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Andrew Madan Ramroop OBE was born in Maingot Village, Trinidad and Tobago. He has always been naturally creative and knew very early that he wanted to become a tailor. Andrew Ramroop’s wife is LAURA DANIELA. She is Colombian by birth. They have two children Andrew Madan Jnr. And Daniel Reinaldo. He owns bespoke tailors Maurice Sedwell and was the first tailor to be made a Visiting Professor of the London Institute. He also knew very early that the best tailors in the world worked on Savile Row and this became his dream. One that has been achieved. Despite facing adversity including isolation, poverty, discrimination, and desperate homesickness in the early days, he has now reached the highest levels of achievement in the field of tailoring. In 2001 he was awarded the title of Visiting Professor of the London Institute in recognition of his distinction in the field of tailoring. The University of the Arts, London conferred Andrew Madan Ramroop with an honorary professorship in 2005: In 2005 he was honoured by his home country with the nation’s second highest civilian award the Chaconia Medal Gold: Hon. President of the Government of Trinidad & Tobago for Distinction in Tailoring and Business. In 2007 he won the coveted UK National Training Award (individual category). To crown off his achievements Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II awarded him with the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2009 New Year’s Honours for distinction in the field of tailoring and training.

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He joined Maurice Sedwell Ltd. in 1974 as an assistant cutter to Mr. Sedwell. At this company, Andrew’s talent blossomed and clients often asked for his personal attention. In 1988, he purchased ninety percent of Maurice Sedwell Ltd. Since then he has transformed the business into highly successful bespoke tailoring – with a reputation for excellence in handcraft bespoke tailored menswear. His clients have included royalty (Princess Diana), cabinet ministers, movie stars (including Charles Gray, Tony Curtis, Samuel L. Jackson), celebrity entertainers (including Kelly Rowland, Mike Skinner (who raps in the Streets Album “The hardest way to make an easy living” about having a suit made by Maurice Sedwell), sporting heroes (Mark Ramprakash, Brian Lara and Robin Van Persie) and outstanding captains of industry around the globe. To date the company have tailored suits for customers in sixty countries. Another significant achievement is his establishment of the Savile Row Academy training institute as he wishes to pass on the centuries-old handcraft bespoke tailoring techniques of Savile Row to future generations, creating employment opportunities. The Academy opened its doors to business from Maurice Sedwell’s premises in January 2008 and today provides aspiring bespoke tailors with high quality practical training delivered by its master tailors. After eighteen months, these graduates are ready to work at tailoring establishments around the world, including on Savile Row. Debbie Ramroop is the name of Andrew Ramroop’s spouse. Andrew is a professor at Savile Row Academy, as well as its founder and principal. He is well-known as a tailor, and in addition to that, he instructs the students.

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