TWICE ships are about the interactions and how they communicate with each other in gestures among TWICE members. So many TWICE ships have been celebrated up to now, these are the most popular ships of TWICE members:

SaiDa (Sana and Dahyun) MiChaeng (Mina and Chaeyoung) 2Yeon (Nayeon and Jeongyeon) SaTzu (Sana and Tzuyu)SaMo (Sana and Momo) DahMo (Dahyun and Momo) NaMo (Nayeon and Momo) Minayeon (Mina and Nayeon) JeongMi (Jeongyeon and Mina) DubChaeng (Dahyun and Chaeyoung) JeongMo (Jeongyeon and Momo) Mimo (Mina and Momo) Chaeyu (Chaeyoung and Tzuyu) Nahyo (Nayeon and Jihyo) Jitzu (Jihyo and Tzuyu) Satzu (Sana and Tzuyu) Mihyo (Mina and Jihyo)

Among all those ships, TWICE’s ship that has the most support from ONCE or TWICE’s fandom is MiChaeng or Mina and Chaeyoung. Even so, all TWICE’s ships are appreciated by the fans. Check out more details about TWICE’s ship interactions in this Channel-Korea article! Stay curious!

Some people may still have another TWICE ship they support, but these are all that could be covered mainly due to their interactions being spotted on camera. The most popular TWICE ship is arguably MiChaeng. They are so close to each other, no wonder fans love to see them together. In an episode of Jessi’s “Showterview” in June 2018, Mina and Chaeyoung chose each other as someone who they will date with marriage in mind in TWICE. Mina also chooses Chaeyoung so many times when asked this question before.

List of TWICE’s Ships

TWICE has a lot of ships since they have nine members who are close to one another. Following MiChaeng’s popularity, Saida, Satzu, and Dahmo also receive love as a TWICE ship. Check out these popular TWICE ships that will make your heart flutter!

SaiDa (Sana and Dahyun)

Sana and Dahyun are always so close to each other. They often hug and send kisses to each other. The reason why they named themselves as SaiDa is that it has the same pronunciation as Cider in Korean.

MiCheng (Mina and Chaeyoung)

Mina and Chaeyoung’s ship is so creamy. The cool Chaeyoung and the ice beauty Mina really suit each other. Are you a fan of MiCheng?

2Yeon (Nayeon and Jeongyeon)

Nayeon and Jeongyeon are the perfect duo of the oldest members. Jeongyeon is often seen protecting the members on some emergency occasions. They look mature and are often said to be the double moms of TWICE. So iconic!

SaTzu (Sana and Tzuyu)

This TWICE ship between Sana and Tzuyu is adorable and they look like a couple of young ones. Their interactions are so tight and undeniable. Do you agree?

SaMo (Sana and Momo)

Sana and Momo are both cute yet loud. They are compact and complement each other. This TWICE ship feels so alive together. When Momo wrote a birthday post for Sana, it received more than 2 million likes. The love energy between them is so huge!

DaMo (Dahyun and Momo)

Dahyun and Momo are a TWICE ship that is crisp and yummy to see. They often do skinship towards each other. Love this DahMo!

NaMo (Nayeon and Momo)

Nayeon and Momo are best friend goals and are approachable to each other! They are also called peach sisters because Momo’s name in Japanese means peach. In February 2020, Nayeon revealed in an interview that Momo is her closest TWICE member at that time. Nayeon and Momo often do VLive together too, mostly in their dorm, and talk about a lot of things to fans.

Minayeon (Mina and Nayeon)

Looking at this TWICE ship of Mina and Nayeon, they look like they are falling in love with one another. What do you think? Both are cute, though!

JeongMi (Jeongyeon and Mina)

No doubt, Jeongyeon and Mina are indeed the visual couple of TWICE. Unfortunately, both Jeongyeon and Mina are TWICE members who had taken hiatus due to anxiety. Hopefully, they can be each other’s supports!

DubChaeng (Dahyun and Chaeyoung)

Dahyun and Chaeyoung have a cool relationship. They are the rapper line of TWICE and also the maknaes. Dahyun and Chaeyoung also had a TWICE Melody Project together where the two of them did a cover of JYP (Park Jin-young) and Rain’s song, Switch To Me. Cute!

JeongMo (Jeongyeon and Momo)

Jeongyeon and Momo are adorable and feel like a touchy couple. A lot of times Jeongyeon was caught by the camera when she touched Momo lovingly. Such a lovey-dovey couple, they are!

Mimo (Mina and Momo)

Mina and Momo are visuals indeed. They are a TWICE ship on the subtle side. Both Momo and Mina are from Japan. Surprisingly, their personalities are totally opposite. Mina is cool and elegant, while Momo is cheerful and expressive. However, Momo and Mina made such a great combination!

Chaeyu (Chaeyoung and Tzuyu)

Chaeyoung and Tzuyu, this Twice ship is between small and tall in a good way? Although they also look good together. Another common thing is they’re also maknaes and they were born in the same year.

Nahyo (Nayeon and Jihyo)

Nayeon and Jihyo are rarely spotted looking like a TWICE ship, but when they are, they are spot on and fantastic. While Nayeon is the oldest, she is the one who is more childish compare to Jihyo the TWICE leader who is younger than Nayeon.

Jitzu (Jihyo and Tzuyu)

Jihyo and Tzuyu or JiTzu is also a TWICE ship that is rarely spotted but is cute! Jihyo as TWICE’s leader is really caring towards other members, especially Tzuyu the youngest member. They are like the mom and the baby in a good way. Adorable indeed!

Mihyo (Mina and Jihyo)

Mina and Jihyo together need a lot of room for their concerts as the vocals of the group! Especially they are same-age friends who were born in 1997. When Mina was in her hiatus, Jihyo gave Mina encouraging words to make her feel safe. Such a friendship goal!

Sahyo (Sana Jihyo)

Sana and Jihyo always have moments together each year, although this TWICE ship is not really popular yet! In December 2020, Sana was in quarantine after being in contact with soloist Chungha who was tested positive for COVID-19. Jihyo was the one who got excited to greet her lovely Sana. Which one do you like? Share your thoughts along with this article on your social media and you will be surprised to know other fans’ favorite TWICE ship!

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