One of the models from Russia, Angelina Danilova, suddenly became famous in 2015 because she posted South Korean specialties on her social media and became a topic discussed on the internet, especially among Koreans by getting the title as The Prettiest K- Pop Fan ‘with his gorgeous looks. Channel-Korea will discuss a detailed profile of Angelina Danilova, her appearance on a variety show broadcast in South Korea, personal and career journey. Without waiting any longer, let’s scroll down and find out more about Angelina Danilova below!

Full Profile Of Angelina Danilova

Real Name : Angelina Sergeyevna Danilova Stage Name : Angelina Danilova (hangul: 안젤리나 다닐로바) Birth : St. Petersburg, Russia, December 28, 1996 Star Sign : Capricorn Nationality : Russian Height : 176 cm Education : St. Petersburg State University Occupation : Model, Actress, Singer, Broadcaster Agency :

Pallete Media The Prism Entertainment (Present)

Official Sites :

Instagram (@angelinadanilova) Youtube Channel (Angelina Danilova)

Angelina Danilova And Her Career Journey

Angelina Danilova’s popularity began when a photo of herself was found on the Naver website by Korean in 2014 with the caption, ‘Russian model who wants to marry a Korean man,’ which went viral and became a topic of discussion among Koreans. Then, 2 years later, after Angelina Danilova went viral on the internet, Palette Media scouted her through Instagram and presented her as a guest star on tvN’s reality survival show ‘Babel 250’ where there were also cast members, the majority of whom came from different countries and discuss how they adapt to a culture and also language limitations in the country they live in. She is an Internet viral star that became a hot topic by being known as a beautiful foreign woman who likes Korean culture, K-Pop, and Korean food through social media. Angelina Danilova is a Russian woman that likes to eat Korean food such as jjigae very well and comes to Korea often. Her appearance, body, and spirit are at the level of a female celebrity. There was a lot of talk about whether she would be living in Korea, but one day, when she appeared on tvN’s reality survival show ‘Babel 250′ as a cast member, she started her activities in earnest in TV shows. In addition to cast members’ appearances for foreigners, Korean learning content on YouTube seemed to appear like advertising who had appeared as heroine. In the same year, she appeared in the foreign panel on the reality television series ‘Mixtape’ that was aired on Mnet. After appearing as a guest star on tvN’s ‘Babel 250’, Angelina Danilova started getting job offers in South Korea by appearing as a guest star on other TV programs for 3 years on a full schedule. She took other jobs as a model who appeared in several campaigns such as cosmetics, skincare, mobile games, and performed music videos. In the broadcasting industry and on the Internet, her face and visual are commonly referred to as an elf or a goddess. However, since she is so pretty, she seems to be worried about being evaluated only by her appearance. In fact, it has excellent singing skills, and the tone is beautiful. Many celebrities do not appear because of their appearance, no matter how good they are. It’s like having one more example of evidence that the world is unfair because it’s like having a perfect face and appearance. On Instagram, she wrote a comment in Korean saying, “I’m not a goddess,” and followed by her statement in ‘Babel 250’ said the same thing. “Don’t just call me pretty. I don’t care. Please tell me that I am competent or that my laughter is contagious. Just because you’re pretty doesn’t mean anything. It’s important how beautiful your heart is,” Not only is she present on TV programs that air in South Korea, but Angelina Danilova has also been named the most influential influencer since July 2020 because she recently gained 1M followers on her Instagram and succeeded in promoting Korean culture online to spread the Hallyu wave worldwide, especially Western. Angelina Danilova also won an award from The Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) in 2018 to promote Korea well throughout the world. She also won the ‘Korea Image Flower Stone Award.’ On January 15, 2020, she announced that her first single, titled As You Are, was released at 6:00 on January 17, 2020, through her Instagram account.

Besides appearing on television and being famous for being an influencer on Instagram, Angelina Danilova also has a Youtube channel with 200K subscribers. In the video uploaded to her Youtube page, Angelina Danilova often uploads vlogs about beauty, make-up tutorials, and fashion.

Angelina Danilova’s Personal Life

Angelina Danilova has been interested in Korean culture ever since she watched an episode of Fine Brothers Entertainment entitled “YouTubers React to K-pop” and immediately found out about the Hallyu wave and some knowledge of South Korea since then. In her own words, she says she’s a normal level when it talks about beauty in Russia, but there aren’t many people like that in Russia. this is because the different appearances preferred style, but rather the Russian actress hear the sound of the goddess in Russia is heterogeneous, there seems to be some Koreans view are used to see the innocent one appearance, but in the Russians preference the appearance of someone isn’t that important, so it seems to Russians that usually looks like a pretty ordinary person. That’s why Russians are surprised to hear that Angelina Danilova is the most recognized Russian beauty in Korea. On days when she doesn’t have any schedule, Angelina Danilova studied Korean, practiced Korean pronunciation, watched historical dramas, and practiced acting. In particular, the Korean language was very lacking in the early days of her Korean entertainment industry, and it wasn’t easy to intervene in the talk. Still, in 2020, Angelina Danilova improved her skill to have conversations in Korean has improved to the point where it is possible to do it without blocking. Angelina Danilova also has good language skills. She can speak 5 languages, such as Russian, Korean, English, Serbian and Italian. Therefore, Angelina Danilova is often praised because of her perfect visuals. She also has the ability to speak different languages ​​well. In addition to good language skills, she also has several hobbies that she often does, such as singing, playing the ukulele, dancing, fashion, listening to music, music composition, horse riding, traveling, kite surfing, drawing, snowboarding, and filming videos that she would. like to post on social media to interact with many people

Angelina Danilova’s Controversy and Scandal

Angelina Danilova was recruited by Palette Media when she first came to South Korea and got a job when she joined the agency. However, over time, Palette Media was accused of fraud and submitted a file about the complaint to the Seoul High Prosecutors’ Office because Angelina Danilova had failed to complete her contract and joined a new agency without prior approval with Pallete Media. The agency that first recruited Angelina Danilova said that the Russian model’s contract was 3 years, starting in 2016 and ending in 2019 with an exclusive contract. Angelina Danilova was co-promoted with the agency on social media under “The Most Beautiful K-Pop Fans.” However, Pallete Media considers that Angelina Danilova has also taken several jobs outside of the agency’s approval and does not provide further information about promotions and sponsorship outside of the agency’s contract. With that, Pallete Media has submitted to the realm of law regarding its dispute with Angelina Danilova who has violated the company’s policies and the agency where she works with illegal commercial activities. Despite all the efforts Pallete Media has put into suing Angelina Danilova, the model has released nothing on the matter and has decided to remain silent without a statement. After joining the new agency, The Prizm Entertainment, the agency said that her previous agency, Pallete Media, did not have sufficient qualifications to operate as an entertainment company and still did not have details about distributing contracts to models or anyone working under the company. Besides that, The Prizm Entertainment is also on the side of Angelina Danilova by explaining that Pallete Media has problems regarding payment details that are still unclear, does not have good management support, and does not want to provide details about the contracts of each worker.

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