Channel-Korea compiled all K-pop comebacks from March 2021 in this article. Stay tuned!


ATEEZ made two comebacks. The first comeback was on March 1st, 2021, with the minialbum Zero: Fever Part 2, and the second was on March 25th, 2021, with the album Into the A to Z. Zero: Fever Part 2 consisting of seven singles with “I’m the One” as the title single.

ATEEZ was the busiest K-pop idol group in March 2021. Japanese ATINY was very pleased when ATEEZ announced the release of the Japanese Album Into the A to Z. The album consists of 10 singles with the single “Still Here” as the title single. The group also hosted a virtual global fansign event on March 19th, 2021.


In February 2021, YG Entertainment announced iKON‘s comeback. The group returned after releasing the mini album I Decide in February 2021. This project was the second project for iKON after the departure of former leader B.I due to trading illegal drugs. The former leader took part in the writing and composing of most of the tracks in the album I Decide. iKON released “Why Why Why” on March 3rd, 2021. iKON members were scheduled to appear on the reality survival show Kingdom later in April 2021.


In March 2021, MCND released their latest music video, “Not Over.” “Not Over” is part of the mini album MCND Age that was released in January 2021.


BDC returned with the mini album The Intersection: Discovery on March 8th, 2021. The album is the second project of The Intersection album series. In the image teaser, all BDC members stand in front of a beautiful and mesmerizing sky filled with stars. The album consists of 5 singles with “Moon Rider” as the title single.


Monsta X is the most productive K-pop idol group. The group has released new singles every month since February 2021. On March 10th, Monsta X released the EP album Wanted that consists of “Wanted” and “Neo Universe.”


SM Entertainment’s WayV returned with the mini album Kick Back – The 3rd Mini Album on March 10th, 2021. The album includes 6 singles with “Kick Back” as the title single.


Nearly three years after releasing its second mini album <15>, Buzz made their comeback with the third mini album The Lost Time on March 10th, 2021. The album is reminiscent of their past music.


Three months after releasing their last album, rookie group Ghost9 released their third mini album NOW: Where We Are, Here. The album consists of six singles with “SEOUL” as the title single.


PENTAGON greeted fans and made their comeback with their 11th album, LOVE or TAKE. The album consists of seven songs with “DO or NOT” as the title single.


Barely two months after making a comeback with their Japanese album Star, Super Junior released their 10th album The Renaissance. The release of the album was postponed several times due to various circumstances. Upon releasing the album, Super Junior held a special program, Super Junior Comeback Show House Party, on Mnet.


The Boyz announced their comeback in Japan by releasing their first Japanese full album Breaking Dawn. The album consists of 8 songs with “Breaking Dawn” as the title song.


JYP Entertainment’s Itzy released the single “Midzy” on March 20th, 2021. Itzy is amongst the most popular new groups, and the group is trying hard to follow the success of their debut album. The group held its first Fan Party Live on the same day the single was released.


IU is perhaps the singer that every fan wanted to see make a comeback. Nine months after releasing her latest album, IU made a comeback and released her 5th full album LILAC. The album consists of 10 songs with “Lilac” and “Coin” as the title songs. “Lilac” became the second single from IU to top all Korean music charts in 2021.


WJSN released their mini album UNNATURAL on the last day of March 2021. The album consists of 6 songs with “Unnatural” as the title song. What do you think about these K-pop artists’ comebacks? Which groups were you expecting the most? Tell us about your opinion, and don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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