Then, what about Stray Kids’ scandals and controversies from their members? If you don’t know about it, don’t worry! Let’s find the detailed information about Stray Kids’ scandal that has been provided by Channel-Korea in this article below!

Stray Kids’ Woojin’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

Woojin, a former member of Stray Kids, was accused of sexually harassing women who claimed to be his fans. The news was immediately exciting, considering that Woojin was recently confirmed to leave Stray Kids for no apparent reason. Woojin was cornered, so he was said to have created a fake agency to scare the victim. Rumors of such harassment were even said to be the reason for leaving Stray Kids. Even so, some time ago, it was finally revealed that Woojin was innocent of the accusation of harassment. The police stated that Woojin was innocent of the rumors of sexual harassment. In July 2021, Woojin finally spoke up about his feelings after receiving the horrific accusation. He admitted that it was tough because of the evil rumors. Woojin realized that one could get hurt from baseless rumors.

“Simply put, something that isn’t true spreads like it’s a fact. Because of that, I had a tough time. Frankly, I think about it this way. I learned that we could be hurt by things that aren’t even true, and I can become a victim of something like that,” said Woojin during an interview on the DKDKTV YouTube channel on the ‘Tea Time with David’ content. Woojin himself thought that the rumors wouldn’t be significant. “I don’t think it’s a big problem because it’s a completely baseless accusation,” Woojin said. Woojin’s agency, 10x Entertainment, even made a documentary to prove his innocence. Woojin also mentioned that he felt strengthened because of the fans’ support. “The biggest source of strength to overcome this is the support from my fans on social media or the letters sent to the label. Each message is an enormous strength for me,” Woojin said.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s Bullying Scandal At School

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin was involved in controversy because he was accused of being a school bully and then went on hiatus from group activities. JYP Entertainment is being held at the hands of fans who want to know how Hyunjin is doing. The controversy over Hyunjin quickly escalated as it arose at a time when many celebrities were accused of bullying when they were at school. Immediately, JYP Entertainment made a statement regarding the scandal, while Hyunjin did not appear in any group activities since. JYP Entertainment released a statement regarding the recent allegations about Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. On February 22, someone posted on an online community accusing the idol of school violence against them and verbally abusing them during middle school. The post creator (after this referred to as A) stated that they were under a small agency, studied acting, and had filmed supporting roles. A hasn’t told his friends, and only his teacher knows. They wrote that Hyunjin had found out and asked questions like, “What agency is that? What kind of filming is that?” A wrote, “I avoided the question and replied that it was nothing special and not a big agency.” A commented that Hyunjin looked offended and said, “I will debut before you.” He wrote that after this, he began to suffer verbal abuse. A wrote, “There are two reasons why Hwang Hyunjin held a grudge against me and wrote in the class group chat to get me ostracized. He said the first was because I was in the back seat. He didn’t like me telling him to close the back door.” “He wrote in a message, ‘Close it yourself. Why did you tell someone else to close it?’ So I replied, ‘You all opened it, so why should I close it?’ However, the only reply I received was, ‘Am I your slave?’” A continued, “The second reason was that there were times when there wasn’t enough lunch at school, and my friend who was on lunch duty couldn’t receive the full amount of lunch, and because I received more, we ate together.” “He said, ‘I don’t like you taking too much lunch. Because you other students can’t eat lunch.’ He criticizes and taunts me for reasons that seem a bit unbelievable and very childish now.” A stated that Hyunjin and the other male students invited A into the class group chat and verbally abused A, saying comments like, “You’re like *, you look like that because you don’t have a mother,” making sexually harassing comments, and said insults about his family members.   On June 10, 2021, the hashtags #WhereIsHyunjin and #JypExplain quickly trended worldwide. Social media is also filled with messages from Stray Kids fans who want to know the continuation of Hyunjin’s fate in the group. In other news, CLIO Cosmetics recently came under fire for excluding Hyunjin from the photo card and mini mannequin set. Although fans know that CLIO excluded Hyunjin from their promotions, the way the brand declared the gifts was the problem. As shown in the photo, above the set of photo cards says, “You will receive 1 Photo Card (All SKZ Members).” The fans are upset because the 7 members shown in the photo are not complete Stray Kids members. After all, Hyunjin is not there. After receiving criticism from fans, CLIO Cosmetics deleted the post.

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