Soobin and Arin as MCs

In July 2020, it was revealed that Oh My Girl’s Arin and TXT’s Soobin were selected as Music Bank‘s MCs. Soobin is the popular leader of idol group TXT while Arin is the visual of Oh My Girl. The idol duo made their first appearance on July 24th, 2020. You might also like: Looking so Much Alike, Check Out BTOB’s Minhyuk and TXT’s Soobin’s Interactions! Viewers were excited upon seeing the duo perform a special dance during what would be an induction scene. They performed a cute version of “Hawaiian Couple” on the opening stage. During their first appearance, they looked slightly awkward, but as the shooting went on, they looked more confident and relaxed. Both Arin and Soobin were very lively and fresh.

Soobin and Arin’s Music Bank Contract

A year after hosting the popular music show, fans still can’t let go of their favorite MCs. Usually, every MC gets a chance to host for a year before being replaced by a new MC duo. In July 2021, the Music Bank director was interviewed about the possible MC replacement. He explained several criteria for selecting Music Bank MCs. Upon seeing the interview, fans flooded the interview video and posted their idol nominations for the position. Interestingly, a lot of viewers were still not getting enough of the Soobin and Arin couple. They loved Soobin and Arin’s chemistry and asked the producer to extend their contract rather than recruiting new hosts. Their determination paid off, and Soobin and Arin’s contract was extended. TXT’s Huening Kai and Oh My Girl’s YooA were chosen as temporary MCs while they introduced the “new” MCs.

Soobin and Arin’s Height Difference

The height difference between Soobin and Arin is quite massive. Soobin stands at 185 cm while Arin stands at 165. Both of their heights are ideal for male and female idols. The stark difference is very visible, especially when the MC duo stands next to each other or performs dance choreography. You might like: Accused of Having Plastic Surgery, Let’s Compare Oh My Girl’s Yoo-a Pre-debut Photos and Now! At the end of the choreography, Soobin sometimes extends his long legs sideways so that his head is almost on the same level as Arin’s head. That way, the camera can zoom in and record their upper body better. Even with a huge height difference, the Soobin and Arin duo appear suitable for each other.

Soobin and Arin’s Dating Rumor

The chemistry between Soobin and Arin was visible right from the beginning. In one of the interviews, Soobin revealed that Arin always gave him supporting messages. Her attention calms him down whenever he is nervous. According to him, Arin is very friendly and nice to hang around with. Soobin always looks forward to working with her every Friday because she makes his day better. Upon hearing his comments, Arin replied that Soobin also makes her Fridays brighter. Soobin also takes care of Arin. After finishing the shooting, he ordered ice cream. Due to their chemistry, many fans were mistaken about their friendship. Some are suspicious that they gain their chemistry by meeting outside of the shootings.

Soobin, Arin, and Toxic Fans

As they spend more time together on the set of Music Bank, Soobin and Arin become even closer and comfortable with each other. Some toxic fans noticed that Arin has become even closer, physically, with Soobin. They noticed that Arin occasionally holds his wrist and leans on his body. Their shoulders touch many times during shootings. The fans wrote malicious comments and criticized Arin’s behavior. According to them, among previous MCs, Arin shows too much skinship with Soobin. Thankfully, more fans support rather than criticize their chemistry. They wrote, “It is good that they became closer. They look very cute together, just like childhood friends or best friends.” Congratulation to Soobin and Arin for becoming the MCs of Music Bank for the second time. Forget about the nasty comments and carry on with your good efforts! Fans still can’t get enough of the chemistry between Soobin and Arin. Perhaps the couple deserves a shot in a drama or a movie. What do you think? Tell us about your opinion in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this article with your social media account.

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