seongdong Elementary School Baejung Middle School Busan Information High School -> Hanlim School of Performing Arts Birthday: November 21st, 1994 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Chinese Zodiac: Goat Position: Main dancer, sub vocal Occupation: Singer, idol Blood type: AB Family: Parents, older brother, older sister Debut Year with Newkidd: 2019 Agency: J-Flo Entertainment Instagram: @jisol_11

Newkidd’s Ji Hansol’s Facts

Hansol was said to look like Yuta of SM Rookies or NCT. Hansol’s ideal type is a girl with a good personality. Hansol looks up to TVXQ as the idol group that he respects a lot. Hansol was close to Jaemin during the rookie days. Even though their age difference is six years apart, Jaemin and Hansol are close, especially because their blood type is AB. During the rookie days, Hansol had a subunit with Yuta and Ten which was called YuTenSol.

Newkidd’s Ji Hansol’s Pre-Debut

Before making his debut in Newkidd, Hansol was popular as an SM trainee. How come he who used to be a trainee of SM Entertainment became a member of a boy group from J-Flo Entertainment? Let’s see the full story of Hansol’s pre-debut era. Ji Hansol was born on November 21st, 1994, in Busan. Unlike the stereotype of a Busan man, Hansol actually has a lot of cuteness to show. It could be because he was quiet, so he seemed to have a calm personality. Hansol is actually the youngest child in his family. That’s why he’s cute more than tough compared to the stereotype of a Busan man. When he was younger, Hansol lived with his parents and his older siblings. He has an older sister and an older brother, and both of them were born in the 80s. Hansol’s older sister was born in 1982, while his older brother is older than him by 10 years, he was born in 1984. Thankfully, Hansol as the youngest child was free to choose what he likes, so he has been a great dancer ever since he was young. In 2012, with the help of Jonghyun of SHINee, an acquaintance of his who discovered his talent, Hansol finally joined SM Entertainment, one of the biggest K-pop agencies in Korea. Hansol who attended a high school in Busan had to leave the school and transfer to SOPA, the Seoul School of Performing Arts until he graduated from high school.

Newkidd’s Ji Hansol’s SM Rookies Era

In December 2013, SM Entertainment announced some potential trainees that they named SM Rookies. Not only they released their trainees’ names and photos, but they also revealed their abilities. One of the trainees that were introduced was Hansol. Besides Hansol, there are names such as Taeyong, Seulgi, and Jeno. Other names followed several months after that. In 2014, SM Entertainment released a video of Hansol, Taeyong, and Johnny dancing to a song titled “Super Moon”. Let’s see the video below.

Hansol and Johnny looked like towers while Taeyong who is smaller looked so cute in between the two tall guys. Much more trainees to be revealed, SM Entertainment then posted a new video of the trainees, including Hansol, in a song titled “Bassbot” in 2015.

You probably noticed some of the faces in the video of “Bassbot”. It was 2015 and only a few members of NCT that we know today have been revealed. Taeyong, who got introduced around the same time as Hansol was there too. Some new names that were revealed months after Hansol’s name were Yuta, Ten, and Jaehyun. If you think that their “Bassbot” video is cool, then you have to watch the behind the scene of the “Bassbot” which is even more interesting. Hansol and the other members tried to find a gift for Jaehyun who would have a birthday soon.

SM Entertainment also held a show titled SM Rookies Show, and Hansol promoted the show along with other members, such as Jaehyun and Taeil. Even between the two of them, Hansol was still the tallest at that time. His awkward aura made their introduction even funnier.

The next year, 2016, SM Entertainment released a video of Hansol and Kun, the trainee from China who we know as NCT’s Kun who is also the leader of WayV. Hansol spoke a bit in Chinese while introducing the SM Entertainment App.

The two of them looked so cute and innocent. Even back then, Hansol was already handsome and cool.

Newkidd’s Ji Hansol’s The Unit Era

Looking back at how Hansol was when he was one of the members of SM Rookies, who would have thought that he won’t be debuting as NCT? If we see how close Hansol was with the other members back then, we probably would hope that he will be in the same place as his friends. But one thing we know for sure, Hansol wasn’t part of SM Entertainment anymore since 2017. That was when Hansol appeared in The Unit introduction video in November 2017. The Unit itself is a survival program that had a concept of idols that had already debuted and were given a second chance to demonstrate their talents to the public. People were so sad knowing that this means Hansol wouldn’t be in one of the NCT units. But whatever it is, Hansol still showed his best in the program. Let’s see some performances of Hansol in The Unit.

Hansol’s great skills led him to be a part of UNB, the debuting team of The Unit boys team. In UNB, Hansol released a mini-album titled Boyhood in April 2018. Let’s see the performance of Hansol with UNB in music shows.

What do you think of Hansol’s performance with UNB? He has already been great before, and his performance in The Unit and UNB is even cooler, right? No matter where, Hansol always shines bright.

Ji Hansol’s Debut with Newkidd

It was shocking to find out that Hansol wouldn’t be in any of the NCT units because he left the company in 2017. But at least Hansol already got a new home not a long time after he left SM Entertainment. Hansol signed with J-Flo Entertainment, the agency itself stated that they will be debuting Hansol in their new boy group called Newkidd. But since Hansol joined The Unit and focused on it, the group still couldn’t officially debut yet. Instead, they released a pre-debut song titled “Will You Be Ma” in November 2017. After Hansol’s temporary contract with UNB finished, he came back to Newkidd and made his official debut. The name Newkidd is basically an acronym for “New Generation Key of the Dream”. The group consists of 7 members, besides Hansol, there are Jinkwon, Jiann, Hwi, Yoonmin, Seungchan, and Woocheol. The group officially debuted on April 25th, 2019. They released their debut song titled “Tu Eres”. Let’s see the music video of “Tu Eres”!

And now, let’s see the debut stage of Newkidd on the Mnet music show M Countdown!

What do you think of their performance? They look really cool, right?

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