As one of the most successful icons in K-pop industry, Jay Park is certainly close enough to scandals and bad news. So, if we go back to his scandal with Jungkook, what really happened to the two of them? More importantly, are there any other scandals related to Jay Park? In this article, we will discuss some of the most famous scandals involving Jay Park. So, if you’re curious about his scandals, keep reading, and you’ll find the story you’ve been looking for.

List of Jay Park’s Scandals

During his career as a member of 2PM, as a soloist, and as a businessman, Jay Park was often reported as someone who said and posted some bad things. Those bad words and posts weren’t only directed at his fellow K-pop figures, but also at people in general. The following is a list of Jay Park’s scandals that will be briefly explained in this article.

Jay Park’s post on MySpace about the K-pop industry. Jay Park’s smug tweets about his contribution to Korean hip hop. Jay Park’s troubled lyrics in his remix version of Mukkbang! mocking Moslems. Jay Park’s photos with BTS’ Jungkook.

In the following headlines, we will explain the story behind those scandals, and how people reacted to them.

Jay Park’s Bad MySpace Post about K-pop Industry

Jay Park’s first scandal occurred in September 2009, only a year since his official debut as a member of 2PM. At that time, 2PM received a lot of attention from South Koreans. However, this attention suddenly turned negative, as its leader Jay Park was revealed to have despised Koreans. At that time, Jay Park’s bad posts about the K-pop industry on his MySpace account were circulating online. It was revealed that Park released four posts containing his thoughts about K-pop on his About Me board. He released them in February and March 2005, and in August 2007. Through these four posts, there were several expressions revealing that Jay Park didn’t like his trainee days and thought that all Koreans were gay. “Korea is whack” “Korea is gay” “I hate Koreans” “I don’t even know what’s going on” Because of these phrases, many Hottests (2PM’s fan bases) and K-pop fans were angry. They got really angry and even asked him to leave 2PM. Furthermore, fans and netizens made a petition for Park to commit suicide. The petition was signed by more than 3.000 people. For this condition, Park issued an official apology. The next day, 2PM’s agency, JYP Entertainment (JYPE) stated that Park was still a member of the group. On the following day, Park stated that he would leave the group willingly to calm the situation outside. A few months later, JYPE officially announced that 2PM would continue their career as a six-member group. It was also revealed that the agency and the other 2PM members stated that Park’s mistake was unforgivable. Entering 2010, many Hottests changed their thoughts about Park’s posts. They believed that Jay Park’s posts were grossly mistranslated, leaving the posts taken out of context. In addition, Hottests also wanted Park to return to the K-pop industry. However, Park Jin-young (JYPE’s CEO) announced that he had terminated Park’s contract completely. Jin-young often mentioned the termination so many times without giving any further explanation. As Park seemed unlikely to continue his career with 2PM again, he continued his career as a soloist.

Jay Park’s Arrogant Tweet

The second bad thing that Jay Park did was in January 2020. At that time, Jay Park was accused of tweeting arrogantly and demeaning other Korean artists. Actually, Park didn’t explicitly mention bad words to those figures. However, the situation that Park was in at that time made people think that Jay Park was allegedly insinuating and demeaning other artists. The scandal began on January 26, when the rapper shared his photo with American singer Tinashe. After he posted the photo, many ARMYs (BTS’ fan base) wondered how Park could meet Tinashe and get past her bodyguards. Some people also commented that Park was racist, and asked him to stay away from her. It was unclear whether those people are also ARMYs or not.

— nirilia (@stressedpisces_) January 26, 2020

— nani (@neoczty) January 26, 2020

— ass (@EXID_Dreamer) January 26, 2020 Maybe we’re confused why ARMYs suddenly commented on the post, because that post is completely unrelated to BTS. This happened because two years before that post, Park randomly tweeted that he met someone on the plane who told him that he looked like a BTS member. There was nothing wrong with the tweet, though, as Park just shared his funny experience on the plane. However, ARMYs became angry, because they believed that Park wasn’t worthy to be a BTS member. ARMYs also compared Jay Park’s and BTS’ achievements and realized that BTS had accomplished more than Park.

— NIA⁷|2022.6.10 (@imhoseokwhore) April 19, 2022

— Ginaxxgn (@ginaxxgn) March 31, 2018

— candyperreo pongan plan b a todo volumen (@VianaNeon) December 17, 2020 Because of that incident, ARMYs knew that Park would be the one who mentioned BTS more often in his future tweets. Back to his post with Tinashe, it seemed Park was angry because of ARMYs’ comments. A week later, Park tweeted praises for Big Bang. He said that Big Bang is the greatest K-pop boy band ever.

— JAY BUM PARK (@JAYBUMAOM) February 2, 2020 Through his sweet tweet, we can expect that Jay Park would receive praises from VIPs (Big Bang’s fan base) because Park has believed that their idols were the greatest. Park did get praises from VIPs. However, at the same time, Park also got hateful tweets from ARMYs. ARMYs believed that Park praised Big Bang in purpose, with the aim of mocking BTS after being bullied by ARMYs during that week.

— Ririn Dewi Lestari (@RirinDewiLesta5) February 5, 2020

— park junwon’s beanie collection (@emikaychap) February 14, 2020

— mimi (@kthIvz) February 3, 2020

— jihane lahmar (@leenayeon18) February 15, 2020

— 제이홉 (@jhope_sns) February 3, 2020 Because of ARMYs’ hateful tweets that made him got extremely tired, 11 days later, Park then posted two tweets related to BTS. Besides BTS, he also mentioned the director of 2019’s film Parasite, Bong Joon-ho. Through his first tweet, he said that BTS, the director Bong, and he are “historic”.

— JAY BUM PARK (@JAYBUMAOM) February 13, 2020 A few hours later, Park posted a second tweet also related to BTS. He realized that ARMYs were still mad at him. The soloist praised BTS for breaking records and had inspired people. There’s nothing wrong with those sentence yet. The real problem lies in his last sentence, where he said that BTS’ members live streamed his songs.

— JAY BUM PARK (@JAYBUMAOM) February 13, 2020 Shortly after he posted that, Park’s tweet was flooded with more comments from many ARMYs. Due to his last sentence, ARMYs accused Park of showing off and being so arrogant. ARMYs also asked Jay Park not to mention BTS again in the future.

— Halona⁷🌳 (@BTSAsiaArmy) February 13, 2020

Jay Park’s Song that Mocks Moslem People

The third scandal wasn’t really too far from the second one. In December 2020, Jay Park released a remix of Mukkbang! The song was originally released by Lil Cherry and Goldbuuda in August 2019. After more than a year of the song’s release, Jay Park and his fellow Korean singer Bibi gave their shot to remix and change some of the original lyrics. The remix version wasn’t well-received by some. This happened because some of Park’s lyrics were considered harassing and mocking Moslems. These are the harassing lyrics. The lyrics in the box are the most questionable lyrics, especially the “Get it done like wallah” part. Actually, those lyrics had been revised by Park. His original lyrics were “Worship me like Allah, get it done like wallah”. Because of these lyrics, Park had come under fire and aroused anger from his Moslem fans. Many fans believed that Park had awakened an individual cult, by implicitly telling his listeners that they should worship him as they worship God (Allah has the same meaning as God).

— closed. (@stayddub) May 27, 2021

— princess_thirlwal (@PThirlwal) May 27, 2021

The fact that jay park also wrote this song just shows how disrespectful he is ,, when will these artists stop using islamic things for their aesthetics and hv a basic decency for our religion ? Its too normalized and got swept under the rug everytime 🙁 — Lia⁷ (@yerinkth) May 27, 2021 Since then, Park revised his lyrics, changing the “Worship me like Allah” to “Jaw drop, jaw drop”. Park also tweeted an apology, saying he didn’t mean anything to offend his Moslems fans or Moslems in general.

— JAY BUM PARK (@JAYBUMAOM) May 27, 2021

Jay Park’s Photos with BTS’ Jungkook

The last rumor involving Jay Park was his last photo with BTS’ Jungkook. At that time, Jay Park shared two photos on his Instagram with the maknae on April 19, 2022. The soloist admitted that the dance line member is a humble, ambitious, and talented musician. It looks that both of them took the photos at a music workstation. Again, there was nothing wrong with the post. However, most ARMYs were not happy with Jungkook’s meeting with the rapper. They said that they couldn’t forgive Park for his previous tweets. The fans are also worried about the bad intentions that Park might have toward Jungkook.

— ! sarai🐮! (@yjnszn) April 19, 2022 This incident made the hashtag #FreeJungkook and #jkhostagesituation got trending on Twitter. Many ARMYs admitted that Park is the most hypocritical person. They said that Park once offended and said hateful words about BTS. But for this time, he just smiled and acted like he loved BTS and never hated BTS. Several people have also brought up Park’s past scandals and attributed them to this photo.

— ʟʀ (@vminrl) April 19, 2022

— natalie (@rainjhope) April 19, 2022

— STREAM PROOF!mafer ⁷ (@gukdoublebunny) April 19, 2022 Jay Park’s post was responded by Jungkook through his Instagram account. On his Instastory, Jungkook re-uploaded his photo with Park. He just added a fire symbol in the middle of the photo and didn’t add any words to the story. Jay Park also responded to those hateful tweets and trending hashtag, hoping that everyone is safe, healthy, and peaceful. That’s all the scandals involving Jay Park. So, what do you think about these scandals? Do you think from these scandals, Jay Park has made some big mistakes throughout his music career?

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